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Visit to Parsa Mohebi in Los Angeles

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It's always exciting for me to discover an up and coming hair transplant physician. In my opinion, Dr. Para Mohebi is such an up and comer. I expect he will become well known in the coming months and years online for his quality follicular unit grafting.


Last year Dr. Mohebi completed a one year hair transplantation fellowship with Dr. Bill Rassman at NHI where he did a large number of surgeries. Then in January of 2008 he opened his own clinic, US Hair Restoration.


Since he does not have the right to publicly present the results of his surgeries performed while at NHI clinic, he presently has a limited number of before and after photos that he can show. However, I expect to see many impressive results from his office presented on this forum in the coming months and years.


Dr. Mohebi impressed me as being passionate about his work and dedicated. He has succeeded in attracting a skilled and experienced staff. On the day I observed surgery in his office two of the medical technicians on duty had 13 years experience and a third had nine years experience in hair transplantation. He and his experienced staff have the capability to do sessions exceeding 3,000 grafts.


In addition to performing state of the art follicular unit hair transplantation, he also performs FUE (follicular unit extraction) with sessions up to 1,500 grafts a day.


Dr. Mohebi uses 20 gauge needles to make tiny graft incisions as small as 0.7mm. He told me that he intentionally zig zags his donor excision slightly so that the thin donor scar is harder to detect even under close examination. He uses a double layer closure when he feels it is needed to minimize any potential scaring. He uses staples of the external suture.


In the past Dr. Mohebi has had a strong interest in researching hair growth, hair multiplication and wound healing. He currently collaborates with academic centers on studies on hair growth, gene therapy techniques and hair multiplications.


During my visit they performed a 1,948 follicular unit graft session to restore the patient's hairline. The 1,948 grafts consisted of 319 ones, 1,541 twos and 85 threes and 3 four hair grafts for a total of 3,678 hairs.














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Dear Pat,


Thanks for the article you wrote about our Los Angeles hair transplant clinic. I am glad that you guys are dedicated to patient's education and I hope to be able to become more active in this community.


I will be posting the progress of my patients who had follicular unit hair transplant with us with different techniques. I will be posting pictures of some interesting cases and the ones that could be educational to the members of this community.



Parsa Mohebi

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Hi Pat,


I also had a look into the work done by Dr. Para Mohebi, I also feel that he is an upcoming star. But to be frank I definitly feel that when it comes to issue of density vs. Coverage he should be giving more preference to density. I have this observation as I feel that taking into consideration the number of grafts that he had transplanted and the are that got covered, there is a minor risk on the issue of density.

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I would love to see some one year results of that zig zag pattern on the scar, its a great and clever idea if it works!!!!!!!!!!!!

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