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I found this information helpfull

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What to expect after surgery


While many hair transplant commercials tell you that you can return to work the next day, that's just not realistic. Hair Transplant surgery is not a minor surgical procedure and patients should be aware of recovery times and know what to expect.









Next Day Hair is washed thoroughly.

Grafts should be clean of blood.


Some soreness, tightness

and numbness.



2-3 Days Scabbing is largely gone.

Moderate redness may be present.

Some swelling may appear on forehead.


Soreness begins to disappear.

Some numbness may continue.




1 Week Redness is minimal to absent.

Swelling is usually gone.

1st Post-op Visit.


Soreness is generally gone.

Occasionally some numbness persists.



2 Weeks Looks and feels like a

4-day-old beard.


Sutures begin to absorb.

Discomfort is gone. Numbness is uncommon.



2-8 Weeks Transplanted hair is shed as the follicles enter a dormant phase.


Knots at the ends of the absorbable sutures fall off.





2-4 Months Some original hair may be shed in the transplanted area.


Any residual numbness in the donor area is generally gone.




3-6 Months Transplanted hair begins to grow first as very fine hair.




5-10 Months Some or all of the original hair that was shed begins to grow.






8 Months Hair is groomable, but transplant appears thin as hair continues to grow and thicken.

Slight textural change in hair is occasionally present.






8-12 Months Patient is evaluated for a possible second procedure.







1 Year 90% of the final appearance of procedure is usually present.






1-2 Years There may be additional fullness during the second year.

Any textural change in hair usually returns to normal.

Came across this information after HT somewhere and it reminds me that patience and time are 2 things to keep in mind.

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1 Week Redness is minimal to absent.

Swelling is usually gone.

1st Post-op Visit.



I agree with everything accept this part. Although redness certainly subsides within the first week, a pinkish tint stays around for about a month or better before your scalp returns to normal.

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My redness was gone in a about 2 weeks completely on the recepiant area.. The donor area was pinkish for about 5-6 months . Also, My grafts fell out very little on my second procedure.. Therefore the hair developed much quicker. I'm sure this timeline varies per person as well as procedure.. Good info though

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My reciepiant area in the front (hairline) was pink about 2 months and scalp was still somewhat numb up till now which is 12 weeks this friday 6-16-06. And hair started sprouting at 9 weeks so I guess everyone is differant. But when I saw this info it helped me to stop looking everyday and relax abit more and be patient. I got so worried right after procedure shockloss etc. that I was freakin out, hair is growing back new hairs sprouting daily I guess it keeps getting better with time. I'm headed for Aruba then Dominica for a 2 weeks of diving and realxation and I'm sure I will get some more pink color on my head but will be sure to keep a hat on and sunscreen. O and I will be thinking of all of you!

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I agree with most of this except the beginning. The scabs last longer than 2-3 days. I usually use graftcyte - my last doctor gave me a bottle of it. Even when using gratcyte, I would say that the scabs last close to a week.


also, Worried - salty ocean water is supposed to be good for healing, so relax and have fun diving.

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