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Dr Michael Beehner - HT on 11/20/07

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Hello All,


I posted an album in the photo section of my latest HT with Dr. Michael Beehner, click here to view. He did approximately 1300 grafts with about 3400 hairs. He spent an extensive amount of time on my hairline, making an individual hole and immediately placing a hair in it. If you look at the pictures, you will see what a great job he did on the hairline and temple areas. The before pics are of the hairline, temples and top that are previous transplants with Dr. Beehner. As always, I am extremely pleased with Dr. Beehner, his professional staff and most importantly, the results.


My photo album .

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Congratulations on your hair transplant surgery with Dr. Beehner.


It appears already that you had a pretty good head of hair already and a prior hair transplant courtesty of Dr. Beehner. I'm sure that adding these 1300 follicular unit grafts will add beautifully to your nice head of hair.


I look forward to following your progress.



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