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Vavelta, Intercytex, and Hair Multiplication

Matt Skiba

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Intercytex's product claims to reverse aging of the skin, and mpb is a condition inarguably aggravated by the aging of the skin, so I wonder if this facial rejuvination product might have any benefit for those afflicted with losing hair.


Seriously though, it makes me happy that the company has actually been able to release a product, and I think people are being too pessimistic about hair multiplication.


Intercytex's press release even states that they've succesfully performed the procedure on test subjects already (it would be really awesome if one of those test subjects actually posted on a forum, I doubt anyone would actually believe them and take it as a joke though.)


As quoted from their website: "In September this year we announced the first results from the current Phase II trial. In the sub-group of subjects (5 in total) whose scalp was pre-stimulated at the time of injection all subjects showed substantial and visible increased hair counts at 6 and/or 12 weeks (13-105%). We believe this increased hair production is attributable to the interaction between the injected DP cells and the stimulated resident hair producing cells."


A 105% increase in hair count? Wow! How the hell does that not sound encouraging?


They also go on to say:


"By the end of March 2008 we expect to announce preliminary 12 week data on up to 16 subjects in total and preliminary 24 week data on up to 10 subjects."


By the end of March 2008? Say isn't that next month?!?


So basically by the end of next month, we get to find out if this stuff is really legit or not. I know it has been and still is a long wait, but how can you deny that progress isn't being made?


I think it may have been posted on the forums before, but if someone could refresh my memory on how long phase 2 and phase 3 trials last it would be great (I know phase 3 is supposed to be the longest).


I figure in the meantime I'll keep using my high-potency minoxidil and 2% ketoconazole shampoo along with taking a massive amount of anti-oxidants. I have actually found a supplement that's supposed to contain about the equivalant of the antioxidants of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in one teaspoon. I figure that I might as well try to extend my youth for as long as possible, while I wait for that perfect slick hairline.


Anyone ever see the episode of family guy where Peter becomes paralyzed but ends up curing it by walking into a stem cell research laboratory? Good stuff icon_smile.gif



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I am a firm believer that hair multiplication will be a reality in the future. How soon however, is debatable.


But you are correct. There is some encouragement in the recent studies, but I'm not too up in arms about it yet. It seems to me that there is much to prove first before the first real patient can get a successful hair multiplication surgery.


We can only pray and keep our fingers crossed.



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