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When I made arrangements for my first meeting with Dr. Gabel I had been considering getting a HT for over a year and I felt that it was time to start researching various surgeons to perform the procedure.


I was looking for someone with several years of experience in performing hair restorations, preferably someone focused on hair transplants only. I also wanted to find someone with a background in surgery, in particular facial plastic surgery. I also wanted to find a facility that had all of the necessary equipment in place to perform the surgery. In researching information from numerous sites I found Dr. Gabel and the Gabel Hair Restoration Center.


During my first consultation I found that the office and the staff are very professional. They made me feel at home and comfortable. The first impression I had of Dr. Gabel is that he really enjoys what he does. He’s very focused, meticulous and professional. He answered all of my questions very patiently and clearly. He was also very honest about what to expect, which I appreciated a great deal. I also appreciated the fact that he has training as a head and neck surgeon as well as facial plastic surgery experience.


Dr. Gabel took some time to draw out a potential hairline for me as well as consulted with me on what to expect before, during and after a hair transplant. One thing that I really appreciated was the fact that I never got the “hard sell” pitch from him or his staff.


Next Consultation – Pre Surgery:

It had been almost 6 months since my initial consultation and I wanted to meet with Dr. Gabel one more time to make sure that I was ready to have the procedure. During the time between now and my first consultation I had been in email contact with the Dr.’s office about several questions that I had. They always answered my emails in a timely manner with the information that I had requested.


Dr. Gabel was very accommodative and agreed to meet with me on a Saturday. We spent over two hours reviewing my questions, discussing my concerns and expectations, plus reviewing potential hair lines. After our meeting I felt very confident that I was ready and made the choice to go with Dr. Gabel.


Day of surgery:

I arrived early at 6:30 am and everything was ready to go. The office staff worked to place me at ease and get ready for the day. I changed into one of their T-shirts and selected my lunch order for later in the day. Dr. Gabel arrived and we went to work on drawing the hairline. After a few reviews and adjustments, we agreed on the hair line and had some pre-operative photos taken. After the preparation work, we were ready to begin the procedure.


The surgical office was very functional and professional. They took my vitals and got started with the procedure. The Dr. gave me several shots to numb the donor area and after a short wait removed the donor strip. I felt no pain during this process. The donor strip was given to the lab where the staff members were waiting to start creating the donor grafts.


I turned over and Dr. Gabel prepared to make the holes for the new grafts by shaving some hair and then administering a local anesthetic. After a little wait, Dr. Gabel then proceeded to make the holes for the grafts. He spent a great deal of time and effort cutting the blades and then aligning the holes to match my hairline and hair direction. Dr. Gabel and his staff spent the whole day keeping me comfortable and focusing on performing the operation. The grafts themselves were done beautifully, with a nice healthy root. Dr. Gabel worked with his staff to insert the donor grafts and continued to refine the hairline through out the day. One thing I really liked about Dr. Gabel was his attention to detail. He spent a great deal of time and energy making sure the hair transplant was exactly what we had discussed. As a patient I felt complete confidence in Dr. Gabel and his staff. Plus, I was always informed as to what was being done and I was able to check the progress of the transplant through out the day. We took breaks every couple of hours and they provided me with a nice lunch. The procedure took all day, at the end, Dr. Gabel reviewed everything with me and I left feeling I had made the right choice in choosing Dr. Gabel to perform my HT. Not only were my expectations met, they were exceeded.

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Congratulations on your recent hair transplant surgery with world class hair restoration physician and Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians member Dr. Steven Gabel!


I also appreciate you taking the time to craft a detailed and thoughtful account of your experience. If you have not yet done so, I encourage you to create a hair loss website and share your before and after photos.


Best of luck!

David - Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


View my Hair Loss Website

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