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Dr Bishan Mahadevia India

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I have heard of this physician but don't know much about him/her at this point.


We had a patient several months ago post before, immediately postoperative, and up to 4 month pictures but I haven't seen beyond that. (View this patient here).


I was following this patient with interest however, when patients don't follow through with their progress, it leaves the rest of the community guessing at to whether or not the result was quality.


Best wishes,



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Thanks Bill for the info, im trying to contact BBunty and see if he can post some of his latest pics from his 2nd H/T pre/ post December as to give us an idea what this DR Mahadevia is like. Obviously for me and enybody else for that matter going For H/T is a big decision and I would like to find out more about this person as I would like a good H/T and not be butchered in the process.

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One of my goals in 2008 is to find a reputable and ethical hair transplant surgeon who performs state of the art hair transplantation who is worthy of recommendation at the Hair Transplant Network.


I would love to see some updated pictures from bbunty's procedure as I was following his progress with great interest. Good luck with this task.



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Ive had at recent chat with BBUNTY via email and he'll be hopefully posting his pics soon. Also how do I know if im getting exactly what i've asked for, e.g im looking at 4000 gratfs Strip surgery what would be the best the way to calculate or measure this amount.



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Hey Guys, abby and Bill,


How are you all? Sorry for not posting my lastest pics. I am attaching a pic of mine taken from the front 7 months post op (1700 grafts in the front and 300 grafts in the crown from the first hair transplant) . I have requested the doctor for additional photos that were taken before and after 2nd hair transplant and I will post them asap.





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It's good to hear from you. I hope that you will be able to take some detailed pictures and post them for us. The one that you posted is very small and to be honest doesn't convey much of a difference between your before/after pictures.


I encourage you to take quality pictures of the hairline, top and back of your head like you did before and place them in your original photo album here.


We'd all love to see an update and how you are progressing.


Best wishes,



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I contacted Dr Mhadevia via email and asked about the strip closure method and he replied by this


( "Well the linear scar which you always get in strip method is minimized by using tension free closure and standard plastic surgical principals. The hair can be grown through the linear mark by "Trichophytic Closure Technique". Post operative avoidance of weight lifting in Gym. is avoided for up to 3-6 months").


Could you possibly elaborate a little on what this means exactly.



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What is it you would like to know about his response?


To understand donor closure, one must first understand strip harvesting. Harvesting the strip of flesh with the hairs leaves an open scalp wound up to a few centimeters wide, depending on the wide of the strip taken and on average, 30 centimeters long.


Generally speaking, the trichophytic closure technique involves closing the wound by overlapping the layers of the wound and trimming the edge of one side of the wound to complete the procedure. There are, however, variations of this technique.


You might hear terms such as fretchet, marzola, ledge, etc which are variations of the trichophytic technique.


The Marzola version trims the top edge so that the bottom overlaps.


The Frechet method trims the lower edge so that the top overlaps.


The ledge closure trims the lower edge but at more of a right angle.


Ultimately the goal of the trichophytic closure is to minimize the appearance of the wound by allowing hair to grow through it. The overlap of the wound allows for this.


I hope this helps.



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In my opinion he does not do bad work. But he is not that impressive. His hairlines look low dense. He does not do large sessions. I have had consultation with him an year ago. He had very few patients for reference. I hope he improved more by now.


Here is one of his patient's hairline in close up at 7 months post op.


Ravi Vide

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Thanks for your feedback.


The picture you posted is a bit blurry and not very clear so it's hard to conclude anything from it alone. It does however, appear a bit "pluggy" to me but I'd like to see more pictures of this patient.


Jagdish, where are you getting pictures of this patient? It's a lot easier to make an evaluation of a hair transplant when we are familiar with a patient's case, and have seen their before, immediately postoperative, and after pictures of varying angles.





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I collected some of the doctor's work an year ago. I had email consultations and I asked the doc to email me some pictures. I do have 2 more pictures of this patient but I think I should not post them as they reveal his full face.


I don't have any immediate post op pics. The work looks pluggy in the picture because of the distance between the grafts in the hairline. Also I see some 2's in the hairline. In my opinion, he is little better when compared to my first HT doctor and most of the local micro and mini doctors here but no way near to any of the doctors on this forum.

Ravi Vide

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Guest wanthairs



You are in Manchester....


Why not take a dierect flight to Ney York and see Dr. feller ?


The pound / dollar rate is fantastic and he is a Dr. with proven skills and results time and time again ....


I know it may be tempting to go to india because of the cheaper cost,.....but this is your life and your appearance ....for the rest of your life. Why take a chance?

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i am abhimanyu from india, 33 years old male, losing hairs day by day, gone through internet in last two months really confused, i have been told 6000 grafts in two session put me in V or VI stage of norwood pattern, and apollo doctor dr ravi joshi said around 3000 grafts in two stages. i think actually between III and IV stage, posted my photos to few of other surgeons in england, america and dubai, every body is saying around 2000-2500 grafts are fine, but they are really expensive. I posted to dr mahadevia he said around 3500 grafts he is much reasonable from others, richfeel people are saying not use minoxidle.. please help me....hw is dr mahadevia..

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HI Bill,


I am Mudit and will like to go for a Hair Transplant in india. Can you tell me some good HT doctore in india. Please also give me your feedback about Dr. Mahadevia.If possible please send me some picture of the patient of Dr. Mahadevia.

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Hello Folks,

I contacted Dr Mahadevia and I was quite impressed with his knowledge.Please see his detailed explanation regards various methods of HT ..


Thanks for your interest.


The Pattern Hair Loss affects only front & central area of your scalp. Genetically your hair in this area is Hormones sensitive. These hairs become thin in diameter and can not grow long and eventually the hormone kills this hair in a particular pattern (Shape). The hair on the back and the side are genetically strong hair and live permanently as you might have observed by now. We use the roots (Follicles/ follicular units) of this permanent hair and graft them in the front where you have lost your hair.


As long as your hair root is alive medicines like Minoxidil (Rogaine/ Mintop) and Finasteride (Propecia/ Finpecia)** can help to improve the quality of thinned out hair and prevent the progress of the Baldness. But in the place where your hair roots are dead no medicine can not grow new hair. The only answer to grow hair in that area is to have Hair Transplant.




The Follicular Hair Transplant that I offer can help you change your look. It grows natural looking, permanently growing maintenance free hair that grow long and does not grow thin under the effect of Hormones. You can cut, colour and style the hair that does not require special care.




Hair Transplant is usually a day procedure and it is done under Local Anaesthesia (Only Numb the skin) while you are conscious and communicating through out the procedure. Not only that there is no hassle of Hospitalization or bandages etc. It is done as an outdoor procedure, in very comfortable setting.




There are 2 methods of Hair Transplant as per the latest evidences:


1. FUHT or Strip method ( a conventional method that requires stitches at the back and leaves a permanent linear scar which at the back that does not make it possible to wear a short hair style and sometimes gives pain and numbness for a few weeks to few months. Healing time is longer due to a long cut at the back)




2. FUE (With recent advances this modern and stitch less method that does not leave a linear scar on the back of the head and heals faster and practically pain free post operatively. Final outcome is better). We use 0.75 to 1 mm micropunch with depth control and use Lorenzo technique for extraction.






Following is the comparison:





Strip (FUHT)




Yes ( so can have stitch related problems and requires extra post op care). Get dissolved in 20 days

No ( stitch less procedure)



Linear scar or scars at the back of the head. You need to keep your hair always long

Multiple pin head very tiny marks at the back of the head


Healing & recovery

10 to 20 days usually

4-6 days


short hair style

Scar becomes visible

Can easily wear short hair style



10 to 30 days, rarely longer



Operative time





Less Rs. 25 /graft

More Rs 75 / graft



Above the stitch line is


Experienced in 30 to 50%


Patients for long period



Stretching of scar and stitch

Can prolong healing period and one has to avoid physical activity for few weeks.



Final outcome

Higher incidence of


Donor area complications

Better outcome with


Practically no donor


Area complications


Tightness in Donor area

Common for few days to weeks



Blood loss in surgery









Some swelling and scabs for first few days procedure is usual. You may avoid tobacco in any form and exercise for 3-5 weeks in case of strip method and for 5 to6 days in case of FUE. There are no dietary restrictions. Hair wash is necessary from next day. The Transplanted hairs start growing usually by 3-6 months. The hair become combable length by 8-12 months and the full blown result should be expected by about one to one and a half year.




There are basically 2 methods of Hair Transplant: (1. Strip Method and 2. FUE- stitch less method) both are surgeries:


In a usual "strip method" follicles are separated after strip is harvested from your donor site (from the back of your head). The donor area is closed by an absorbable stitch and the follicles are individually transplanted in the area of hair loss. This will leave a linear scar in the donor area. If you keep your hair in the donor area of more than 1/2 inch the mark of the stitch is not visible (especially if you have Trichophytic closure). But if you go for buzz cut or full head shaving the mark of the stitch will be visible.




Trichophytic Closure of Donor site where you can grow hairs though your donor scars. (promotional link removed)




2nd method which is more modern is "the stitch less procedure" (FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction). This does not involve removal of strip neither does it involve stitches. The Grafts are individually extracted from the scalp. This although a lengthy procedure has faster healing in only 5 to 6days usually and is practically discomfort free postoperatively. This being stitch less does not leave any linear scar in the donor area and therefore allows more modern short hair style. These are its advantages over the conventional strip method. (Check (promotional link removed).


The regrowth rate is over 95%. In both methods as modern technology of FUE has improved greatly.




The cost of the procedure depends on the number of hair roots (grafts/ Follicles / Follicular Unit) required for you it costs Rs. 25. per graft for the Strip Method and Rs. 75 per graft for the FUE method. I HAVE VIEWED YOUR PHOTOS. YOU NEED AT LEAST 6000 GRAFTS FOR THE COVERAGE OF THE HAIR LOSS AREA.






The above cost of surgery includes surgeon's fee, assistant's fee, operation theatre charges, operation theater anesthetic medicine and disposables. There is possible 10.3 % service tax in addition to above expense as indicated by the 6th July 2009 Budget which may be charged on the above cost if and from when it is passed by the parliament of India. You have to spend about 900 more rupees towards the routine preoperative blood tests (they include CBC< Blood Sugar Urea, Habs Ag, HIV, PT and APTT) and 600 rupees for the Postprocedure care kit that we provide.Payment options: Cash/credit card( +2.5% service charge)// western union/paypal.com( +3% service charge)//bank to bank transfer. I must also add here that if the transplant area is in between the existing hair we need to shave the area at the time of procedure *.




"Trichophytic Closure" of Donor site in case of strip method additionally costs RS. 10000


this is only if you chose to go for it. It is not the part of the routine procedure. (promotional link removed)




Usually no follow up is required but some people who want a guarantee it is necessary that you follow up on day 1 and after a week and at 3 and 9 months.




Do not hesitate to ask further if you have any more questions.








Dr. Bishan Mahadevia


Dr. Mahadevia's


Hair Transplant Clinic


3/A, New Bhramakshatriya Society


Nr. Pritamnagar Akhada,


(promotional links and contact information removed)







FUE procedure we can do up to 1500 grafts in a day and about 3000 grafts in 2 days. When more grafts are required it can be done in 2 stages at 3 to 4 months interval.


Usually for Strip Method in a session we can transplant upto 3500 grafts in a one day and the rest of the grafts can be transplanted after 8 months. For all out station patients I recommend 2 nights stay plan in Ahmedabad.


. You can come by afternoon on day 1 and see me after checking in suitable hotel. You can have some blood tests done the same afternoon. (If you have been healthy otherwise you can have the blood tests done here or else you may get these tests done a few days before coming and post me the reports by e mail.)


You can have the procedure done on the day 2. Procedure takes 3-6 hours usually. For night stay you return to the hotel; there is no Hospital admission required


On the 3rd day morning you can leave after having the head wash while visiting the clinic




* Be advised that the doctor will need to shave the area of your scalp that will receive grafts on the morning of the procedure. He needs to do this for two reasons:


1.) In order to achieve the most natural result the growth of the new hair must match that of the native hair as much as possible. The incisions into the recipient scalp must be made in the direction of native hair growth. Only when the hair is shaved to roughly 2mm is the true direction and angle of hair growth revealed. 2.) When the native hair in the recipient area is not shaved then the doctor must physically move the hair to the sides in order to make incisions. When this is done the visible angles are distorted and it becomes virtually impossible to match those angles correctly. When this becomes an issue then it is guaranteed that the incisions will cut across the roots of native hairs and cause transection. The transected hairs subsequently die. This effectively reduces the overall net gain from the procedure.


To be clear we only shave the areas that are to have new hair grafts placed. For example if you are simply looking for hairline work we will only shave roughly ?? centimeter into your existing hairline for proper blending with the new grafts. If you have areas across the top of your scalp that are in need then these areas will be shaved as well.


** Please understand that hair restoration surgery does not address the root cause of your hairloss. While transplanted hair is fully expected to remain healthy hair restoration does not prevent further progression of hair loss.


The main cause of your hairloss is the level of DHT or "Dihydrotestosterone" in your body. The process of DHT causing your hair to fall out can be slowed or stopped with the use of medication, which is why we highly recommend the use of Finasteride. You should consult with your local doctor to get a prescription before your surgery.


The responsible way of restoring one's hair is to make sure you know how to also keep what hair you have. Doing this will reduce the need for future procedures due to continued hair loss. At this point in time your hair is a non-renewable resource, which is why it is imperative for you to keep what hair you have left.




Well we have only one clinic in Ahmadabad and this being one day treatment most people chose to come here to the specialized clinic for Hair Transplant for a day or two and go back. This does not require any follow up also after the procedure. You are also welcome.

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