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Dear all,


Firstly, great forum.. I have spent hours on here gaining some great knowledge.

I am a 31 year old who will be going ahead with a HT in the next few months. I have one concern in which I hope someone can put to rest.

I'm alittle concerned that my hairline will continue to recede after the procedure, i.e. the hairs after the transplanted area that have not been treated. Should I be concerned about this? Has anyone ever had the problem? I guess the solution would be just to get more transplant if that is the case? I should point out that I believe my hair loss has stabilised and that I am not on any treatments such as pills or ointments.


Oh and lastly, any feedback on Dr. Damkerng from Thailand? I've read good so far but open to any other or more feedback.


Thanks a bunch guys.... keep up the good work!

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When planning a hair restoration procedure that include the hairline, the doctor must take into account that the patient will get older and most likely continue to lose hair. The original transplant should still look natural. However, it may start to look thinner again if you lose more hair. You should understand that you may want to have additional work done in the future. I have also heard very good things about Dr. Damkerng, but not actually seen any of his work.

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Thank you for your reply Dr. Charles. I'll keep all those in mind!



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Im surprised Dr.Charles didn't mention medication.


If you spent hours doing your research on the forum, im sure you would have come across the big 3 frankie?


Getting on Propecia at least may halt your loss, if not give you gains (as some have reported). Though, the word on the street is that Propecia may not help the temples.


Nonetheless, i would still give them a try, during and after your HT. If you haven't given them a shot yet, i would maybe give it a year before investing in a HT. By doing so, you could save some money in the sense of receiving less grafts, and not losing any more hair post op.


I wish the best of luck as always!!!


-Empty Area

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Future hair loss can be a big problem, particularly for younger guys who want a low hairline like all the other 24 year olds tend to have...but that hairline will look goofy when they reach my ripe old age of 45... So make sure that you plan for the future, based on family tendancy toward hairloss, your donor strengths, color match etc. Most docs will help you with that education at your initial consultation.


In addition, we typically tell folks they have 4 choices.


1. Do nothing. You will not die from losing your hair.

2. Hairpieces, camouflage techniques, combovers

3. Medicines....only Rogaine and Propecia/Avadart...not herbs, supplements, lasers...

4. Surgery.


After an informed pre-decision making educational process including an in person consultation with a quality doc such as those regularly participating on discussion forums such as this one, you'll be set to make the right choice for you.


Dr. Lindsey McLean VA

William H. Lindsey, MD, FACS

McLean, VA


Dr. William Lindsey is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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