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Has anyone ever heard of Dr. Antonio Alvi Armani ?

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Bill speaks the truth about Dr. A as far as I'm concerned.


His results look twice as good as most any other doc out there at first glance. But IMHO he doesn't truly do significantly "better" HTs than any of the other top docs, he just specializes in doing more risky ones. Dr. A deserves a reputation for having great surgical results, but his reputation widely believed to be built on a lot of unsustainable HTs. Many of the other top docs would probably be showing before/after shots just as beautiful if they were willing to consume donor hair at the rate that Armani does.



Dr. A is also extremely "generous" with estimations of remaining donor hair. So much that a lot of guys are probably getting suckered into HTs that they might otherwise think twice about. Armani claims 10-15,000 grafts are "average," and he might even be able to poke 15,000 holes in a patient's head. But he can't make a donor zone look normal for the rest of the patient's life when 15,000 grafts have been pulled. He's not God. People's donor areas aren't any bigger in his office than in anyone else's.




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I researched Dr Armani and had consultation with him for FUE. I believe they claim to do 3500 FUE per day and they insist this will increase to c5000 grafts shortly.


However, when I asked for more specifics regarding the procedure, how the grafts were extracted and instrument size they were not willing to disclose this info. All they would say is their procedure is "unrivalled in the industry". All very secretive.


There is also very few large FUE cases documented even although Dr Armani has claimed to be doing these large sessions for a few years now. There has been promises of new all FUE websites and more cases to be documented on the forums but thus far it has not been delivered.


For me there was not enough evidence or transparency in their process to allow me to proceed with them. Perhaps this will come but until then I would rather stick with the facts and go with a Dr who is comfortable disclosing everything about the procedure in the patients best interest.

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Armani's name is fictitious. He had some long middle eastern name. He changed it to "armani". Thats just too hollywood for a doctor, IMO.


Also agree about lack of transparency. Lots of his work is shrouded in mystery and too good to be true.


The impressive results are all on guys with minimal hair loss who he then dense packs the hairline. This creates problems down the line if donr becomes an issue.


Lots of wild claims about graft #'s.


Lots of claims about survivabilty of mega fue sessions. Poor survival probably not as noticable given the denisity at which he plants.


His clinic claimed that FUE was non surgical.



Hes is controversial and caters to young guys. I imagine he will retire into his riches in the near future.

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