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HT with Dr. Hasson on 2/21

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Hey everybody. I have been enjoying reading all of your posts and seeing your photos. Thanks so much for sharing. Attached is a recent wet head photo.


These forums are the most valuable part of my research. I was scheduled with whom I thought was the best HT surgeon - and he was local -until I stumbled apon this forum and elevated my awareness tremendously.


I fly out to Vancouver one week from today and am scheduled for 3,500 grafts with Dr. Hasson.


Today is my 49th birthday and I am SO excited about next week. Woohooo!


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Thanks Bobman. If I can have final results that is as good as yours I know I'll be a happy man.


BTW, maybe I'm dillusioned but i SWEAR after a month and a half of Propecia I am experincing noticible thickness and growth. I'm even feeling peach fuzz in the front.Is that possible or could it be psychosomatic?

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It could very well be that you are responding to Propecia in that fashion. There was a client that had an HT the same day I had my second...and he made great improvements up to surgery day. I'm sure it only enhanced his HT progress as well. Say "Hi" to all for me!


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