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Does Your Hair Transplant Stand Up To the Wind

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Simply put, when its windy - my hair being thin from the front results in my scalp being shown. Would I be able to get enough density to prevent this from happening. I've read the faq section on hair density - the illusion of hair density - How does that factor in on a windy day?

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Interesting question, thanks for posing it.


Will will obviously make your hair will blow. In that respect, your hair will hold up just fine. However, we all will find the optimal hairstyle we like best that makes for the greatest appearance of density. If the wind just happens to blow our hair in such a way that isn't optimal, well, that's just the way it goes.


Honestly, I'm just so glad to have my hair back that I love when the wind blows my hair. Never has a "bad hair day" felt so good icon_smile.gif


Best wishes,



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Originally posted by its752:

nm76, What's your level of hair loss in the front?

The level I'm not so sure how to explain. But I went to a ht clinic and they said they wouldn't be doing anything to my hair line. There will be some little work done on the temples and the rest would be to fill up the front - try and give it more density.

Also if i were to keep my hair long, and shampoo it - wind easily exposes my scalp - due to the lack of density, or well hair. However if it hasn't been shampooed it doesn't show up as much. Its enough I suppose for people to say I'm losing my hair. Also if its wet and I comb my hair straight back - you would see the front portion of my scalp.

I hope thats kind of clear..

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