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  1. Melvin-Moderator

    Best Hairline Surgeon

    If you’re in the UK I would suggest looking up Dr. Reddy and Dr. Farjo as well.
  2. Well, they both said the same thing, just in a different manner. I know that Dr. Farjo has a long track record of providing excellent results. I’m not familiar with the other doctors work, but I am confident in Dr. Farjo. Another surgeon out of the UK who provides excellent results is Dr. Reddy, I recommend consulting with him as well. Good luck-Melvin
  3. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Backing out of ASMED

    Everyone, I need to chime in here because the drama surrounding Dr. Erdogan is getting to be ridiculous. The bottom line is this, EVERY surgeon, even those who all of you consider the BEST have dissatisfied patients and less than optimal results. It’s impossible to bat a thousand and that’s just reality. Just because a few individuals have had poor results, doesn’t mean that a surgeon is less than reputable or isn’t doing state of the art work. Moreover, I know some have expressed concerns about technicians harvesting the follicular units. However, while this practice may be considered illegal in the United States, it’s perfectly legal in Turkey. Also, Dr. Erdogan is very meticulous and watches over his staff to ensure everything is being done properly Now, I know it’s scary and disheartening when a patient comes forward and shares their results that are subpar. However, we need to take things as a whole and not work only at the couple results that arent optimal. Now by no means do I intend to discount any ones individual experience. How they feel is how they feel and if the results are poor, then my suggestion is to discuss their concerns with the doctor and give him a chance to make things right. Dr. Erdogan (and Dr. Reddy since he was mentioned) is still doing outstanding work. In fact, Pat, the publisher of this community recently spoke with one of Dr. Erdogan’s staff and was very impressed by the work they are currently doing. I too have been impressed and the results presented both by patience and clinic on a regular basis are top notch. The truth is, the majority rules. What I mean by that is, the vast majority of results presented by his staff and patients online have been very impressive. My advice to the original poster is to keep their procedure with Dr. Erdogan as there is plenty of evidence demonstrating that he is still one of the best. However, if he does choose to back out, that’s totally his right however, if he paid a deposit, he may not get that back. Many surgeons don’t give deposit back so I’m just putting that out there as a general rule. However, in my opinion there is no reason to be concerned and I personally would choose Dr. Erdogan for my procedure in a heartbeat. Onwards and Upwards, Bill p.s. while people may disagree with certain aspects, let’s be a good example to the original poster and be professional and respectful when responding. He is trying to make a decision and ongoing drama is only going to push him further into confusion.
  4. Melvin-Moderator

    Backing out of ASMED

    Hair transplants take 12 months to fully manifest, this is the standard everywhere in the world. No one is dismissing his concerns, we’re simply letting him know that things can turn around and in the event that they don’t, I will personally contact Dr. Erdogan on his behalf. With that said, if you don’t feel confident with Dr. Erdogan, simply choose another surgeon, there’s nothing wrong with that. It seems your mind is already made up. However, make sure you have realistic expectations and realize that no surgery is guaranteed no matter who the doctor is performing your surgery. Also, base your decision on results and not finances, if you feel Dr. Reddy is going to give you the best result choose him, money comes and goes, but results last forever. Warm regards-Melvin
  5. Melvin-Moderator

    Backing out of ASMED

    On this forum, there have only been two verified members complaining of results. There have been some members who have complained and posted no proof that they were a patient and much less any photos. Take those reviews with a grain of salt. Also, Payam is still at 7 months and still has time to improve and HT has already been told ASMED will do a tiych uo for free. However, I will say that Dr. Reddy, is producing some of the best results ive seen in Europe.
  6. Melvin-Moderator

    Dr Raghu Reddy - 2150 Fue Grafts...

    Dr. Reddy, has really impressed me, he seems to be producing top notch results and the work looks extremely clean.
  7. Sounds like you had a lot of doubles (two hairs per graft) and some triples. Most doctors charge per graft. Can you tell us how much Dr. Reddy charged you per hair?
  8. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr Raghu Reddy - 2150 Fue Grafts...

    John, That’s got to be one of the most incredible results I’ve ever seen for only 2100 grafts given your level of baldness. You must have incredible hair characteristics to give off that illusion density such a small number over a large area of thinning hair. Dr. Reddy certainly did an excellent job for sure. I’m sure you are ecstatic with the result. I know I would be ? best wishes, Bill
  9. In Europe, Dr. Feriduni, Dr. Bisanga, Dr. Devroye, Dr. Reddy, Dr. Farjo, Dr. Lupunzula etc.
  10. Melvin-Moderator

    UK member considering transplant (pics)

    IMO 1,500 grafts is too conservative, I think 2,000-2,500 seems more reasonable. With that said, I’m not sure who you consulted with that gave you that estimation. We recommend Dr. Farjo and Dr. Reddy, these two surgeons out out excellent results. Be careful and research slowly, do not go to hair transplant mills where nothing is known about the surgeon performing the surgery. Be careful with surgery in Turkey, if you want to choose Turkey look in to Erdogan. Warmest regards- Melvin
  11. Melvin-Moderator

    Dr Raghu Reddy

    Wow incredible, I’ve been really impressed with Dr. Reddy.
  12. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr Raghu Reddy

    Deanomag, Dr. Reddy presents examples of his results on this forum every month. Moreover, I strongly suggest viewing Dr. Reddy’s recommendation profile here to view dozens of examples of his results. Best wishes, Bill
  13. I agree with what others have said, we would need some pictures to accurately give you advice. With that said, I’m not familiar with the clinic you mentioned. However, this community recommends Dr. Reddy and Dr. Farjo in the UK both excellent surgeons.
  14. Hi, I am currently going through the process of trying to find a good clinic and doctor/surgeon to perform a FUE transplant for my hairline, I have been told to get the results I want to achieve will require around 2100 grafts this has been from 4 consultations none of which are affiliated in any way and they all seem roughly on the same page. I have been for a consultation with the private clinic this is by far my favourite to use Dr Reddy but the way they price per hair rather than per graft firstly makes no sense to me, and secondly is double the price compared to most other places as they quoted for 4000 hairs. I went to one with the uk hair transplant clinics, their money back or free re-treatment offer seems fair enough but the fact they advertise this puts me off, they have three surgeons who have very little information out there about them, one of them that they seem to only be using in London is Dr Mir Malkani someone I am considering having a consultation with personally as the photos I have seen of his work seem pretty impressive but with this industry everything just appears to be smoke and mirrors, I read some bad reviews about him but this was from 8/9 years ago and with him still being in the profession you would expect by now he must be doing something right or no one would use him? Whilst discussing UKHT Clinics I saw a video on youtube of Dr Vikas Kunnure he showed before and after photos/videos as well as during the operation/post op and I could see Dr Vikas Kunnure in the background and he pointed him out as his surgeon for the day and the results seem good although the guy making the video just appears very affiliated to them as he is trying to get people to email him to get the information on the clinic/surgeon and wont say in the video/comments/respond to viewers so these are for someone in my position red flags granted the work looks great and this doctor is amongst my top 5 at the moment and I may travel up to where he is based for a consultation with him has anyone on here had any experience with Dr Vikas Kunnure? Other options are Wimpole clinic with Michael May, he has some horrendous reviews on here from what I found, something I read about his assistant operating on a 17 year old boy put me off of this massively yet like all the others he claims to have done 200,000 procedures and has perfect results. Another doctor I have been looking into a lot lately is Dr. Mark Tam his work from what I can find looks impressive but there seems to be nothing out there from people giving reviews on their experience with him, I have tried to contact his office from the number provided on his website but have not been successful in getting through, hes also affiliated with the private clinic it would appear and this is going to be the same case as Dr Reddy with the price being per hair. Dr Greg Williams from the Farjo is the one who performs FUE at the Harley street London clinic I see a lot of good things about Farjo but I cant find much on their results or anything on Dr Williams who covers the south of the UK for them does he live up to the Farjo name that I see everyone recommending solely for the UK? I would prefer not to go abroad but if I did it would likely be to see Dr Erdogan as he has a lot of photos of his work, before, post op and final results and everything seems fantastic from what he does but I would prefer not to leave the UK, he also seems to be cheaper than the UK surgeons/clinics which is mind blowing if only he was closer or did surgeries in the UK... Any insight would be appreciated, I have also looked into Harley Street hair clinic, they don't seem to advertise their surgeons so I have no idea who they use I have seen some results on youtube but the guy is also on their website adverts so stuff like that always puts me off.
  15. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Advice on finding a UK surgeon.

    I’ve been seeing a lot of plugs for Dr. Ball lately however to be honest, I have not seen much of his work. I am interested however, in exploring it now that several members have claimed that his work is on par with other leading surgeons. But like anything else, we like to be thorough in researching physicians before we recommend them to our community. That said, when I do know is that Dr. Farjo and Dr. Reddy are absolutely outstanding and have proven themselves for years now posting dozens of examples of their first rate results on this forum. Both of them are recommended by this community and Dr. Farjo is a highly esteemed member of the coalition of independent hair restoration physicians. My opinion, I would definitely consult with one or both of them and then select the one that you are impressed with the most. You can view their profiles by selecting their name in the drop-down box in the right hand side bar of this forum. As for Dr. Ball, I haven’t seen enough of his work or results just say one thing or another at this time. Best wishes, Bill
  16. Stanners117

    Advice for 25yo in UK

    Thank you for all your advice everyone - much appreciated. I’m not rushing into anything and have much more research to conduct before I make a decision. I think I’ll probably wait another 6 months on the finastride to see what effect it has. I would say that I have always had a relatively high hairline and probably started receding at 16 so it’s been a rather gradual process. Hopefully finastride should help halt or slow this process. I agree on the hairline that someone suggested - looks much better! Is there any difference between Dr. Farjo and Dr. Reddy? Which method, FUT or FUE do you think would be most appropriate? Thanks again for your advice. S
  17. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Advice for 25yo in UK

    Despite the few individuals today who will tell you to travel, there are some outstanding hair transplant surgeons in the UK that are on par with other leading surgeons in the world. This includes Dr. Farjo who is an elite Coalition member and Dr. Reddy. Both hair transplant surgeons perform state of the art hair transplant surgery with excellent results in the UK. To view their profiles, visit https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Consult-a-Physician/surgeon-list.asp?StateAbr=UK&sr=HRN I hope this helps. Bill
  18. Melvin-Moderator

    Advice on finding a UK surgeon.

    We recommend Dr. Farjo and Dr. Reddy, both have a proven track record of providing excellent results. With that said, don’t limit yourself by geographic location go by results.
  19. Hello, After a few years pondering the advantages vs. risks of FUE, looking at patients' results and having had to sell some possessions of mine, I finally decided to go for a treatment with Dr. Reddy in London. The procedure will take place in 1 month. Some background: I am now 40 and have slowly been losing my hair since 1998, and still am at a Norwood 3 after 19 years, but I'm also thinning at the top now. I am looking to mainly improve my hairline, but in a discrete manner. So with Dr. Reddy we agreed on 1000 grafts (3000 hairs in my case). My donor area is good as you can see. I'm just a bit worried that folliculitis/scalp acne I am prone to may cause infection on op day. I will try to get an antibiotic treatment beforehand. I also use tea tree shampoo and oil, which are said to have antibacterial properties. There are phases of improvement and outbreak though. The other thing: although it is recommended to take it, I'm not really reassured about the side effects of Propecia. The consequence of not taking it is possible shock loss. But I read on a general medical information site, from doctors themselves, that shock loss happens in 5% of cases and it is just the hair without the follicle. So I take it I shouldn't be too worried about it?
  20. Hi guys I'm planning on having an FUE transplant in the UK this summer and have a couple of questions. If anyone could give me informed advice I'd be really grateful I booked a procedure with the Harley Street Hair Clinic after seeing some of the famous patients they've had (Wayne Rooney etc.) Dr. assigned to me is Dr A. Kovacheva who I was told has done over 3000 FUE procedures. They are meant to be a reputable clinic and certainly have some well known patients.. However after researching a little I can find very few pictures of Dr Kovacheva's work let alone comments on or descriptions of her procedures. In fact I can't find any mention of her at all on the web. Strange for 3000 ops... From reading forums it seems knowing your Dr. beforehand and seeing before / after photos is important. So now I am considering changing to Dr. Rahgu Reddy as he seems to be one of the best and most visible surgeons in the UK. Can anyone comment on Dr A. Kovacheva, The Harley Street Clinic or give me general advice on the best FUE surgeons in the UK? Thanks!
  21. Thanks for the replies. Yes, Dr. Reddy does seem to be highly recommended by his patients. Norwood 5, just out of interest, what are the questions you would have expected?
  22. I’m based in the UK and looking into my first possible HT and after much research it seems that Dr Raghu Reddy and Dr Farjo appear to be the best surgeons in the England? Can anyone, based on experience advise who is better? I previously visited Dr. Asim Shahmalak for a consultation who advised I should have 2500 grafts- 1000 on the crown and 1500 at the front. But I have not managed to find enough info on Dr. Asim Shahmalak so doubtfully I will use him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for the best possible surgeon who will give me the best results. Happy to pay more for a better result and travel if needed. Thanks in advance.
  23. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr Raghu Reddy V’s Dr Farjo FUE

    Classygentleman, Welcome to our hair restoration discussion forum. Both Dr. Reddy and Dr. Farjo are excellent in my opinion. I also notice that you seem to be seeking solely FUE. I encourage you to consider both strip and FUE only because each procedure has its pros and cons and some patients are better for one procedure over another. Thus, I encourage you to consider both as you do your research. I encourage you to visit examples of each surgeons results, consult with both of them and then make your decision :-). Best wishes, Bill
  24. Hi Guys, Of course the 1000 grafts are an approximation Dr. Reddy gave me, as what was paid for is 3000 hairs; and he knows he has to use single hairs for the hairline, as per previously posted on the forum (e.g. here). And as he can do up to twice as many grafts in one day, there is no reason why he wouldn't have the time to carefully select grafts of 1, 3 or more hairs. Again, the hairline enhancement has to be only subtle, much more so than in the examples shown around here, so the majority of the grafts will be used for thickening the existing forelock/midscalp. Check out on this forum a few more cases done by him, procedures he performed over 5 years ago with similar hairlines or thinness and number of grafts/hairs but with different goals (more ambitious hairline results), like this one or this one. He can definitely achieve satisfactory results by my standards if the focus is on thickening, then adding just a little around; to make it clear once and for all, that is what I told him I wanted to achieve during my consultation and which has been agreed. Not sure how likely further loss is: as stated in my first post, I'm 40 and my hair loss has been going on for nearly 20 years (I probably got it from my maternal grandfather, but my father still has more hair than I do at twice my age). It was fast during the first 2 years, especially at the hairline, but then very progressive with not much difference from year to year, so I consider it stable. I'm just reaching a point now where I really wish to maintain what I have and possibly enhance it a bit, while remaining discreet about it. And 6000 hairs, besides being twice the price, would be a dead giveaway. So I had rather have that one procedure now, then another one a few years later to address other areas. And I don't mind looking somewhere else if you know better options in the UK, but the Private Clinic seemed like the best place to me.
  25. Hi Jean, Thank you for your concern and advice. When I said I was mainly looking to improve on the hairline but in a discrete manner, I did not mean to get a thick band of transplants, but focusing on thickening the top while subtly enhancing it, because without a good forelock, as you noted, that hairline will not be durable. I have realistic expectations regarding what I can achieve. If the crown needs a transplant a few years down the line, then so be it. I am prepared to see some shock loss in the following weeks, and possibly keep my hair trimmed for a whole year until both grafts and natural hair regrow; doing that would even help the transplant progressively blend in visually. Shock loss can vary from one person to another, but apart from not using Propecia (I will use Minoxidil though), other factors may act in my favour: the moderate size of the transplant, and using a skilled surgeon, who also uses magnification to implant the grafts without harming the existing hair. Hi Djlazerblue, I Have looked up the Choi implanter, which is the one I saw Dr. Reddy use in the videos indeed, and read a list of advantages and inconvenients. I expect that he is aware of those as well and has learnt to work around them (e.g. differences of Caucasian hair types). As my FUE will be shaved, one of the risks should be minimised, and due to the size of 3-hair graft tools, I will see whether we can use more 2-hair or single hair grafts to achieve the 3000-hair total. The tariff is that of the Private Clinic: 2.5 pounds per hair for shaved FUE. I agree this is high compared to charging per graft, but I wanted to have this done by a reliable surgeon in the UK.