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plzzzzzzzzzz tell me what are the side effects of HT

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Besides lots of girls... icon_wink.gif


I assume by side effects, you are talking about risks?


There are always a number of risks associated with surgery.


Some risk factors include:


1. Bad Scarring

2. Postoperative infection

3. Excessive bleeding

4. Delayed Healing

5. death of transplanted hair follicles

6. Postoperative Hiccups (rare)

7. Swelling of the forehead and face (common but temporary)

8. Loss of feeling/numbness in the donor and recipient areas (mostly temporary)

9. Temporary Shock loss (native and previously transplanted hairs could fall out due to surgical trauma but will re-grow)

10. Permanent Shock loss (If existing hairs are transected due to surgery or if they were on their way out due to MPB)

11. Pinkness or Redness of the skin around the recipient area


Many of the serious risks, however, are extremely minimal when in the hands of a first-rate hair transplant physcian. This is why we recommend our coaliton of independent physicians since they have proven to be the best in the industry.



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Ridging is another issue that can come up.

Notice: I am an employee of Dr. Paul Rose who is recommended on this community. I am not a doctor. My opinions are not necessarily those of Dr. Rose. My advice is not medical advice.


Dr. Rose is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians.

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You may have to beat off the women beating down your door - thus the sexual problems icon_biggrin.gif.


Seriously though...


You probably shouldn't have for the first 10 days after a hair transplant because you will need to heal, unless you and your woman are quite gentle.


But no...there are sexual side effects from hair transplantation.



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