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Dr. Timothy Carman

Dr Carman 2341 FU Grafts- 1 Year Result

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This gentleman presented with generalized thinning predominantly affecting his crown, frontal forelock, hairline, central core posterior to the frontal forelock and anterior to crown, along with recession of the bilateral temples and lateral margins. Further, his donor density had a lower density than normal, specifically about 70 FU/cm2. Our goal was to recreate a completed hairline which would frame his face, while increasing the frontal forelock density and raise the lateral margins to meet the frontal forelock and central core areas. His intention would be to style his hair back as he had done his entire life, and in doing so he would get mileage out of a hair mass that is styled over his rather large surface area (Approx. 120 cm2). This case represents the challenges of getting maximum cosmetic density from a relatively lower number of available grafts. The change is subtle, yet we think it represents a natural appearing improvement from baseline.











Edited by Dr. Timothy Carman

Timothy Carman, MD ABHRS

Chairman, Ethics Committee (ABHRS)
ABHRS Board of Directors

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Dr. Carman,


I agree! This is a subtle yet cosmetically appealing enhancement. Very age appropriate and pleasing to the eye.


Thank you for sharing!

David - Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


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