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ervamatin - Has anyone used this ??


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I'm amazed to see the no. of advertisments for this product. I've tried to research user opinions on this product, but so far have found little if no information on the 'claimed' results.


A Little too good to believe if you ask me.


Links FYI:









What do you guys think of this?



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Sorry steve, I just have to ask


Are you freaking serious?!!!!


It is just ladded with marketing text and provides absolutely no before and after results. Do not waste your money or time with unproven products!

Propecia and Rogaine are the only FDA approved treatments with hairloss, your hair loss treatment should be based around these treatments.

1344 grafts with Ron Shapiro - June 2006

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Nothing ele to say



1417 FUT - Dr. True

1476 FUT - Dr. True

2124 FUT - Dr. True

604 FUE - Dr. True








My views are based on my personal experiences, research and objective observations. I am not a doctor.


Total - 5621 FU's uncut!

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