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Welcome to our new mobile friendly and fully responsive hair loss forum and social community for sharing your frank opinions with others about hair loss treatments and surgeons.

Hair loss treatments, including surgeries, are largely unregulated (i.e. buyer beware). But if we put our collective bald, or formerly bald heads together, we can help each other find solutions.

But to get past the Hype we need to share or experiences and opinions and that means POSTING.

This discussion forum offers you a powerful and easy tool for expressing yourself and learning from hundreds of others.

It is organized by major subjects "Forums" that then contain the actual posts or "Topics" that then contain replies.

To post a new topic or reply to an existing one you will need to register as a member. This is a quick and simple process that respects your privacy.

Click “Sign Up” at the top of the page  either on your computer or your mobile device and follow the instructions. Once you are registed and logged in you can post and reply on all the forums.

To reply to a topic as a registered user,  login using your login name and password. Your login name can either be your forum display name or your email address.

You can then use the "Reply" feature at the bottom of the discussion thread  or click the shortcut button at the top that will take you directly where to reply.   You can then create your reply and then click “submit reply”. 

You're now online and being read around the world! :)

You can also create your own new topic. To post a new topic as a registered user.  To do so, click on the "Click to start a topic" button.  Choose a relevant subject, write your message and click "Submit New Thread".

You can also search the entire discussion or a particular forum by typing in keywords by clicking on "Search” toward the top right hand side of the forum.

And each time you return to the discussion the site will recognize you and show you what has been posted since your last visit by using different colored images. Can it get much easier?

Well, those are all the basics.

I hope to see you online - Pat editor and "Recovered Bald Guy"

Never Forget - It's what radiates from within, not from your skin, that really matters!

My Hair Loss Blog

View some of the Leading Hair Transplant Clinics that I have visited.

Sharing is what keeps this community vital. Please join in. To learn how I restored my hair and started this community, click here.

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I m from Inida. I want to know the best place for hair replanting in india or aboraod. when ever I find one it is more confusing to read the reviews. so im looking for the best solution for hair replaning


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Hello, I'm from Melbourne. I do have a nightmare about my hair due to apart of my scalp had been with dandruff (I do not know why it keeps on coming out). I've been removing my dandruff for a long time then one day, I was trying to remove dandruff and I felt it was smooth (which is the scalp now). So My problem is there is no hair growing at my scalp (where the mysterious dandruff keeps on appearing). What can I do to make my grow hair back?

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  I emailed Dr. Timothy Carman, La Jolla, California about a week or so ago about hair transplant questions and haven't heard anything back. This seems somewhat strange from someone so highly qualified. Is he still doing hair transplants? Just teaching now?  Anyone heard anything about him lately?

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Jim’s Test & Tag is New Zealand’s largest specialist test and tag provider, servicing clients from Kaitaia to Invercargill. All of our technicians are highly trained and receive ongoing training and support to ensure they are providing you the most up to date and professional service possible. As business owners in their own right, they understand many of the challenges facing businesses today. Each is police checked before joining our team and committed to helping you keep your workspace safe and compliant. Jim’s Test & Tag

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