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my experiences with DR michael Beehner were awesome!!!

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i had 4 transplants over 2 years with dr micahael beehner-saratoga springs,new york-the last one being 2 weeks ago--(february 2006)

my head was completely bald--and of course i was nervous!--being a veterinarian i researched for one year--all the transplant practices in the usa and canada

dr beehners staff is awesome and extremely professional--the experiences were never painful--and after the first transplant,i had no fears or anxiety--and looked forward to the day as a day of rest--while dr beehner was transplanting hairs!! i had a total of about 12000 hairs transplanted--the results are awesome--changed my self image immensely--i had no negative issues --i went back to work in 4 days after each transplant--(i actually did work the next nite--covering emergencies as a vet-(covering my head with a surgical cap)-my donor site always heals without a scar and it is impossible to tell that i had transplants!! no more bald jokes!!!! This is the niceest thing ive ever done for my self


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I to had a procedure with Dr. Beehner from Saratoga Hair transplant in 2004 and i to think he is a good doc.And yes as this poster stated hes procedures are absolutly painless as he administers a tranquilizer and i believe a painkiller intravenously before the shots in the donor and recipient areas.I didnt go with him with my hairline as i felt we were on a different page but overall hes a very good Doc.and i was very happy with the work he performed on me.

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