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In person meeting with four of Dr. Gabel's patients

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While visiting Dr. Steve Gabel's clinic in Portland (to view the highlights of this surgery visit http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/showthread.php?t=147759) to observe his outstanding ultra refined hair transplant surgery I got to meet and view four of his patients. They were all very pleased with both their results and their surgical experience.


Rick had surgery on October 30th of 2006 and got 3,630 grafts for a total of 7,409 hairs (928 singles, 1,635 doubles, 1,057 triples and 10 four hair grafts). He was very pleased with his results, which had reestablished the look of fullness for him in only one session. His transplanted hair looked very natural upon close examination and his donor scar was very minimal (see his photos below).


Bob had received numerous old style previous hair transplant procedures from other surgeons years ago. Despite his donor area being largely depleted, Dr. Gabel and his staff were able to harvest 2,018 grafts for a total of 3,617 hairs (598 singles, 1,243 doubles, 175 triples and 2 four hair grafts). He had come to the office to have his stitches removed ten days post op.


He still had some residual redness/pinkness in both the recipient and donor areas. However, the new grafts placed around his prior grafts did appear that they would significantly soften his previously grafty work. Note -This patient did not want his photos shown online.


Rob had a large thinning area on the top of his midscalp area behind his hairline prior to surgery. On June 13, 2006 he got 2,012 grafts for a total of 4,380 hairs (257 singles, 1161 doubles, 575 triples and 19 four hair grafts). I was impressed with how well his midscalp filled in with only 2,012 grafts. He was very please with his density and the naturalness. His donor area also had a pencil thin scar. See his photos below.


I met Robert ("Hair to Style" on our forum), recently posted his 4 ?? month results on our forum. He received 3,825 follicular unit graft for a total of 7,241 hairs (905 singles, 2,437 doubles, 470 triples and 13 four hair grafts). He had excellent growth at only 4.5 months and his donor area had healed up well with a very minimal donor scar that was easily hidden by his short hair. His hair looked very natural, with no visible pitting or cobblestoning on his scalp. To view his photo album visit http://hair-restoration-info.com/eve/forums/a/albumcomm...991076253#7991076253










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In addition to witnessing Dr. Gabel's hair transplant surgery, I am pleased to hear that you had a chance to meet some of his hair transplant patient's in person and were able to view their results first-hand.


These hair transplant patient before/after photos show a tremendous difference and I am sure they are extremely thrilled to have a new head of hair!


Thank you for posting these to demonstrate the quality of work that Dr. Gabel is producing on a regular basis.



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those patient photos look great and the scar is practically invisible

all in all very nice results.

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