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hair center in tulsa oklahoma

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  • 2 weeks later...

I just had a transplant by Dr. Frayser in Tulsa and they were terrific to me. They booked my hotel room, Tom Campbell came to the hotel and picked me up and after surgery, drove me to the pharmacy and back to my hotel. I had some pain the same day hours afterwards when my pain meds wore off, but no pain since. It has been 2 weeks and so far have had no new hair fallout. Although it would grow back in regardless of fallout. Good luck.

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This person Heatherwood won't know for at least a year, probably, if this clinic did a good job. Sometimes it can take "years" to realize the true results you've gotten from a surgeon or clinic.


Heatherwood might as well have said "The waiting room was decorated very tastefully" because evrything else that was mentioned was just as meaningless.


Heatherwood, maybe you can say what kind of grafts this clinic uses. Did you get Follicular Unit grafts, Minigrafts, Micrografts, or a combination? Where were the grafts placed, and where are you on the Norwood scale? How old are you, and how many more grafts will you need? Are you using Propecia? Does the clinic recommend it?


If you would discuss these types of questions, that will tell us more than just saying "everyone was nice to me".

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