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Receding Hairline, Propecia, and Rogaine

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I have a receding hairline with a IIA on the Norwood scale. See photos below.


From what I've read, Propecia and Rogaine don't prevent or reverse hair loss in the front. Does anyone dispute this?


Also, I'm very skeptical that either of these drugs work well. The statistics I've read are only mixed in terms of effective regrowth of hair, and often no better than a placebo.


But, I'm still desperate enough that I might try them haha. Just a waste of money?




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Rogaine and Propecia are the only two FDA approved and clinically proven treatments for male pattern balding. However, there are degrees of effectiveness.


They may grow new hair, they may add to the quality and characteristics of existing hair or they may simply slow the progression of your hair loss.


At any rate, you've got nothing to lose by trying them. My finasteride and minoxidil combined only cost me $8 per month.


Best of luck!

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I think that every person is different and I think that finasteride does work in the front top portion and less so in the temple area....the way to look at it is if you want to keep what you have for as long as you can, start the meds.....if not....shave it and rock on!

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