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Guest Brad Limmer, MD

Limmer HTC in Texas...

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Guest Brad Limmer, MD

The patient presented today was originally seen for consultation in February 2010. She presented with a not to uncommon problem seen in women post brow lift/facelift...that being scarring, a high hairline and loss of hair in the temples/preauricular region. I chose her case as it rounds out the series of female cases we have presented over the latter half of 2010.


Shown below are pre operative, immediate post operative, and 8 months follow up photos of her 1600+ graft case performed in March 2010. Our main goals in her case were to cover the scars, thicken her frontal hairline (slight advancement) and cover the zones of loss on her temples/temporal points.


Two things that limited us from doing more grafts and a more advanced hairline were tightness of scalp and very fine hair. Tightness of scalp is commonly seen in female cases, especially when they are in very good physical condition with minimal subcutaneous fat. (This limited our ability to harvest more as we had to narrow our excision width). Her very fine hair shafts limits how much advancement I feel will look good one at a time, because even with dense packing these fine hair shafts limit the volume and mass of hair being moved, creating a less dense look than desired. So, after consultation we decided on a conservative advancement, allow it to grow in and then if she wanted, we could plan a second transplant to lower the hairline more. Basically it leaves her options open and does not commit her to a second hair transplant that I felt would have been necessary had an aggressively designed hairline been performed because of the limitations noted above.


Brad Limmer, MD/jac

















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Dr. Limmer,


Thank you for sharing this case with the community. The results look very natural, and I'm sure the patient is thrilled. Nicely done!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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