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Tricomin shampoo and treatment


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I decided to buy Tricomin because I had used the graft cyte kit which contains copper peptides and Tricomin has the same ingredients (same company too, I think). I have no way to compare it against the alternatives such as salt water soaks, but I do think it helped me to heal quickly (all scabs gone in 11 days for 1st HT, and 8 days after 2nd HT).


The shampoo works well and does leave my hair feeling soft and clean. The follicle therapy spray is suppposed to be more important and has been shown clinically to promote regrowth in *some* people. Like most products, I'm sure it works for some and not others. The follicle therapy spray has a leave-in conditioner. I only use it once a day, in the morning, after showering. I just spray it in and comb my hair and let it dry. Too soon to tell if it really helps to slow down loss or promote regrowth, but copper peptides can't hurt and at least it does condition your hair and make it soft.

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I've tried to find out the difference(s) between the two and have yet to find an answer. Only that one is more expensive than the other.


I've contacted several suppliers and the manufacturer as well to no avail.


I think you are smart to use the less expensive as it appears to be the same formula.

Take care!

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