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Chest to head


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This guy was totally screwed, by the time he got to Dr. Woods. It's a pretty clever solution to an "impossible" problem. Obviously chest hair is nobody's first choice for donor hair, but in the case of desperate repair patients, who have had their donor area depleted, and are otherwise hopeless, it's quite brilliant, in my opinion. Dr. Woods has repaired this fellow, a task that is beyond the ability of every other hair transplant surgeon in the world, at this point.


Bravo, Dr. Woods.

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Hair transplanted from the chest?! What next? From our legs? Our butts? Back? Dare I say...? I know that when we pluck one of these hairs, or shave them, it eventually grows back, but only to a certain length. How is it then, that, when it's transplanted to the head, it all of a sudden grows like scalp hair? Is the "programming" of the hair in the follicle, or the area in which it is placed?

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Yes, I must agree that Dr. Woods procedure and single graft Follicular Unit Extraction is particularly promising for those who cannot do strip excision due to a depleted donor area.


This fellows results are impressive given his scenario. Good for him and Dr. Woods. Pat


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