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Please someone I would like some advice on the best surgen to use

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Please give some info on your hairloss, history, etc. On the Norwood scale in what bracket do you fall into. Do you want to look into a FIT or FUE procedure? Read the postings, and doing a lot of internet research (weeks and weeks), I came to my conclusions on with I was going to do in fairly short order. I will dispense with what my decision is, as I've posted them before, I hope you the best in your investigation. Please remember Jesse, you will live with your decision that you make every time you look in the mirror- Bonzo chosen

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see Dr. sharon Keene in Tucson, great credentials, great technique, surprisingly reasonable pricing, works in MN and Tucson, all hands on. Go visit the boys and girls at bosley, MHR or others then go see her, wherever you are located its worth the trip and hotels to use her. I am one year from a 2500 strip and I couldnt be more satisfied. I started as a NW4a and now I dont look like a balding guy anymore!!!

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