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No touch technique ??

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It is magical the way they get those grafts out without touching you!!!.I had this procedure done and it sure felt like someone was touching me when the aneasthetic wore off half way through!! ouch!!.exactly the same as FUE execpt the gimmicky name.

HT 2006/7

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The "no touch technique" may sound misleading. But after reading about it, I can understand why it has been named that way.


The "No Touch" technique actually refers to follicular units being extracted (much like FUE) and automatically inserted into a cylinder tube like device. The same device that holds the follicular unit without damaging it is then used to insert the graft into recipient sites, eliminating the human touch factor, hence the name..


The bottom line, this technique and tool are designed to help make the follicular unit extraction (or similar) method easier.


The question is, does it accomplish its goal? Clearly we know that surgeons are producing high quality results without such tools. However, I see nothing wrong with using devices like this as long as they don't hinder the process.


In my opinion, discussing and understanding the various techniques used is highly important. But to evaluate a hair transplant surgeon and clinic, the end result must be considered above all else.


Best wishes,



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