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How I god a better HT after the Worst Experience

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Hi all

I want to share my Experience, its really important to find a good doctor for HT and I found a good one who was in my reach I have researched over the net not on the forums but in google and I found Dr. A as the better option as i had HT three times and i had real bad experience.


But now i think that i am on a right track and I am still waiting for the final results and i am Positive about the results, i would appreciate if somebody share feedback on my HT


And the Pictures that you can see here are not showing any results the first two picturs are just before the HT and the third Pictures is just after the HT at Dr.A's Clinic but I am getting some good results these days as the hair are growing and i will post my current pictures soon





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Welcome to our community. I have also posted on your other thread here: http://hair-restoration-info.com/eve/forums/a/albumcomm...831065713#6831065713


Sorry to hear and SEE your bad experiences with surgery in the past. Your immediately post op results look good. I hope you'll stick around and update us monthly with your progress and pictures.


I haven't seen much of Dr. Arvind's work all the way through...so I'll be looking forward to seeing how things turn out.


Keep us posted.



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