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What about Toppik?


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i use it on occassion and it works great as long as you have SOME hair. Wind is no problema dn it seems to stay true even if it gets wet. You have to wash it out with shampoo to get rid of it.

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I think toppik is great. I have htin hairs in fron, (hairine and frront of the scalp area) and apply it there. I tmakes it look a lot darker and fuller. I use this spray and it sticcks on pretty good. I do get nrevous whenever it starts raining, because I think it can come off.

The custoimer service is really good, and there's a guarantee if you don't like it. I figured nothing bventured, nothing gained. I'm glad I tried it because I use it all the time now. I feel naked without it...which I guess can be a bad thing to.


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