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Post-op questions...

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Hey guys -


Finally got the staples out.. what a relief..


Although I do have a question...


Is there any special care suggested on the scalp post-op?/ I know lot of people use Emu oil/Vitamin E/Olive oil etc... Mostly to reduce the redness.. In my case, I don't have any redness, but my scalp is quite dry... Should I use any products that can help bring better/faster results... (rogaine is out the question)..


Also, for those of you who had HT in crown... are the grafted hair/scabs more sensitive/tender?? The U-shape area on my crown is very tender.. maybe because it's the area right above the scar??


Getting all the pictures together to get the webblog up...

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Spex -


It's been almost 2 weeks for me, so I guess I should let it heal naturally..


As for scabs secured in incisions... You mentioned by day 8, the grafts should be secured 100%... if so, why docs recommend to start removing the scabs starting with day 7, and don't let any scabs to accumulate by day 8-10???

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Keep the donor area clean and scab free



1417 FUT - Dr. True

1476 FUT - Dr. True

2124 FUT - Dr. True

604 FUE - Dr. True








My views are based on my personal experiences, research and objective observations. I am not a doctor.


Total - 5621 FU's uncut!

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