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Completed my trifecta today!

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Had Lasik (actually laser PRK) last year, had a HT in April and today I got a Lap Band installed.


I used to be the fat, bald guy with glasses. My the end of the year, I will not be any of these things with any luck.

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Good for you!


Best wishes!



600 FUE - 12/07 - Performed by Dr. Umar of Redondo Beach, CA

*****300 leg hair FUE implanted 7/12 to the eyebrows - 150 each eyebrow. Performed by Dr. Umar.

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Wow! I love it when people do complete turn-arounds. I used to be the skinny nerdy-looking balding guy with glasses. I also got LASIK, then my first hair transplant, and with a little luck I'll soon have a nice, cut jawline to boot. After you're healed to a good extent and look your best, you should post some before and after pics; Maybe even trat yourself to a professional photo-shoot (I've always wanted to do that myself, but don't feel I'm ready yet).


Congratulations tho! Awesome. I bet you look and feel world better.

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