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Dr. Ron Shapiro-Before&After 2548 Grafts/5007 Hairs

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This patient came in today stating he is happy with density and naturalness of his ht.


His hair count is slightly less than average – as his donor density.

1’s – 632 gr = 632 hairs

2’s – 1431 gr = 2862 hairs

3’s – 427 gr = 1281 hairs

Total – 2548 grafts = 5007 hairs






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Thank you for presenting this case. The work looks excellent, and I'm pleased to hear the patient is satisfied with his hair transplant experience. Well done!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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Very nice, natural-looking hairline! I agree with aaron1234 that this patient is lucky not to have needed crown hair restoration. This procedure seems to be very effective for this patient and I am also glad to hear HE is happy with the results, abve anyone else.



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