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4 days ago I had this procedure choosing dr Feriduni based largely on this info on this site. I found him very professional and a nice guy and instilled confidence. I can't really fault the procedure but have a relatively ignorant understanding of how it has gone thus far. Never the less the 1st night afterwards I was wondering to myself whether I had done the right thing and how I was going to explain my bizarre appearance for the next few weeks or more (as I naively thought my hair would cover then surgery).


On day 2 I started to get more and more swelling and worst still on day 3 particularly around my eyes to the point that it reduce my visibility as the eyes were surrounded by swollen areas. I still have it significantly today (4th day) but finally it has stopped getting worse. I was shown pictures of how this can happen and worst cases, so I was not worried but I seem to have turned out to be a case that gets the swelling much more than others. This is inconvenient as I am avoiding see people to avoid explaining.


The graft area seems to be ok, quite scabby, not hurting at all, a little itchy. The doner area has been hurting so I have fairly consistently taken Ibuprofen although not today. It feels quite tight but I have no reason to think it is not healing as it should. I found I has quite headache for the 2nd day but that was not helped by difficult travelling experience home, needing to get two separate flights and 11 hrs travelling in the end - not ideal and perhaps reason for severe swelling. Here's a couple of pictures for now. I don't have the surgeons pictures yet. The 1st is the following evening and other the 3rd day pm.


Fingers crossed no problems.



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Looks about the same as my swelling was, my missus said I looked like a cat, or one of those blue guys from Avatar. Just say you got stung inbetween eyebrows by a bee and your allergic.


You chose a good surgeon and from what I can tell from your pictures you will be fine, we all get the post op blues, but i'm sure things will pick up for you. If your swelling has peaked then it wont take long to go down.

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