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in NYC and ready to make the plunge

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Here is a list of Drs that I know/believe are in the NYC area that are considered excellent Drs.


Dr. True from True and Dorin Medical Group

Dr. Dorin from True and Dorin Medical Group

Dr. Feller

Dr. Bernstein (I think he's in NYC)


I have personal experience with Dr. True. I'm only 3 months op and can make no claim as to how awesome my results are, however, Dr. True is very professional, friendly, and helpful. See my links (html not working for some reason, so you'll have to copy and paste) below for my experience and some photos so far.



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Will you be showing the 4,000 prior grafts and botch jobs or the 900 fues Feller improved you with. Or what you will look like with a birds nest in the front of your head in 5 years. Cheers Mate.Seven surgeries in 6 years sounds enticing.

"The first cut is the deepest." Cat Stevens

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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein also has an office in New York City now. You might also went to check him out. I would consult with all the top docs in New York and then decide from there. You have many good doctors in New York to choose from.



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I'm at 8 months with Dr. True and the results are amazing.. I had 1417 grafts and I'm looking forward to 4 more months of growth. I'll probably have and in Dec. Just do asearch on here a see what other say





1417 FUT - Dr. True

1476 FUT - Dr. True

2124 FUT - Dr. True

604 FUE - Dr. True








My views are based on my personal experiences, research and objective observations. I am not a doctor.


Total - 5621 FU's uncut!

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Welcome to the forums.


Here are the profiles of the physicians that you have been hearing about in response to your thread:


Dr. Robert Bernstein


Dr. Robert True


Dr. Robert Dorin


Dr. Alan Feller


Dr. Jeffrey Epstein


Just click on the links to view the physicians' profile, previous patient photos, and contact information. You can fill out a free online consultation form with each by clicking the "Free Online Consult" button on the left side of the profile. This allows you to send photos and details of your situation and recieve an initial diagnosis via email.





Check out the results of my surgical hair restoration performed by Dr. Jerry Cooley by visiting my Hair Loss Weblog


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