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has anyone tried folligro


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What is the product composed of? Saw Palmetto, Zinc, L-Lysine and the usual vitamins? You could purchase any of these at the grocery store probably for alot less. I take Saw Palmetto and L-lysine along with Propecia and minoxidil. I counter the Propecia sexual side effects with Saw Palmetto which definately helps. ie if I miss Saw for a couple of days I notice. Plus Saw has minor diuretic properties and keeps the puffiness under control.

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Originally posted by eric123:


How does Saw conter the sexual side effects and how did you find this out?


Eric- I just don't remember how I came on it. Give it a shot, I'll bet you get a boost from it. I take the Ultra Saw formula from GNC.

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Propecia doesnt lower testosterone. it is an Alpha blocker.


AS far as natural supplements for hairloss





1417 FUT - Dr. True

1476 FUT - Dr. True

2124 FUT - Dr. True

604 FUE - Dr. True








My views are based on my personal experiences, research and objective observations. I am not a doctor.


Total - 5621 FU's uncut!

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Propecia will not have any effect on testosterone at all, MrJobi's right it is an alpha blocker so it stops Testosterone conversion to DHT.


However it won't increase it either, hormones are regulated in your body so if testosterone builds up slightly as it isn't being converted to DHT your body will stop producing as much, evening it all out.


Getting on to, or back to, the topic: Folligro is very expensive for what it is, a blend of cheap generic herbs that might help, but probably won't.

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