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Dr Conor Kiely in Ireland or America????

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hello there everyone, i'm new to this forum thing but i thought it might be a good idea to join to get some feed back. anyhow! i am living in ireland and seriously thinking about getting a HT in the next few months, ive been checkin out some doctors and until i found this forum i was fully sure of Dr conor kiely from cork but i have read some pretty mixed reports, can anyone please help me out??


has anyone any pictures of Dr kielys work or has anyone had a HT done with him??


is it worth getting the HT done in ireland or should i go to america?? and if i do go to america who should i see??

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I have heard mixed reports about Kiely. You should go to North America or Belgium for the best HT doctors and to get the best result froyourself,Ireland simply doesnt have any god HT doctors!!!.

HT 2006/7

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Hi Steveg,


I had a transplant with Dr Kiely back in April of this year and sadly so far the results are pretty abysmal! I had 1000 follicular units (approximately 2.5 hairs per unit) implanted into my head (or so Dr Kiely claims). The areas to be covered where not that big so I expected to get reasonably good coverage.

Seven months on now and there is little evidence of the 2000 plus hairs that he supposedly had his technicians implant. The left side in particular is disgraceful. I would reckon there are only about 100 or so hairs visible in this area!!!

Extremely poor by any standards!!

I went to see him recently to get an explanation as to why the results are so poor. Very vague and suggested that it was down to me, Murphy's law, bad luck, etc.

The only good thing I can say about him is that he did offer to give me another session for free. I need to think long and hard before I trust any more of my precious follicles in his hands though!


So, no, I can't recommend him at all!!

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Hey bud


Right now your trying to get the answers you want , trying to make this as easy as possible , everyone of us started researching like this .


Listen to the guys above , spend 10 minutes searching kiely on this and other forums and you will go to the US , I garentee it .



REASEARCH = TOP DOC = TOP RESULTS ...... it's really that simply




Good luck with your research


2100 crown grafts

Dr Feller

nov 2007

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I'll try Steveg. It'll probably be monthly as hair growth is not a fast process (as I'm sure you and all of us know).


I'm hoping I'm wrong about this guy (Dr Kiely) and that the coming months will start showing some promise.



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you're not going to get a result that is up to the mark from a surgery in Ireland, there's no point in dressing it up in any other language.

do your research and pick any of the doc's recommended here. don't let traveling be your main reason for picking a doc.Look at the pics on site and the reviews and patient accounts of their docs.

Irish docs at limited to around 1000 graft sessions and it's not worth getting a scar for such a small amount of grefts as most people will need more then that. PLEASE DO NOTHING till you are well educated about the process and the options available


HT2 2570 grafts Dr Feller

HT 2350 grafts Dr Epstein

Finax 1mg per day

nizoral 2% 3/week

MSM 3000 mg / day




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i would also consider Farjo's in Manchester...i have had 2 HT's now with them and can say from personal experience and all the research i did...was best decision i made. i did not want to travel to far for my HT's.


but take your time & research before u go for it 1


good luck..



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Just to chime in here, I met a former patient very recently who had his HT done by one of the supposed 'elite' surgeons in Ireland.


He was over 2 years out and the results looked simply dreadful.


Consider all your options and decide carefully.


Good luck!




These views are from my own learned experience. I am NOT a Doctor, but people say that I do look like one from a distance.

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Well here I am almost 8 months post transplant now and the results are still really poor!


I have toyed with the idea of posting some pics up, but to be honest I am actually embarrassed to let others see how poor this transplant is. Plus, the hair is so sparse and there is so little of it that it is actually quite difficult to get it to show up on photos at all!


This transplant continues to be a major source of frustration for me, and as each day passes with little or no sign of improvement that frustration is turning more and more to anger towards Dr Kiely.


I have painstakingly tried to do an accurate count of the number of hairs growing in the transplant areas, and I would reckon that, out of a claimed 2500 hairs, there are approximately a max of 400-450 hairs (with the majority of these growing on the right side of my head and only about 100 hairs on the left side).


So currently I could still not recommend Dr Kiely at all. Perhaps the next few weeks or months can still prove me wrong (I've been hoping this for almost 8 months now!), but must be honest and admit that I'm finding it increasingly difficult to be positive about this transplant now.


Will keep you updated.



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