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Anyone who knows me, knows I love red wine and espresso. And what compliments both: cigarettes.


I used to smoke anywhere from 5-10 just in the morning with my espresso. I was smoking over a pack (sometimes two) of Marlboro reds every day for the past five years.


Finally, I told myself, 'enough is enough'. A doctor friend of mine who has been smoking his entire life AND has emphasuema has tried to quit many times without success. He then tried Chantix, a new drug to help you stop smoking, and quit in three weeks. His wife also.


I bought some. I had little faith in it as I have little faith in anything. It seems nothing in life works the way its supposed to and I thought this would be no exception.


Your supposed to take it for 7 days then quit smoking as you continue to take it. I took it for almost an entire month without quiting, because I just could not convince myself to quit. Finally, on New Years Day I told myself 'if I don't quit now, then I never will'. Not because it was New Years but because the reasons for quitting are always there (cancer, emphazema) and my likelihood of getting them was growing greater each year, yet I never quit.


Anyway, I have not had a cigarette in six days. I have NO nic-fits!!! Seriously, this $HIT works wonders!!! Trust me, I smoke more then anybody I know and I would know if I was having withdraws. I tried quitting cold turkey over a year ago and lasted about 12 days with no cigarrettes BUT it felt like HELL!!!!! This does not. Its absolutelly amazing. Yes, you get an occasional craving type feeling, but its more like feeling the need to eat and if you do eat then the craving goes away. Nothing like the 'Im gonna chop somebodies head off' nic-fit craving.


I seriously can't say enough good things about it. The best part is that it is a non-nicotene aid. This is beneficial because it only takes 72 hours for nicotene to leave your system, but if your using the patch or the gum (which don't work if your a serious smoker and are shit products) then you are only prolonging the entire process of cleaning out your system and not having withdaws.


It does two things:


(i) blocks nicotene from attaching to your receptor sites in the brain. this stops your brain from actually getting new nicotene, so the physilogical addiction is begining to stop.


(ii) stimulates the release of just enough dopamine from your brain so that you do not have withdraws and only feel normal and balanced. Nicotene normally releases dopamine from your brain, and the withdraw feelings are because your brain is fiending for dope, but with chantix it releases enough to make you feel normal.


My mother died of breast cancer and cancer has got to be the most horrible death a person can die...



USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



One more thing: I used to have to clear my throat like every 5 minutes. It has only been six days now without smoking and I have not had to do it one time. Before I thought I had damage to my throat or something and I would be doing this for virtually the rest of my life. Well, I was wrong.


Its amazing how quickly some of the tell-tale signs of being a smoker disapear.

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Hey notgoing2gobald,


That's fantastic that you quit smoking. If you get a ht, you're more likely to get a better outcome. Not to mention all the other benefits of not smoking. Congrats! One of our techs is a staunch smoker, she's currently smoking while pregnant despite our glares. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm going to purchase Chantix for her to try. I hope it works on her too.

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well done ng2gb,however i dont buy into these remedys to give up.you packed em in because you wanted to,same as i did christmas eve 2006 icon_smile.gif.

i dont miss it at all,the smell,the dizziness after the first one and most of all the expense.

but i must admit i think it still looks cool,think johnny depp...on the other hand dont, keep up the good work!

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thanks cyber-space-friends.


Im a glass half-empty kinda guy. I don't buy into anything and this chantix proved no exception. I did NOT think it would work.


it really does prevent you from having vicious nicotene fits. I have quit before for like two weeks cold turkey and the difference with this chantix is literally night and day. When I quit cold turkey my body was fatigued and exhausted all day long. I had violent nic fits: I beraded bald men for not being educated on the technological advances of modern hair transplants, I hunted down cigarette smokers and set them a blaze on fire, I raided elemetery schools and sent children flying through the air across state lines by the tips of my toes as I punted them to Arizona; but now with this chantix I literally have:


I have a new magical pill and with it a very intimate love affair with this wonderful new drug:

...chantix, the miracle worker.



I wanted to reiterate because if any one out there has a very difficult time quiting smoking, then I think they should give this stuff a shot.I don't know anyone that smoked more than me.


congrats on quitting Balody.

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Hotddamn! Toe punting a small child into the crisp, frothy air WITH NO CONSEQUENCES!?!?!?! Consider yourself priveledged to have lived but a day in such a majestic time.


I do know a guy whose friend's little brother attempted to toe punt a medium-sized rabbinical student; the punt was, of course, unsuccessful due to the excessive size of the puntee (classic rook move); and he was also charged with a hate crime, the trial still pending.


*A Follicles Dying Wish To Clinics*

1 top-down, 1 portrait, 1 side-shot, 1 hairline....4 photos. No flash.

Follicles have asked for centuries, in ten languages, as many times so as to confuse a mathematician.

Enough is enough! Give me documentation or give me death!

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Congrats on quitting for 5 days :-). Let's keep it up for life now. So what the F*%& . You were worried about taking a little propecia pill but you were smoking a couple packs a day. I'm pretty sure heavy smokers have one of the highest rates of impotence around :-). Also, aren't you a little young to be a wine connoisseur. I thought you had to be atleast 30 to be a wino. No go have some beer or a Jack & Coke since it's Friday.


My dad was a heavy smoker and had a stroke and passed at 52. He smoke those Lucky Strike non filters then moved to the Red pack once they stopped making Lucky Strikes. I'll smoke like 3 hits of a cigarette once in a great while when I'm loaded and I start spinning like mutha fr.

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11 days now.

Beer: impossible to get a proper buzz on. I could pound a case of newcastle on an empty stomach and its not gonna happen.

Wine: ahh, the euphoria!!!!

I'm laying off the sauce until I'm smoke free for at least 30 days.


punting: now that I no longer have violent nic fits, I want to harness my energy in a different manner. Im thinking of visiting the junior college and finding some young (pref. 19) girls and performing another kind of driving force... icon_mad.gificon_mad.gificon_mad.gif

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