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Dr. Timothy Carman

Dr. Carman 3027 Total FU Grafts; Day Of Procedure/7 Days Post Op

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This patient is a pleasant 39 YO male who has experienced a gradual loss of hair due to androgenic alopecia, with thinning predominantly affecting hairline, FF, posterior FF, and bilateral temples. The day of his procedure we placed a total of 3027 FU grafts within his pre-existing hair in the frontal and posterior frontal forelock, and recreated his frontal and temporal hairline utilizing 822 one hair grafts, 1820 two hair grafts, and 385 three hair grafts. His donor strip measured 29 cm x 1.0 cm, and his donor was closed using the tricophytic technique.


9171074893_1CF9FF8D89ED1E31B4688EACB8176671.jpg.thumb 9071074893_6A5C773D9B62B4A84EBDE4A9AFF249A5.jpg.thumb 5271074893_F8E431EEC53FBCB58E6702921BCC3746.jpg.thumb4171074893_7377EE4936C99564C53DCD28C712A6E2.jpg.thumb8171074893_57F4C0B14B3219C57106C5CAA8734E85.jpg.thumb 7171074893_C78DEBD27C2F31D3E4659A38A0C9DBFC.jpg.thumb 6271074893_26568C2E38E7686BE09E2C287A1AEBF6.jpg.thumb 6171074893_8FAE94A25AFD80C4E61E09F9E15CB6E6.jpg.thumb 5171074893_0184F6625A54448B01433811F90BBAAD.jpg.thumb 4271074893_9793E3CF4BB2BCA79311DBA211EDFB49.jpg.thumb 3271074893_14E317DFB70AB8A041AFE12779CA350D.jpg.thumb 3171074893_73BC19EB45C84990E8D9CE75D550D7E5.jpg.thumb 2271074893_5466C135C3E45F21CD3B39E0B67A680A.jpg.thumb 2171074893_61232F771DA21E74FDEF4B8751EAA2E5.jpg.thumb 1271074893_6CA48CF54391C6E1D3FB3B914FE614B2.jpg.thumb 1171074893_8D9E068EA1E9C17A588BE39F36193D62.jpg.thumb





Edited by Dr. Timothy Carman
Final Post Op Results

Timothy Carman, MD ABHRS

Chairman, Ethics Committee (ABHRS)
ABHRS Board of Directors

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the hairline is interesting looking. it almost seems like plugs? but maybe after just 7 days, it is unfair to make that judgment. i'm wondering if anyone else has any comments/thoughts on this procedure.

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