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3rd h/t on the horizon

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Any advice guys welcome. As some of you guys will know I have undergone 2 H/Ts in the past 3 years. Recently I have been contemplating a 3rd H/T. The problem I suspect with 3rd H/T is the laxity of the scalp??? If this is the case would F.U.E be approrpiate for the crown and frontal line area. I


I am also not sure, but I am told F.U.E success growth rate is a little less compared to STRIP surgery.



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It really depends on the individual. I know my scalp is pretty tight after my second hair transplant but I'm sure I could do one more strip with scalp exercises.


Bill (Falceros) has had 4 strip procedures.


You are correct, the graft survival rate is typically lower with FUE as compared to FUT.


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Why is laxity more of an issue with the 3rd?



Hi, the reason being, my scalp feels a little tight or should I allow the surgeon to be the judge of that.? Also I heard the balding area seems to increase as you have more and more strip surgery as the scalp has to stretch.

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