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unexplained hair thinning only 18


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Hey my name is Cadyn and I turned 18 july this year, for the last 8-9 months I have experienced a slow thinning of hair all over. At the start of the year I had a full head of bright brown hair which was long ( thin ) but a lot of it. I started using WAY to much product through the course of a few months and suffered from a pretty hard case of seborrheoic dermatits. I eventually after 2-3 months fixed my dermatitis and now it is still under control apart from a very mild break out every so often. The entire year i stressed every day, and eventually became mildly depressed because it affected my self-esteem. anyhow after fixing my dermatitis I thought my hair would start coming back thicker, but it didnt. ( also I receeded very slightly through out the year ) .. it is quite strange because I receeded about 2cm but them almost 1cm grew back radnomly. I want to know what it could be, I went to dermatologist and she told me .. nothing .. then I saw a doctor and he said it could be the dermatitis or something but I don't know. Yesterday I shaved off to a buzz cut because my hair was so uncontrollable it would make me very sad easily icon_frown.gif I want to know why my hair is thinning all over, its not in the family history either.. someone help me please? icon_smile.gif

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Unfortunately, hair loss diagnoses and causes don't fit neatly in a box. Sometimes, there can be multiple causes and reasons for your hair loss.


It's quite possible that your scalp dermatitis caused or expedited your hair loss. Signs of receeding could be an indication of genetic male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) or traction alopecia (hair loss characterized by excessive pulling of the hair).


If your dermatologist really told you "nothing", it's time to consult another dermatologist. A dermatologist should perform a full scalp analysis and medical tests to rule out some causes of hair loss while pinpointing the cause(es).


Most doctors will tell you that normal every day stress does not cause hair loss. Traumatic stress can however, cause a temporary diffuse thinning.


Best wishes,



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