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why has this thread been censored ? permission has been granted by me , richie48

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Bill ,


i have given permission to mick mchugh of the farjo center ,privately and on this public forum to use any infomation about me .


so please feel free to unlock the thread "uk baldies "


i was dragged into this but now it seems to have become a question of heavy handed censorship on your part .


this is nothing personal however we are subjected to censorship all the time in the press , whether it be the news , statements or book censorship .


you have stated many times that this is a pulic forum and the public have a right to freedom of speech


you know there are issues which need answers but you have decided to abuse your power as a moderator and lock a thread ,using what can only be described as the weakest of excuses


i have granted permission to mick ,publically and privately so therfor your arguement for locking this thread is irrelivant


at first i sided with your diplomatic approach to this situation but i disagree with your cavilier attitude to what has become ,so obviously , an issue you can no longer judge impartially


i personally think you should remove yourself as moderator ,in what has quiet plainly become a personal issue of defending coalition surgeons .


your sincerly richie

2100 crown grafts

Dr Feller

nov 2007

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I only locked the thread temporarily until the necessary permissions were given. This was NOT an attempt at censorship, it was an attempt to be fair.


You yourself said you were DONE with the thread.


However, I was unaware that you gave Mick permission.


In an attempt to resolve this matter respectfully, I will reopen the thread.


Please show me that you are interested in a true resolution free from agenda or your posting privileges will be suspended.




I want to add (for those that read this) that I addressed you PRIVATELY about this first requesting that you give Mick the necessary permissions.


You had plenty of time to read it and reply to me privately stating that you had done this. I don't appreciate how you decided to take your response public and twist it to make me appear like the bad guy when I am trying to respect your privacy.


This shows me a lot about your character.



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