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can anyone NOT recommend Shapiro?

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here's my deal. had 100 grafts at Bosley ~5 yrs ago (only trying to densen 2 sq in thin area in front). went perfect - scar is totally invisible and to this day (thinning progessed) still cannot tell TPs from 'originals' - I guarantee no one, even on this board could tell I had work. was gonna go back to Bos to add density, but Shapiro seems invincible and nearby to my IL home. So - can anyone NOT recommend Shapiro? I know all say Bos is a mill, but I had a perfect experience w/them, so - should I switch?

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not only should you switch, but instead going with old technology, you should opt for FUE, and avoid scarring totally


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic''. Arthur C. Clarke

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I thought I had good work from Nuhart(90's) until a friend went to Shapiro, so I went as well and vocor1 is correct, dont go with old technology. Rose and Shapiro were completly honest with me and what was good for me not their wallet. You may have gotten lucky with your first visit to Bosley, why risk it...once you get a bad HT all you end up doing is trying to fix it.


big it up


6 HT to date.......wish this forum was around in the 90's!

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Sometimes the difference between a good transplant and a great one is subtle. The difference between a great one and a fantastic one can be subtle. It is well-worth going for the best, when it comes to your appearance.


Another difference between the Bosleys and the Shapiros of the world: Bosley does not currently use microscopic dissection of grafts, as the recommended doctors do. Microscopic dissection is the superior way to view grafts for dissection. Microscopes can increase graft yield by an estimated 20 to 30 percent (!) So while you may or may not see an obvious difference on your head, the clinic that does use microscopes is being much more efficient with the precious little donor hair that each guy has. Your donor hair will go farther, when you choose a clinic that uses microscopes.


Unfortunately the amount of donor hair is limited, and pretty much everyone will run out of donor hair at some point. If you have chosen your clinic wisely, you will have much more donor hair on your head (instead of in the waste basket), because they used microscopic dissection.

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