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  1. Hello everyone. I have been meaning to make this thread but have honestly been both busy and lazy. I have been scouring this website for a few months now and have been checking out a lot of peoples progress and completed work. I am glad this exists and want to share my current experience with the community. I am 34 years old and had a FUE done in Las Gatos, California (near San Francisco) by Dr. John Diep on May 23rd, 2018 to the frontal 1/3rd of my head. I began noticing my hair loss slowly when I was 27 years old. I started receding slowly and then the crown started going fast. I used minoxidil from 2011 to 2013 but I kept losing hair but not as quickly as before. I got tired of it and stopped. I started randomly searching on youtube about hairloss solutions and disguises and that eventually lead me to toppik. I started using toppik to cover my crown and i was okay with it. Then when my hairline started disappearing, I would start adding toppik there. It was good for some time and then the hairloss was too drastic. I now started noticing people looking at my hairline when they were talking to me and I felt like they knew something was up. It looked clumpy instead of like real hair strands. So then I began buzzing my hair with a 2 guard and developed a light sprinkle technique to give the illusion that I had a full head of hair with the buzz cut. I eventually got tired of it because like all of you know, it became a daily worry with all of environmental elements and with people wanting to run their hands on the buzz cut. I also got tired of always wearing hats when I didn't have the toppik on my head. I then started doing some serious research for the last 4 years before I actually pulled the trigger. I was choosing between Dr. Lindsey (he is 45 minutes from me in Virginia), Dr. Feriduni ( in Belgium), Dr. Koray Erdogan (Turkey) and Dr. Diep. I ended up choosing Dr. Diep mainly because of his amazing fue hairlines and for that fact that he is in the US. I am not going to type a write up about the day of the procedure because its exactly like what most people have described in their Diep threads. I will say that everything went well and I was pretty much knocked out for 10 hours minus lunch. I was initially told that he would be able to get 2,500 grafts but he ended up extracting 2,381. He was going to do some temple work but since he didn't get the 2,500 grafts, he ended up not doing it. I didn't know this until after the procedure but that makes sense since I was pretty sedated. I also opted to get the A-cell done. I am currently at 6 months and am a bit nervous with the progress (I know this the time where everyone tends to get anxious according to the forums). I know I am a slow grower on the top of my head because I was the same way when I had a full head of hair. There is definitely significant improvement of my hair line, its actually quite dramatic. My only issue is that I don't see a lot of density and I see a lot of big spaces where grafts initially seemed to be placed. I am not going to freak out or anything until after 1 year. I have read on this forum that some people saw a lot of new growth at around 9 months and on. I know the hair also begins thickens up then so I'll just wait and see and post monthly progress pictures. Side note, I know I am going to need 1 or 2 more HTs for full coverage on the rest of my head. I am not on any medication other than daily biotin. I wanted to get yalls opinion on Propecia and your honest blunt opinions about my progress so far. Thanks a lot and I am excited to be a contributor to this forum and of course experience my progress and results with yall. Top 3 pictures are pre op Top 4 pictures are 2 hours post op 1 day post op after a cleaning at his office 3 days post op and my face is swollen 9 days post op with scabbing 10 days post op 12 days post op. All the scabs have fallen. 6 months. Pictures taken this morning. I was buzzing my hair until the first week of October. This is my hair growth since then, about 6 weeks. I am not cutting my hair until the year mark. Hair at 18 Hair at 22 Hair at 28. You can see the front receding.
  2. In 2017, I travelled to Madrid and underwent an FUE hair transplant with Dr Lorenzo. A year has passed and I wanted to document my progress and help guide anyone else considering the Injertocapilar Clinic, or an FUE transplant in general. — I never knew I was losing my hair until it was too late. My rate of hair loss was gradual. There were no hairs on my pillow or in the plughole. Since I had a high hairline, I failed to properly recognize the degree of recession that was occurring. However, by my mid-thirties, my hair loss was becoming noticeable and I was not entirely happy with my appearance. Sometime around 2015, a friend took some photographs of my scalp and I was shocked to find that I was sporting the kind of thinning hair that I imagined I might have as an old man. 

 My hairline was high up on my head and my crown had started to open up. As a spunky guy in my mid-thirties, I was not ready to have an aged man's head on my body. After some months of quiet anguish, I decided to do something radical and shave my head. This was surprisingly liberating. For the first time, I had control over my hair, rather than the other way round. As soon as I let the clippers do their work, I was no longer at the mercy to the whims of my scalp. I wish I had done this sooner. Hence, I’d recommend that anyone considering a hair transplant shaves their head first. Shaving is a big step to take in its own right. However, I immediately discovered that when there’s no hair on your head there’s no problem to deal with! 

A shaved head can also look (very) cool but you won’t know until you do it. Give it a try. I rocked the shaved head-look for over a year. However, I eventually decided to opt for a hair transplant: whilst I was confident with my new appearance, I wanted to recognise my face looking back in the mirror, rather than the physiognomy of a baby-faced Jason Stratham. 
I had my reasons. Several years ago, I had made it a personal mission to restore my youthfulness and vitality. My body was starting to pick up the aches and pains associated with ageing and living a sedentary lifestyle. However, I was able to turn the clock back, with a regime of calisthenics and an improved diet. I figured it would also be fun for my hair to also follow suit. Besides, I reasoned that if the transplant didn’t match my expectations, I could simply revert back to shaving my head and wearing the hell out of a suit. In this way, shaving my head actually helped me take the decision to get a transplant in the most positive of ways. Who knew? I began researching the various online forums (including this one) for suggestions on where to find a great doctor. I kept my time on the forums brief but eventually, I narrowed my search down to what I objectively considered, the top three hair surgeons. They were: 
1. Dr Feriduni (Belgium) 
 2. Dr Rahal (Canada) 3. Dr Lorenzo (Spain) I contacted each of their clinics and made online enquiries. I sent in photos of my hair and corresponded with their respective staff. Spex, who represents Dr Ferudini, was particularly helpful.

 However, Dr Lorenzo contacted me personally (on Christmas Day, no less). I appreciated this personal touch, his frank feedback and the breadth of his portfolio of work. 

 Many before me considered him the greatest hair surgeon on the planet. I figured that if I was going to get this procedure done, I’d opt for the best of the best. With a mixture of gut instinct and mental deduction, I chose Dr Lorenzo. (NB. There was not much difference in quotes given by all three. I paid in several instalments and I believe the total was around 12-13K Euros) It is a big decision to fly to another country and undergo a hair procedure. Personally, numerous objections in my mind came up, such as: ‘You’re already happy, surely this hair procedure only serves your ego?’ ‘The procedure is expensive, wouldn’t you rather spend that on a holiday?’ ‘Do you want to be taking Finasteride for the rest of your life?’ I decided I have a whole lifetime to make more money and that getting a hair procedure was more to do something good and nice for myself. However, the thought of taking meds every day, admittedly, held me back.
 I view my body as my greatest asset in life and I didn’t want to be dependent on ‘popping pills’ for my cosmetic appearance. However, after researching Finasteride, I deduced that any negative side effects were pretty much short-term and fully reversible. (I read the horror stories out there too but I calculated, statistically, the risk-to-reward ratio very favourable toward a positive outcome. I'm geeky like that.) I sourced the Finasteride online (www.hairlossexperiencesshop.co.uk), which came as 5mg tablets that I divided into five smaller bits and took every day. After several months, I had happily encountered no ill effects. At this point, I decided to contact the clinic and book the procedure with Dr Lorenzo. There was a 10-month waiting list, which was frustrating in the face of my impatience but the time quickly flew by. Before I knew it, I was on an economy plane seat to Madrid. I enjoyed the city, which has a great cultural vibe and is easy to explore, via the metro system. I stayed at a nearby hotel arranged by the clinic. I met Dr Lorenzo, who speaks perfect English, for a consultation several days before my procedure.
 We had conversed online and his personal assessment was that my temporal peaks and hair line would need completely rebuilding. I also had a small gap appearing on my crown that could be filled. On close inspection of my scalp, Dr Lorenzo also noted that my donor area was excellent (hair, I think, was 53 microns) and suggested a transplant consisting of 3,500 grafts. (NB. I didn't appreciate at the time that one graft can have several hairs, so the amount of hair that was to be transplanted was much more than 3,500...) During my consultation, I asked lots of questions that I had written down and he candidly answered every one. His focus throughout my consultation was the pinnacle of professionalism and this put me instantly at ease. I left his office feeling that I was in very safe hands.
 On the day of the procedure, I arrived at the clinic very early. 
 I met Grace, a nurse from the UK who now works with Lorenzo. Grace would be on hand over the next two days to talk me through what was happening. I changed into scrubs and was given a valium. My heart rate was also taken. My head was shaved and I was asked where I would like my new hairline to be! I decided to let Dr Lorenzo draw the line on. After all, I figured he’s done this a lot more times with a pen than I have. Just as the valium started kicking in, I was lead to the room where the procedure would take place.

 Let's fast forward. What does having a hair extraction feel like?

 Well, the short answer is that it feels like having your head pricked with a cocktail stick around 1,500 times!
 The procedure began with me laying comfortably on my side whilst I let the anaesthesia take effect. Dr Lorenzo oversaw the extraction team as they began removing my hairs. He performed several extractions himself and guided the team, as required. I listened to music and even fell asleep several times. Occasionally, I’d feel an extraction, which felt like being jabbed with a sharp stick. More pain relief was promptly given. This procedure went on for about four hours. With everything considered, the whole process was actually not too bad: about as uncomfortable as flying on a budget airline plane seat for a long haul. Bearable, not terrible...with much a better lunch. After all the extractions had taken place for the day (1,500 in total) I stretched out and ate some lunch in the kitchen area of the clinic. I chatted with the extraction team and Grace, who was on hand to assist. Everyone at the clinic was very friendly. 

After a short break, it was time for my extracted hair to be implanted. What does having a hair transplant feel like?

 Again, it feels like having your head pricked with a cocktail stick...a further 1,500 times!
 Dr Lorenzo, with a Jedi-like focus, began the procedure of implanting my extracted hairs. I am usually a very chatty guy but, in this case, I had the sense not to interrupt him as he entered a flow state of concentration. It was at this moment I was supremely glad I had chosen a true expert to perform this intimate type of work –and not got it done on the cheap in a less developed country. With hindsight, I would definitely recommend a 'saving n' shaving' approach when selecting a doctor: it is worth it. Dr Lorenzo is clearly an artist as well as a surgeon and I sensed that he really took care to make sure every hair was inserted at just the right angle in just the right place. One by one he added hairs to my scalp. I listened to music and dozed off a few times. After several hours, we were done for the first day. I looked in the mirror and, for the first time in almost two decades, saw that I had hair again! It was an emotional moment to see how my entire image was being transformed. However, at this stage, my image was more akin to a whimsical Harvey Dent than a handsome Bruce Wayne: there were two distinct sides to my face: one side with hair, one without.

 Before departing the clinic for the day, I was given careful, simple instructions on how to look after my freshly transplanted hairs and driven back to my hotel. This mostly involved spraying my head with a saline solution to keep it wet. 

Despite having a head like a hairy Swiss cheese, I had a pleasant night’s sleep. I awoke the next day with light trepidation: the sleepy thought of being pricked another 3,500 times was a little disconcerting. 
Then I remembered how awesome the prospect of having hair was, which dispelled the negative feelings. At that moment, the hotel shuttle whisked me to the clinic. I arrived, met the staff and the work continued. I was prepped in the same way as the previous day, and the procedure was repeated. Poke, poke, poke! The time passed slowly. However, by the end of the day, I had hair. Bruce Wayne achievement: unlocked! My head was a smattering of red dots but the hardest part was done. That night, I slept carefully in my bed, using a pillow provided by the clinic and, again, spraying my head every few hours with the saline solution. I also took some vitamin D3 to help assist in the healing process. Before heading home the next day, I attended the clinic for an assessment and a debrief. For those interested, here are some stats from the surgery: 
Extractable Grafts: 6,924
 Actual Grafts Used: 3,501 Overall Hairs Extracted: 8,477 Total Hairs Used: 42.8% Hair/graft ratio: 2.42 Temporal: 300 grafts (2.25 hair/ graft) Parietal: 1,451 (2.41 hair/ graft) Occipital: 1,750 (2.46 hair/ graft) Single: 353 Double: 1,488 Triple: 1,497
 Quadruple: 159 Quintuple: 4 
Sextuple: 0

 The procedure had been a success and now the task was up to me to keep my head protected to ensure the optimal conditions for all the transplanted hair to grow and the donor site to heal. 
 Apparently, it takes nine days for the transplanted hairs to completely take root in their new locations. Dr Lorenzo suggested this happens even more quickly but I fixed my sights on keeping free of any potential stress for the next nine days. The initial days following the operation were quite challenging in ways I had not anticipated. My head swelled up for a few days due to the lingering aesthetic in my system. I looked like Thanos’ nephew. Happily, the comical swelling subsided and was then replaced with a bigger challenge.

 The donor area was covered in thousands of little scabs that became incredibly itchy. Of course, I was under strict instructions not to scratch. I can imagine the greatest feeling in the world would have been to have scratched those itchy bits…but…I resisted!

 However, the itchiness was so severe it descended into a mixture of pain and mental despair. It kept me awake for several days and was far more challenging than the transplant itself. Eventually, I found relief by applying cold aloe vera gel (kept in the refrigerator) to the affected area of my head, which significantly eased the sensation. After a few days, the itchy condition passed and my sanity returned. After a few weeks, with the redness of scalp starting to fade, I could enjoy my newly transplanted hair. It even started to grow! Although short, it felt great to have my hairline restored to my younger self. 
During this journey, I made a point to tell almost everyone about what I was doing. I decided that trying to hide the obvious is the same thinking that leads to comb-overs. 

 Lots of my friends were really interested in the procedure and everyone was supportive. Curiously, I think the question I got asked the most was “…how much did it cost?” After a few weeks, my transplanted hair began to fall out as I entered the so-called ‘ugly duckling’ phase. I guess no patient likes to see their new hair vanish, even temporarily, so, at this point, I decided to skip the drama and keep my hair super short, returning to my former Jason Stratham look for the next few months. However, this time around, I wasn’t able to use clippers (you have to wait five months) but I got by cutting my hair with scissors. Short hair made the process of dealing with the changes happening on my head much more manageable. However, as soon as I cut my hair short for the first time, post-op, I made a positive discovery. –There was no scarring in my donor area! I had assumed that all the hairs taken from the donor site would leave little-pitted scars. I had seen such pictures, online, of other FUE patients and accepted this as par for the course. However, I had no scarring at all. My skin was smooth. I suspect this is because of the extraction technique used and the skill of the extraction team. I was a very happy client indeed and extremely happy I opted for Dr Lorenzo and Injectocappilar. Life then continued as normal. After five months I returned to the clinic for a checkup with Dr Lorenzo. I must say he really is a perfectionist and took the time to look closely at my hair and its progress. By five months my hair was beginning to thicken. There was some concern about the density around my temporal peaks. The hair in this area was a little thinner. Dr Lorenzo concluded that we must wait another five months to see how the hair will progress. Six months after the procedure I began to let my new hair grow properly. As the hair grew thicker and it was an amazing feeling to look in the mirror and see the same style of hair on my head that I had, fifteen years prior. After ten months, I returned to see Dr Lorenzo for a second, and final, check-up. The hair had thickened considerably during this interlude. He was very happy with the overall outcome. He suggested that we could put in 50-250 more hairs in the peaks down the line to thicken them up a little more. This is something I may consider, but it's not really an issue for me at present. What does transplanted hair look and feel like? 
Well, ten months after the procedure, the hair feels exactly like normal hair. It has all the same sensations when you brush or comb it. Running your fingers through your new hairline feels like it has always been there. The sensitivity of the scalp is identical to before the procedure. My new hair covers my head perfectly. I now have a hairline and temporal peaks that frame my face very nicely. The patch in the crown of my head has been completely filled, too. 
Dr. Lorenzo really stretched those 3,500 grafts well. The density of the transplanted hair at the front is not as thick as my original hair. However, it is pretty thick and from months six to ten (present) the thickness of my hair continues to increase. I’m not sure how it will change looking ahead.
 The transplanted hair is slightly darker than the rest of the hair on my head. It blends in perfectly well but I was curious about it. Dr Lorenzo explained that this is because the hair is strong. 
The transplanted hair has a slight curl to it. I was informed that this is because the hair is new. As it matures it will resemble the hair on the rest of my scalp. Even if the hair remained curly it would not be an issue.

 The donor area appears as thick as before I had the procedure. Upon inspection, it looks as if no hair was actually taken. I wondered if the hair around this area would be thinner but I can’t detect any change. It seems almost like magic. Dr Lorenzo takes the approach of using transplanted hair sparingly. He’s keen to not exhaust the donor area, whilst maximising coverage. I appreciated his approach in this respect. I learned I have about 21,000 hairs (not grafts!) remaining in the donor area for any future work. Although I made an effort to tell as many people about my procedure as possible it has been quite fun to meet old acquaintances who didn’t know that I was getting an FUE procedure. 

In every case they look at me, with slight befuddlement, and say things like: “...you look younger” or “...there’s something different about you!” These comments are always positive and some even have expressed an interested in having a transplant themselves. When I look in the mirror now, I now see myself looking back. It's fantastic not to have to worry about my hair anymore. It’s almost easy to forget I ever had issues with it falling out. The days of hair-woe now seem long ago, and I have no fear of them returning. Do you ever wish you could turn back time knowing what you know now? Well, I feel like I am twenty years old again, with all the smarts of a thirty-five-year-old! It’s a great feeling! This is, by far, the best money I have ever spent. I see it as an investment in myself. Looking forward, I am keen to see how my hair matures. I am delighted that I now have hair that I can style (although I probably won’t be using hair straighteners as much this time!) 

Recently, I even got a bad haircut from a dodgy barber, which I now consider a high-quality problem! Overall, I am a supremely happy client and highly recommend Dr Lorenzo and his team. I have gone from having a receding hairline to having hair. The difference feels like night and day! The level of care and attention he showed throughout my procedure was exemplary. Both He and Grace have been on hand and available to help with questions after the procedure. Like many others, I believe he is the best hair surgeon in the world. I’m writing this review on my own accord and as a sheer expression of my contentedness. I hope this gives you an overview of working with Dr Lorenzo or any other FUE professional. These opinions are all my own, so please do your research! If you have any questions, please ask below! I’ll do my best to answer them. I will check back into this thread every few months over the course of the next year.
  3. BACKGROUND I'm in my late 20s and started receding around the age of 18. my scalp is very light compared to my forehead. my natural hairline sat right on the line where the pigmentation changed color. (Pictured) I stalked these forums regularly but never posted until recently. I'm Latino with African/Italian ancestry, my hair grows straight for about .5cm before it curls over. I'm located in NY Moving Forward I consulted online or in person with various doctors that were recommended on these forums the likes of (Arocha, Bloxham, Diep, Vories, and Frank). after many Q&As with each I felt most comfortable with Dr.Arocha in Texas. I flew to TX on Thursday met him and the staff that same day we went over my loss and future strategies as well as design. He recommended a higher hairline than the one I received based on the rule of thirds which I understood but felt it wasn't near my original hairline. we agreed on a lower line (pictured) The Big Day After medications and local numbing was administer a strip was taken from back of the head – 3140 grafts were harvested. Dr. Arocha mentioned he was aiming for 40 grafts cm2 coverage and that my hair was straight at short length. He did the strip removal, stitching and incisions at recipient site. Technicians did the graft cutting and placement. The procedure was done on FRIDAY I was very pleased with the service. everyone from medical staff and administration were very welcoming and ensure I had an excellent operation. it was to such extent that Dr. Arocha came in on Saturday to review the post op and ensure things were okay. he even gave me a tour of the city in his personal car. he even had one staff member come in on Saturday - the same day as her son's birthday just in case some work was needed (thanks Michelle). On Sunday (Father’s Day) he called to check up on me. Again, I’m extremely pleased with the service. Has First week post op I had swelling which is normal which has gone down considerably between days 4-7. I have followed the post op instructions to the T. I have used the shampoo and bacitracin provided by the Doctor as per instructed no harsh touching and trickle water. I feel like the treatment and operation were world class and I’m inclined to use the doctor again Pictures posted include my original hairline, my baldness pattern, hairline design and post op results at day 5/6. Please contact for any questions I will maintain this thread with my progression. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT WITH QUESTIONS
  4. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr Raghu Reddy - 2150 Fue Grafts...

    John, That’s got to be one of the most incredible results I’ve ever seen for only 2100 grafts given your level of baldness. You must have incredible hair characteristics to give off that illusion density such a small number over a large area of thinning hair. Dr. Reddy certainly did an excellent job for sure. I’m sure you are ecstatic with the result. I know I would be ? best wishes, Bill
  5. kevinbray

    Hair FUE Clinic

    Hi John, Thanks so much for your answer. Thanks so much for the link to your website, its very informative. Still i dont know who i should choose, i am between these doctors and i found also this website with amazing reviews from dr.acar but the only thing is if it's real? https://www.whatclinic.ie/hair-loss/turkey/istanbul-province/istanbul/bahcelievler/cosmedica-dracar-hairtransplant-esthetics Well, i am searching for couple of days and i know its not enough but so many people saying that dr.Erdogan and dr.acar do the same job just second one is cheaper. If really the result with dr.erdogan is worth another 5k euro i will go for it but i am afraid all is fake about posts, reviews and etc. I dont know that but this is all about my life , my health and i dont want to make any mistakes. Is easy to say but harder to do it. I am getting lost with my decision so far :(.
  6. Dr. Markou is a joke... His office manager John does all of the bs consultations. Markou walks into the surgery room, and Jon tells him what to do. Do not waste your time, or money on these guys.
  7. On August 3rd 2014, I underwent my first FUE hair transplant, performed by Doctor John Diep of Los Gatos, California. Dr. Diep transplanted a total of 2,460 grafts in the front half of my head. He recreated my hairline and added grafts further back to increase density. The result was fantastic (link: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/39774-2460-fue-hair-transplant-by-doctor-john-diep/), so I decided to quit using Minoxidil. I knew I'd pay for it, but decided that a second transplant to restore healthy hair in my problem area would be far better than taking Minoxidil for life. A quick side note; Minoxidil made my face puffy and caused deep creases/wrinkles to form on my forehead. On November 17th 2015, Dr. Diep transplanted an additional 2,220 grafts (link: https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/43867-second-fue-ht-by-dr-diep-2220-grafts-to-improve-density-4700-grafts-total/). Enough said. Here is my update. Just 3 weeks shy from my 4 year hair transformation anniversary. Thank you so much Dr. Diep, you're truly a master and have made me a calmer and happier person.
  8. I started losing my hair fairly young due to genetics and poor hairstyle decisions (dreads really thin your hair out and mess up your hairline); however, I was very lucky to have found Dr. Diep, who did not reject me at 23 because I was too young. No , instead he advised me on how to have a conservative procedure where I would not have the perfect hair, but in the long run, it would set me up to look my best as I aged. This meant not bringing my hairline lower, nor fixing the receding corners, but I was ok with those expectations as long as I kept my hair. I was incredibly lucky to get the FUE from him because I actually cancelled the FUT procedure with the first doctor I had found in Oakland because I didn't want a messed up scar on my head (I usually keep my sides very short). The first picture is of me in August 2014 where you cannot really tell from the picture, but my hair was very thin in the front. I got 1100 grafts in February 2015 and the second picture is in March 2 or 3 weeks after. The final picture was taken last Sunday, and yes, you can dye your hair after you get a transplant! Luckily, I have also been taking propecia and rogaine since I was 21, and their effects are additive over time. Now, at 26 (soon to be 27), I have plenty of hair on my head, and am thinking about a second procedure with Dr. Diep before I turn 30 to fill in some of my thinning areas (and maybe restore my hairline a bit more); however, the main thing to keep in mind with these surgeries is to not strive for perfection, just focus on how you can maintain most of your hair for the rest your life. I was very fortunate to have found Dr. Diep because back in 2014, I did not even like to get my hair wet for fear of it looking thin. Now I can enjoy any activity no matter how messed up my hair gets.
  9. Thanks John! I agree with you. I do see some ethical doctors in Turkey and they do great work. Currently, I've narrowed it down to three clinics: HLC, Dr. Kaan, and Dr. Laorwong. What I need to decide is going with manual harvest or motorized. Do you have any suggestions or other doctors to recommend?
  10. Dr. Diep is the best at what he does - you get what you pay for, the service from start to finish is well planned out and executed which makes a refreshing change for the Bay area. He's always busy and has a long waiting list so get booked in ASAP. Facial hair implant procedure – happy with the results although I hoped for a thicker more course beard however Dr. Diep did say this may not happen – gave good/honest advice – highly recommended
  11. Background: Date of Surgery: March 11, 2017 Type of Surgery: FUE Number of Grafts: 2762 Age at time of surgery: 24 turning 25 Currently Regimen: 2% Rogaine liquid once per day My Story: My hairline started to slightly recede when I was 17 years old. Over the years, the hair loss continued. Within the last 2 years, my hair loss became very aggressive to the point where it became increasingly difficult to conceal my hair loss with side swept bangs. Selection of Doctor: After extensive research through reading forums, reviews and YouTube I decided to undergo FUE surgery with Dr. Diep. I had two FaceTime consultations with Dr. Diep. I never felt rushed during the consultation and appreciated the fact that during my consultations Dr. Diep took the time to answer each of my questions. Being from Canada, I have also considered two different doctors in Canada. What made me choose Dr. John Diep was his extensive collection of YouTube videos showcasing many of his dense and natural FUE results. Most importantly, Dr. Diep does the FUE extractions manually himself (so no technicians doing extractions) which made me feel comfortable because I would want a surgeon who specializes in FUE to do the extractions. Surgery Experience: I flew in from Canada to Los Gatos the night before the surgery. The next morning, I arrived really early to the MHTA clinic. The receptionist had me fill up some paper work. Afterwards, I met Dr. Diep and we had a discussion where Dr. Diep drew my new hairline. Everyone at the clinic was very nice, courteous and professional. After the hairline was drawn, I took some medication pills and they took my blood pressure. The surgery began and l was done at around 5:00PM. Overall, the surgery was painless and I didn’t feel anything. Dr. Diep gave me a kit that contained antibiotics and pain medications. The next day after the surgery, I came in for a hair wash where the nurse would wash my hair and show me how to properly wash my hair. Then I flew back to Canada. Anytime I had a question, the clinic would respond to my e-mails in a timely manner. By month 2, I experienced the shedding phase where the majority of the implanted hairs fell out. By month 4, I began to see hairs sprouting. By month 8, I was very happy with the hair growth in the recipient area. Between month 8 and month 10, the density increased drastically. By month 12, I was very pleased with the results because my hair is dense and natural. I am very glad that I decided to fly out to Los Gatos to visit Dr. Diep. I can walk outside and if the wind blows, it doesn’t matter and I don’t get nervous of the wind blowing because I have a full set of hair now. If I need another hair transplant in the future for the back half of my head, I would surely select Dr. Diep as my surgeon again.
  12. Hi, this is my first time posting on this forum. I have posted on other websites before when I first started losing my hair around age 22. I am now 27 and after long time considering getting an HT I finally took the plunge. I have been on minox and fin for the last five years and have recently added Dut as of 6 months ago. after looking around for surgeons I came across Dr. John Diep. I've seen his work and felt like he was the best choice especially since he specializes in FUE (I didn't want the strip method). I booked the procedure appointment back in May 2017 and it was set to happen November 2 2017 I had to book a cheap hotel room for two nights (night before, and night of procedure) so that I can get to the clinic at the 5:30am which they said would be the start of my procedure. As I got there at 5:30am they told me my appointment wasn't until 7:30 so I went back to my hotel and waited. Not sure what the mix up was but it wasn't too big of a deal, I just wanted to get started and get the day over with. Once I was done filling out the applications I was called into change clothes and talk to Dr. Diep. He drew over where my hairline should be and we agreed on where he would be filling in my hair line. He told me I was a NW4 on the scale. I was hoping he would be able to fill in my crown area as well which was thinning badly and he said if we had extra grafts he would do that. Unfortunately he was not able to touch the back and only filled the front with 2685 grafts (he was able to pull 185 extra grafts). Until then I can always put hair fibers to fill it in. As Dr. Diep said "The front is where the money is". after talking to him he gave me a concoction of meds and we went into the surgery room. They gave me a remote to watch netflix as they started prepping for extraction from the donor area. Before I knew it I was awoken to the telling me it was lunch time. Yep, I slept through the whole thing. I barely remember them shaving my whole head and only have a little memory of them injecting the antiseptic to numb my head. I ate a sandwhich and then fell back asleep. There were instances in which I woke up and heard the techs working on my head but I was in and out of it. Pretty much slept through the whole process and before I knew it there was one of the techs waking me up telling me about my take home baggy with all my stuff..at this point I was still kind of out of it but I was happy to hear that the whole thing was finishing up and I wasn't awake for any of it. The only pain I felt was during the injections. Other than that I don't remember any pain during extraction nor implantation. The whole process was from 7:30am- 5pm After the process was done, I was let go with a baggy full of drugs, shampoo, and post op care instructions. The staff and doctor were nice and the whole process went smoothly, even though I was asleep the whole time That night I slept at a 45 degree angle with pillows propping me up. The following picture were taken before so you can see where I was before the procedure:
  13. Hi everybody, I will be sharing my FUE hair transplant experience that I recently had done with Dr Diep. I would like to thank everyone who are actively posting on this forum (especially HTSoon his results were unreal and were an inspiration for me to choose Dr Diep) as it helped me immensely and after months of research I hope I made a wise choice in Dr Diep. We will see in the months to follow . A bit about me: Race: Asian Age: 28 Hair Quality: Medium/Coarse Norwood Scale: 6 Procedure Method: FUE No. of Grafts: 3200 Surgeon: Dr. John Diep Some background: I have been tackling hair loss since my early 20's and it has always bothered me. I am a good looking guy and used to get compliments in and out on my looks until I started losing hair. I felt like I was losing an important phase of my life to hairloss. I am destined to be a Norwood 6. My father is a Norwood 6 and a lot of the males on my father's side of the family are Norwood 6's. However, all males on my mother's side of the family have great hair. I was unlucky to have received the bad genes from my father's side. Previous Surgeries: This was my second FUE hair transplant after I had around 2300 grafts transplanted by FUE a couple of years back with a different surgeon, the results of which I feel were ok, not good or great. The aim of the first surgery was to cover basically half of my head extending into the middle of the top areas. Medications: I currently take Minoxidil and 1mg Finasteride daily. I was initially very reluctant in taking Finasteride after reading horror stories online but I decided to give it a try, thinking that I would stop it if I had sides. Luckily, Finasteride has not had any effects on me so far and on the contrary has been helping me keep a lot of my hair in the crown area. Choice of Surgeon: After my first hair transplant, I wanted to give the best possible shot on my second hair transplant. My aim was to restore a natural looking frontal hairline and add density into the already transplanted mid scalp. I narrowed down my choices to 3 surgeons; Lorenzo, Erdogan and Dr Diep. However I decided to go with Dr Diep as he tends to produce very natural looking hairlines. Consultation: I had my consultation with Dr Diep in March. He was very down to earth and willing to help me in any possible way. I told him about my previous FUE surgery and he immediately looked at my donor area to see how much hair I have remaining. He praised the quality of my hair and told me he can easily extract 2500 grafts this time and have around another 2000 - 2500 remaining in the donor for future procedures. I was satisfied with the consultation and decided to book a surgery date. The waiting time was around 7 months but I made it a point to Dr Diep's receptionist to let me know if there was a cancellation. Surgery Date (26 August 2017): My original surgery date was scheduled for 7th October however I was informed that there was a cancellation and since I was already on vacation from work, I decided to confirm the new surgery date. I woke up around 5 am and had a light breakfast. I was asked to arrive at Dr Diep's clinic at 5:30 am. I arrived at the clinic at 5:30 am and the receptionist gave me some paperwork to fill out. Once I was done with the paperwork, I was taken to Dr Diep's office. He reviewed the paperwork and then we started discussing possible hairline designs. He went very aggressive initially with the hairline placement but considering the extent of my hairloss, I tried to convince him to take a very conservative approach. We eventually decided to meet somewhere in the middle, not too aggressive and not too conservative. His reasoning was that the hairline should not be too low so that it draws attention and at the same time it should not be too high again to draw attention. He also mentioned that the frontal area is where all the money is. This convinced me to take the proportional route. After drawing the agreed upon hairline, they gave me some pain meds, anti anflamtory meds, and valium. I was taken into the surgery room and I had 4 nurses and Dr. Diep attending to my procedure. I changed in to my scrubs and sat down in the chair. By this time, the valium was kicking in and I was super drowsy. I don't remember when I was knocked out and fell asleep. I don't exactly remember but I woke up a couple of times for a few seconds during the extraction phase where I could hear Dr Diep and the nurses talking when he was extracting the follicles. I woke up for lunch around 1 pm. To my surprise, Dr Diep told me he was able to extract around 3200 follicles. He said my follicles were extremely easy to extract so he got a lot more than the initially planned 2500 grafts. I was shocked to hear this because the doctor that I had my first FUE surgery said my grafts were difficult to extract as they were very deep. I guess this proved Dr Diep's superior FUE skill set. Dr. Diep then started to design my hairline and slots where the hair follicles were to be inserted. Once the follicles were ready for insertion, I had 2-3 nurses working on inserting. The procedure was done at 5:30 pm and I slept through most of the insertion phase as well. Dr Diep was very professional and he assured me this transplant would change my look. I was very happy to hear that. Below you can see the attached photos right after the procdure and the last one being taken 4 days post op. I will be posting regular updates and If you have any questons or concerns, do not hesistate to ask!
  14. When I scroll down on his website, there is a logo that says proud member of the coalition, but I cannot find him on this website. Hair Transplant Columbus OH | John Frank MD Hair Restoration Can someone tell me which one is correct?
  15. congrats on your second procedure, I remember your 1st HT thread on this forum was one of the early ones I reviewed that got me turned on to Dr. Rahal. To date, I've had 3 FUE procedures with him to get where I'm at. Thanks for sharing your positive experience which led me to Dr. Rahal, and I wish you the very best in healing and growing after your recent procedure. John
  16. Not too long ago, we had posted a topic on this forum and sent out newsletters looking for a new part time forum co-moderator and editorial assistant. The individual we were looking for needed not only to possess knowledge of and personal experience with hair loss and hair transplant surgery but also possess a history of posting supportive, knowledgeable and helpful topics and replies on this forum. Thus, we are pleased to announce that Melvin who posts as HTSoon on this forum has excepted our invitation to become our newest forum co moderator and editorial assistant. Mevin aka HTSoon has undergone hair transplant surgery three times, two of which were with recommended Hair transplant surgeon Dr. John Diep and possesses over 2000 helpful and supportive posts on this forum. Melvin has earned his associates degree in English and enjoys riding both personally and professionally. Given HTSoon’s impressive involvement in helping many hair loss suffering man with restoring their hair over the years, we feel confident that Melvin will do an outstanding job moderating this discussion forum and writing informative and educational content about hair loss and hair transplant surgery. Please join me in congratulating Melvin as our newest editorial assistant and forum co moderator. Onwards and upwards, Bill
  17. John - Thanks so much! Can't wait till the 4th month to actually start seeing solid results. I was quoted 1.5 euros for the donor area and 2 euros for the beard area. Since my friend came along as well they gave us a deal for 1.5 euros in its entirety. So, all in all I paid 6,474 Euros which came to $8,900. Think about it, it would cost roughly $7 - $10 a graph in the U.S. which translates to $30,000 - on the low end. It included transportation and lodging (with food). I would consider this a STEAL!!! Especially having the procedure done by Dr. Hakan and not by an intern/technician.....
  18. Hi Guys, Can anyone tell me about Dr. Frank Manzanares, of manzanares-hair-restoration in the phillipines, he quoted me about ??2.00 per grafh FUE, just wondering if anyone has been or know of them, im new to this so be gentle thanks
  19. hsrp11-uncensored

    Consultations - Drs Lupanzula and Bisanga

    I have already justified my position, actually I did so clearly and concisely in my first post. You can see scalp with dry hair in the frontal third of a patient of yours in photos. Seeing scalp when hair is wet or cut short is something that is perhaps plausible. But not with long hair in photos, photos add more density than what is actually there. So it is a red flag to look for when analyzing hair restoration results. I can say that with authority based on my long years of experience as a multiple HT patient with elite surgeons Dr. Konior, Dr. Hasson and Dr. Bisanga and also through several decades of research and information gathering. You can try to argue with me and waste your time, but these are my honest and frank opinions which are meant to help other hair loss sufferers. You repeatedly and aggressively attempting to make strong rebuttals about my opinion has now raised a red flag about your clinic I had not previously been aware of. And also please stop dismissing under the rug KO's results with Dr. Lupanzula He is not a satisfied patient. It bothers me a great deal that you waste so much effort debating with me but never added one word about his case nor condolences to him that it didn't work out well for him. In summary, the users and veteran members of this forum are not the ones who have to prove anything, and should be free to post their experiences without being attacked by clinic reps.
  20. I've been losing my hair gradually since my mid 20's (about 8 years ago) and 3 years ago got a hair transplant with Dr. John Gillespie. I got approx.1800 grafts. Although I was somewhat happy with the results, ie.) it looks better than it did before and my suture is undetectable, I expected more coverage (but I am told most people do after their first procedure). That, coupled with the fact that I've aged in 3 years and have continued balding, means I am seriously considering a second procedure. I've attached my before and after (3 years after lol) photo. By the time I schedule it and find the money to pay for it, I will have been 4 years since my first procedure. I have the following questions for the forum, if you could answer them for me it would be a tremendous help; 1.) Did most of you expect more from your first procedure? And if so, is it because you had somewhat unrealistic expectations of what a first transplant can do? 2.) How long is it recommended to wait in between procedures? For me, it will be 4 years. Doctor says that's a perfect window. 3.) Can anyone speak about their experiences with Dr. John Gillespie? I found him to be pretty good; but am considering other options, just incase. Is there another highly rated surgeon in Calgary or Western Canada? 4.) Typically at a second procedure, how many grafts would someone get? Thanks in advance,
  21. It's Dr. John Gillespie from the Gillespie Clinic in Calgary, Canada. He's been doing transplants for over 30 years. From the research I've done, he's pretty good. I've had a friend go to him as well for 2 procedures (2,400 and 2,200 grafts each time) and his hair looks pretty darn good. Additionally, although some people on here would have me believe the results from my first procedure aren't great, they don't realize it's been 6 years since I had my transplant and have balded quite a bit since then. I should mention, I have a consultation coming up with Hasson & Wong (in Vancouver) coming up soon to see what they have to say. Can anyone comment? Thanks,
  22. Hello everyone, I had been lurking around this forum from last couple months to gather as much as information I could about FUE and/or Dr. John Diep. I live in bay area and really wanted someone local to work with. I consulted Dr. Diep in late February. Although I had seen some of his work before but at that point I did not have much information about him. Consultation was great. The work he showed me of course was impressive but what really impressed me how approachable he was. He explained me all the steps and guided me through what's involved. His personality made all the difference for me to make a decision to go ahead with him. Finally I had my FUE done with him on May 12th at this Los Gatos clinic. Procedure felt quick but it lasted at least 8-10 hours. I was scheduled for 2000 grafts but he had issues extracting more grafts from my donor area so final number was 1836 grafts. I was told about it after the surgery and of course they refunded the amount. Minor discomfort but no pain. As a matter of fact, I have not taken any pain killers so far. Everything is looking great.Let me share some of the pics I took and would be great to get some feedback from the community. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ping me here. Day 1 pics attached :
  23. Dr. John Frank is on the recommended list. You can see his page here: https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Consult-a-Physician/doctors.asp?DrID=134&sr=HTN-Drop To read about recommendation, you can go here: https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Consult-a-Physician/our-hair-restoration-physicians.asp?sr=HTN-Drop Also here is a page with all of the recommended Drs https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Consult-a-Physician/hair-transplant-surgeons.asp?sr=HTN-Drop
  24. Hi Everyone I have scheduled a hair transplant with Dr. John Diep on 7/14/2014, approximately 3200 grafts (could be more or less, we will see). I noticed there is not a lot of detailed patient results for Dr. Diep but he has been recommended on this forum. Before getting into the details about my experience with Dr. Diep so far and I thought I would give an brief intro into my hair loss story. Me: I am currently a 26 year old male student and I first started losing my hair when I was 20 years old. I am about a NW 4 scale of hairloss. When I was 21 I started doing research on this forum and I want to thank this forum a lot. Nevertheless, I started taking a combination of Propecia & Rogain foam. I took both for about a year and still noticed my hair continued to thin. The side effects never bothered me but since I didn't really see any improvement over a year I decided to stop taking it (it was getting expensive). By the time I was 22 my hair loss was very noticeable, it was about a Norwood 2-3. At that time, I heard about Nanogen and have been using it ever since. At age 22, I was still in college and it was a very difficult time for me. While in school, I was loosing a lot of my hair at a rapid rate. I was pretty stressed in school and seeing myself everday in the mirror made me feel miserable a lot. Wore a lot hats, wouldn't go out much because I was so embarassed. Now 6 years later I have come to terms with my hair loss and have decided to undergo a hair transplant and give it a try. Experience with Dr. John Diep: 1st. Consultation (phone): The first time I met with Dr. Diep was over the phone. I had sent him detailed pictures of my hair loss during our conversation so he could view my hair loss. Overall, I was pretty content with the conversation that I had. At the time I was debating between FUT & FUE but for my pattern of hair loss, I thought going with an FUT would give me a better result. And Dr. Diep educated me on both procedures, their pro's and con's. Dr. Diep does both FUT & FUE but a lot of the patient results that I had seen had been done through FUE so I was a bit nervous undergoing FUT but his FUE results are very promising. Nonetheless, I have made the decision to undergo FUT. Over the phone, I felt he never tried to sell me on doing FUE or FUT or doing a hair transplant, he really assured that me that it needs to be a personal decision. I had a tone of questions to ask and he took time to answer them and I thought that was really nice of him. And after that phone call I felt a lot more comfortable with him and decided to pursue a 2nd consolation but this time, I wanted to meet him in person. 2nd Consultation (in person): I drove with my mom about 2.5 hours from our home to his office in Los Gatos. When we got into the office the staff I met Wendy and Liz working at the front office. Overall the staff was very professional, friendly, and courteous to my mom and I. And just as we walked in, a patient has just finished undergoing an FUE and had a bandage covering his entire head, it was really interesting to see. Then, Dr. Diep invited us to his office to discuss further about undergoing a hair transplant, this time I only had a few questions but my mom had a lot (she doesn't know a lot about hair transplants and the different types of transplants) and so Dr. Diep began explaining to my mom in detail about the procedure and the differences between FUT, FUE, Neograft, etc. Later in our consolation Dr. Diep showed us on his computer patient results that have undergone FUT and I was pretty impressed with the results. He had a variety of patients coming from all over, East Coast, Out of State, Canada, etc. Dr. Diep also took time to draw the potential new hairline on my head with a marker for my mom and I to see. We spent about an hour talking to him and I felt he was very professional and genuine from out meeting, we never felt rushed to finish. We felt very comfortable with Dr. Diep after that visit and I scheduled a hair transplant on July 14, 2014. I will do my best to update this thread periodically (I will be starting school in late August) for people to see and for your own benefit. If anyone has any thoughts/comments or questions, feel free to post them here. In the meantime, I have attached some pre-surgery pics, I will post pre-op pics and post-op pics soon. Stay tuned! Feelin Excited