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Surgery workshop at Dr. Cooley's clinic in Charlotte

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This weekend, Saturday June 24th, Dr. Jerry Cooley and his staff hosted the 3rd Coalition Live Surgery Workshop at this clinic in Charlotte, NC. I was there to help organize this free event, which was attended by eight hair restoration physicians.


Those who have read Dr. Cooley's patient comments on this forum will not be surprised to hear that Dr. Cooley's surgery was impressive and ultra refined.


I really appreciate his willingness to open up his clinic and share all his considerable knowledge. It's great to see physicians traveling cross country (and enduring some terrible flight complications due to this weekends weather) to exchange ideas to make their procedures optimal for their patients.


I've posted some highlights and photos from this workshop in the "Visits to Leading Hair Restoration Clinics" section.


To view these highlights, click here.

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Thanks for posting the photos and the information from the workshop. I would love to attend one of these sometime.


I've heard so many good things about Dr. Cooley but, WOW, those incisions are small. The finished product when the grafts were placed looked great...........I'm sure the results will be super as well.


Just curious, did Doc Cooley try out Dr. Haber's donor spreader? What a cool invention.........anything to save those precious grafts from transection during the harvest.


As I looked at the pics, I couldn't help noticing how much Dr. Cooley's hair reminds me of my own (minus the bald spot on the crown which is filling in nicely for me at this point). I guess it's a sure sign I'm obsessed with my hair, eh?



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