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what doctor can prescribe propecia?

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You can use a dermatologist for the script, your local general practioner or a HT surgeon. I got my Proscar at Walmart for $105 (30 pills). Since I take it every other day, it'll last me 8 months.


You should be able to get it at any other US pharmacy. Proscar is comonly used to treat BPH (enlarged prostate) and it should be readily available.



1st HT 1-18-05 - 1200 FUT's

2nd HT 2-15-06 - 3886 FUT's Dr. Wong

3rd HT 4-24-08 - 2415 FUT's Dr. Wong




current regimen: 1.25mg finasteride every other day


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Disclaimer: I'm not a Doctor (and have never played one on TV ;) ) and have no medical training. Any information I share here is in an effort to help those who don't like hair loss.

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