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Falceros, hows your hair?

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Hey Bill,

i was looking over your HT Weblog:




and wondering if you plan on more work? I think your hairline looks pretty damn good,but as you pointed out the crown is a little thin in certain light. Considering you would be a Nw6 or Nw7 without surgery your hair looks awesome.


Couple of questions..

1.Can you do another strip? Plan to?


2.Have you considered body hair to thicken up the crown area?


3.Your weblog says first HT was by Dr. Katz in Philly who was recomended on here at the time. Why is Dr. Katz no longer on here?




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Thanks for your interest in my case.


I actually do have tentative plans with Dr. Hasson to get a fourth hair transplant, though nothing to date has been solidified. I'm still waiting to schedule with Mike Ferko, who I've been in touch with about this. We've both been rather busy and haven't been able to connect recently. But I'm sure we will in the near future.


Regarding your questions:


1. Yes, I do have enough donor hair to do another strip. Dr. Wong evaluated me at the ISHRS conference this past September and said that I had 2000 grafts easy without any scalp exercises. Of course, I plan on doing these to do what I can to increase laxity. And yes, I do believe scalp exercises help, at the very least, a little.


2. The funny thing is, I have a lot of viable chest and stomach hair that could potentailly be used as filler hair. I have not seriously considered this possibility since I'm a firm believer of using up all scalp donor before getting into BHT - especially since consistency is lacking to date.


3. Dr. Katz did solid follicular unit hair transplantation in 2004. However, since he showed no interest in showing us updated examples of his work publicly, we chose to discontinue with his recommendation. Personally, I would love to see some of his recent work and reconsider him for potential recommendation, since we currently don't have anyone to recommend in PA.



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How do you define "average"?


People like me who've had a lot of hair loss needed multiple sesions just to get a mix of adequate coverage and density.


People with less hair loss won't need as many.


But there's always the concern about future hair loss, which is why Propecia and sometimes Rogaine often complement a hair transplant.


I think it would be safe to say however, that the majority of patients will need/want more than one in their lifetime. Patients should know this before getting in the surgical chair for the first time.



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that the majority of patients will need/want more than one in their lifetime


This is true and I had asked a question(s) on the forum, found here:




such as:


1. What does a well done hair transplant, done by the best surgeon look like if no continued surgical intervention is done to maintain the illusion of density ?


2. If the patient does decide, not to pursue further surgical interventions, does the hair transplant stand the test of time? Does the scalp look patchy after the native hair has miniaturized to point of pre-vellus diameter?



3. Does the patient grow wary of having to do follow-up surgeries to always maintain the illusion of density?


4. At what point may the patient accept that the time has come to "call it quits" and stop chasing the illusion of density?


5. Does this come when chronic physiological diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis begin to occur, or perhaps other life threatening diseases?


6.Perhaps this might be a totally personal decision on the part of the patient as to "how young they feel" and how young they want to look?



Any comments Bill?


take care,

take care...



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1. Surgical intervention isn't always needed to maintain a proper illusion of density. It really depends on the type of baldness. For example, hair transplant patients who's had hair transplanted in between and around existing natural hair may need another surgery to regain density lost in the event of future natural hair loss. But after the illusion of density is properly achieved in completely bald areas, no more transplanted hair is needed there. Does that make sense?


2. Hair transplantation is prominently permanent, with some exception. As we age, minimal donor hair thinning is possible which means some of the transplanted hair may fall out too. The good news is, it is rare for there to be a noticeable difference in density.


3. This will depend on each patient. Though I doubt hair transplant patients live for getting back in the surgical chair, most will if they feel they can achieve an improved look, especially in the event they lose more hair. Medical intervention (like Propecia and Rogaine) for natural hair can help minimize the need for subsequent surgical procedures.


4. Again, this depends on each patient, but the illusion of density isn't exactly what patients chase, it's real density. In patients with extensive hair loss, the illusion is what most can achieve at best. But those with minimal hair loss have a greater chance of accomplishing real density that won't be see-through even in the harshest lighting.


5. I'm not sure I understand this question. What what come in the event of life threatening conditions? You mean calling it quits? I would personally advise anyone dealing with life threatening conditions to put any dreams of hair on hold and take care of their health.


6. You hit the nail on the head. It's a personal decision combined with what's possible. The reality is, no matter what we desire, there is only so much donor hair available to help us accomplish our goals. That's why we must work with a world class surgeon to develop realistic long term goals and revise the plan as necessary. Keeping some donor hair in reserves at all time is prudent in the event the patient needs/wants more coverage/density - depending on current and future hair loss.


I hope this helps icon_smile.gif



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Bill I think it is cool that you post your pictures for newbies to see. H&W have such a good reputation. I think it will get cool to follow your progress when you decide to move forward.

4374 grafts-7/2/2008-Dr Rahal

485 singles

2336 doubles

1526 triples

16 quads

9809 total hairs

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Thanks wantego.


If/when I decide to go for a fourth procedure, I will certainly be documenting my progress in detail like I have in the past.


For those of you who are looking for quick links to my photo albums documenting my 3 procedures, see below icon_smile.gif


First Surgery with Dr. Katz - 1600 follicular unit grafts (Cost: About $8,000)


Second Surgery with Dr. True - 2249 follicular unit grafts (Cost: About $9,600)


Third surgery with Dr. Hasson - 3701 follicular unit grafts (Cost: About $13,250)



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