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Southern California - Visits to Leading Hair Transplant Clinics

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Despite Southern California's reputation for beautiful people, there are a surprisingly limited number of truly world class hair transplant physicians.


I have visited hair transplant clinics in Southern California on at least three occasions over the past several years to determine who to recommend on the Hair Transplant Network.


Almost two years ago during the fall of 2006, I had the privilege of meeting with several physicians and observing their surgeries. The standouts in my opinion were Dr. Bill Reed of La Jolla, Dr. Ken Siporin in LA and Dr. Bill Rassman in LA. To view the photos and highlights from my surgical visits click on their names.


Since that time Dr. Reed and Dr. Siporin in particular have garnered excellent patient reviews on this forum, which have confirmed my positive first hand impressions.


In May of 2008 I returned to Southern California to evaluate a few other promising clinics. Given my confidence in the work being done at the clinics I visited in November of 2006, I focused my recent visits on observing the surgery being done by other promising clinics.


The clinics I visited in May of 2008 that I thought were performing impressive hair transplantation include:


Dr. Michael Meshkin in Newport Beach

Dr. Tim Carmen , Associate of Dr. Bill Reed, in La Jolla

Dr. Brandon Ross in San Diego

Dr. Sanusi Umar in Redondo Beach

Dr. Parsa Mohebi in Los Angeles


Click on the physician's name to view the highlights from my visit, including photos of their surgery.

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You are the only one that travels across the world to visit with and evaluate hair transplant surgeons. Talk about a high level of quality assurance!


I enjoyed reading your detailed review of each clinic and look forward to continuing to learn more about each and see their results online.


Best wishes,



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Dr. Mejia,


Thanks. It was a pleasure visiting your clinic in Jupiter, Florida in January and seeing your impressive surgery and the passion you and your staff have for doing outstanding work.


Unfortunately, my computer with the photos from my visit was stolen soon after my visit with you.


I feel bad that you have not gotten the recognition you deserve from my visit. Your work really impressed me and you deserve to be featured along with the other leading clinics I have visited.


Could you document one of your more impressive surgeries - i.e. 2,500 plus grafts with dense packing so I can feature your surgery? I suggest you view Dr. Meshkin's visit to get a sense of the type of photos and details I will need.


I look forward to helping people learn more about you and your impressive work.



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