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  1. Hey everyone, I'm about two days out from my ~2300 graft FUT procedure with Dr. Konior. As often happens with Konior, he initially quoted me 1500 grafts but wound up going all the way up to 2300 to pack everything in more densely. It was one of the smoothest and most painless medical experiences of my life, and the whole thing took about 12 hours. I'd take a hair transplant over getting cavities filled at the dentist any day. I'd like to start by thanking the past Konior patients who have documented their procedures so thoroughly. Spanker, Reyes1, SamSpade, and the various Matts (among others) posted incredibly detailed threads that helped make my choice of surgeon very easy. I hope that I can continue in their tradition with another well documented write-up. Pre Surgery I was 28 and probably a NW2.5 or 3 prior to this surgery, and my main goal was to restore my receded hairline and fill in the temples. I've been on finasteride and minoxidil for several years and they've definitely slowed things down, but there are a few spots that have slowly continued to thin (including in back...but it looks worse in one of the below photos than it really is). I plan to continue both meds for the rest of my life, and will likely have additional "tune up" surgeries down the line to maintain what I have. Dr. Konior actually suggested a low dose pill version of minoxidil for those who find the application of Rogaine to be tedious (I only apply the foam once per night because it's such a pain in the ass). I spent months reading about hair transplants and researching doctors until I finally narrowed it down to Konior, Rahal, and Hasson (I had already decided to stay within North America). There's no question that all three are hairline masters, but there were a few things that stood out about Konior that steered me in his direction: 1. His relative conservatism and focus on long term strategy would be a great check on my own desire to be as aggressive as possible. 2. If you look at his cases, it's pretty clear that he is often able to do with 1500 grafts what most surgeons need 2500 or even 3000 grafts to achieve. Konior's ability to make every graft count really speaks to his artistry and perfectionism, which is of course another big advantage for young patients like me who need to use every single graft very judiciously. 3. He performs one surgery a day and as others have pointed out, does virtually the entire surgery himself -- donor extraction, lateral slit incisions, and graft placement. I do think one or two of his techs placed some of the grafts, but he supervised them meticulously and I overheard him tweaking anything that didn't look perfect. This isn't to say that technician-heavy clinics are inherently flawed -- many techs at other clinics have years of experience and are truly skilled workers -- but ultimately, I felt that a tech-heavy approach would add another level of risk that I'd prefer to do without. 4. Konior's year long wait list and relatively high price speak volumes, especially since he does minimal marketing and is pretty selective when taking on new patients. These things may seem like "cons" at first glance, but over time I came to see them as major "pros." A hair transplant is something that will affect your appearance for the rest of your life, and I knew that 10, 20, or 30 years from now I'd care a lot more about having picked the right hairline than saving a few thousand dollars. More often than not, you get what you pay for -- and plastic surgery is not an industry where you want to look for a bargain. 5. Konior's immediate post op photos have a really clean and distinctive look, with very little blood compared to most other surgeons' graft zones after surgery. I've always found it very satisfying to look at his post op photos and notice the precision of the graft angles and placement. The Surgery One thing that isn't often discussed on here is the feeling of oh shit that kicks in as your surgery date approaches. As soon as I realized my surgery was a month away, the reality of the situation hit me hard: was I seriously about to fly to Chicago and undergo surgery just to give myself better hair? Eventually the excitement started to outweigh the fear, but it was for sure an emotional rollercoaster until I finally arrived at Konior's office at 6:30 AM. Once I checked in with the doctor's staff, I finished my paperwork and wrote down my lunch order. Everyone was very kind and conscientious, and at around 7 the doctor came in to discuss the surgical plan. As Dr. Konior and I settled into our initial conversation, I immediately felt my anxiety begin to fade. He really took his time to discuss his hair loss philosophy, crack a few jokes, and field a few questions that I had. He seemed totally relaxed and in no hurry to push things along, and by the time we moved on to drawing the hairline I felt totally at ease. Helping a patient feel comfortable during that first meeting is a genuine, underrated skill and it really helped to set the tone for the entire day. He then had me draw my version of a hairline -- I wanted it lowered just a bit with my temples filled in, and I asked him to pack it as "densely as he thought would be ethical". Konior took one look at the hairline I drew and said something like, "yep, I know what you want" as though he'd seen it a million times before. He then spent about 45 minutes drawing his own version of the hairline, erasing and re-drawing parts of it over and over again until he thought it was perfect. He took pictures from several different angles while doing so, and every now and then he'd pause to stare at my hairline the way a painter looks at his work while trying to get those last brush strokes just right. It was easy to see how Konior's artistry and surgical precision are a super effective combination. When the doctor handed me a mirror to look at his proposed hairline, I was ecstatic (the hairline he drew is visible in the pics I've attached). I had worried that he'd push for something more conservative, but what he drew turned out to be pretty much exactly what I'd hoped for. So I basically told him I wouldn't change a thing and the process continued. I felt even more relief when I learned that he would only have to shave a small portion of my existing hair to create the new hairline. I've seen a lot of Konior cases where patients went for the full shave, and I really hoped I wouldn't have to go down that route and thus experience a much longer "ugly duckling" phase. When he wound up just shaving a few useless miniaturized hairs in front, I felt pretty confident that in another week or two I'd be able to cover up the work without wearing a hat. As someone who wanted to get back to work and my social life as soon as possible, this was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. With my last major fear assuaged, I was genuinely excited to get started. They gave me some valium and had me lay face down while the doctor got ready to remove the strip. I have a pretty low pain tolerance and a very strong fear of needles, but I have to say that the numbing shots were the least painful shots I have ever experienced. They used some sort of vibrating device on my skin next to the injections, which made the actual shots feel like nothing. I barely noticed when the strip actually came out, and then they gave me a bathroom break and got ready to start the incisions. I was given more valium throughout the day and for the most part I felt restful but awake. I dozed off a couple times and woke back up mid-snore, but for the most part I just chilled out and focused on staying perfectly still while Konior and his techs did their thing. Occasionally I'd feel some soreness in back and they'd have to re-numb me -- the re-numbing shots were actually a little more painful, but that's probably because I waited too long to ask for them (the doctor was really in the zone so I was hesitant to interrupt). As mentioned earlier, he did have two techs present during graft placement but I'm pretty sure he placed most of them himself while the techs would pass him the grafts that had been dissected. It definitely sounded like he placed the most important grafts himself, such as the 1s along the hairline. At around 6:30 PM, the surgery was finally complete. Konior and his team put in roughly a 12 hour day in total: 2 hours of conversation and planning the hairline, followed by 10 hours of performing the surgery itself. Compared to what I was expecting, the entire day felt like a series of best case scenarios -- I got exactly the hairline I wanted, felt close to no pain whatsoever, and was able to keep enough existing hair to (hopefully) cover up the procedure after another week or two. Konior's staff was nice enough to give me a ride to the Comfort Suites that evening, which I really appreciated because I was not looking forward to interacting with strangers in my post surgical state. In fact, I didn't end up having to interact with anyone -- the Comfort Suites have a back entrance you can open with your room key, and my room was right next to the back door. So yet another small anxiety was eliminated. I don't think I could have asked for a better experience. Immediate post op pics are below (I circled a small mole in the final pic for added perspective):
  2. Hello everyone, Mike Flaherty is not my real name. My first transplant with Dr. Rahal was nine years ago in 2010. I had another one performed two years later in 2012 to lower my temple points and add some hair to the sides of my head. All in all, I believe it was around 5000-5500 grafts transplanted over those two sessions. My hair still felt rather thin and wispy but with meds and thickening products I managed and for a few years was pleased with it. This year my hair has started thinning something fierce - especially on the sides which now appear almost bare. I've developed bare patches on top as well, which were always there but this year they have gotten extremely sparse. By the end of the day, my hair feels extremely thin and almost greasy to touch and I can feel these bare patches. I'm seeing a lot more long hairs fall out in the sink when I wash my hair. I switched to organic shampoo two months ago but that might have made shedding (if that's what this is) worse. My bareness on the sides (right side especially) has now exposed my scar from my procedure years ago. After these two very expensive procedures ($20,000 which I'm still paying off) I'm very disappointed in the quality of my hair's overall thinness, patchy spots and continuing loss. I know I've put on an amount of weight the last few years but I can't see that factoring into my hair loss. I did consult with Rahal this past spring who suggested another procedure - at an additional $7000. I'm amazed at the incredible thick hairlines and work I see from other Rahal patients but mine was not one of them. Pretty much at a loss (pardon the pun) right now regarding this situation.
  3. Hey Guys, First of all thank you so much for all the helpful info everyone posts here, in 2007 i had a FUE HT for 2000 Grafts in the front region mainly the temples(but I think it was less) by Dr Alvi Armani, I am aware that the feedback is not the greatest but I gotta admit he did a job that I was very happy with tbh. The only problem that I am realizing now that the hairline was a bit aggressive plus you add the fact that I got the HT when I was 26 which I should not have done provided that I was going to continue losing hair; now that my natural hair is receding, I am starting to notice very thick black hairs (transplanted) at the beginning of the hairline and temples that does not look very natural to me at least, I came clean with my GF and told her I had a HT and she still does not believe i did and no one has ever noticed anything. My question to you guys is how would I get rid of the transplanted hairs and would I be able to transplant them back where they came from? I would be okay if I am not able to transplant them back but I just want to get rid of the plugs. I had a consultation with Dr. Rahal clinic (Aaron in Toronto) last week and given my light research I went in there under the impression that I would be able to to remove the hair using electrolysis or even small punches and transplanting it back in the donor area it came from however the rep was surprised to hear and said that I can probably do laser to get rid of it but I am not sure I want to go to a beauty clinic down the street and let them play with my hair. I am also on 1 mg of Propecia on a daily base, feedback is very appreciated.
  4. Dr.Hasson, Dr.Carlos Wesley & Dr.Konior - the current three posting the best "homerun" results in North America from what I can see of recent clinic and patient own postings. Dr.Rahal was in the mix previously for FUT but something seems slightly amiss about the feedback from Rahal recently. For large strip mega-sessions of 5,000 grafts or more like you'd need - I think Dr.Hasson seems to be a leader in this space in both grabbing as much hair in one session as possible and leaving a great scar. In Europe Hattigen Hair seem to be doing very big FUT cases too.
  5. Hi folks. So I'm finally ready to take the plunge, live in Toronto Canada and have narrowed my short list to Dr. Nadimi in Chicago (of Konior fame), H&W in Vancouver, and Dr. Rahal in Toronto. My consults with each of them went like this: Dr. Nadimi: FaceTime consult Surgery in Chicago 1500-2000 FUE grafts recommended, could be all the way up to 2400 Shes not entirely sure she can get 2400 FUE grafts from my donor area based on photos and not-so-great FaceTime connection She will perform all extracts and most implants, will be there the entire time Does not feel comfortable doing more than 2400 FUE in a session due to scalp blood supply and time that grafts need to be implanted by (~8 hours) Uses latest tech, hybrid dull/sharp punch, learned everything from Konoir Potentially a discount for future hair transplants No official growth guarantee Recommended to stay in Chicago for a week to get looked after by the clinic Seems like a high end operation Dr. Rahal (Aaron and Tara did the consult): Aaron started the consult and was decent, called in Tara in the middle who blew me away In person consult Surgery in Toronto Measured a total of approx 5000 FUE grafts available in donor area 2500-3000 FUE grafts recommended for 1st transplant of hairline, will likely need another 2500 down the road for crown and touch up, aiming for 45-50 follicles per square cm Estimated Norwood 4-5 in the future No issues doing 3000 FUE in 8 hours, they have done 4200 in a day before Also uses latest hybrid dull/sharp punch tech Rahal and Mike will perform the extractions, Rahal will make the incisions and someone other than Rahal will implant Growth guarantee and free touch ups (not sure what the fine print is around this) Discounted graft rate for future transplants Patient care team access for a year Suggested pairing with PRP Hasson & Wong (James did the consult): In person consult Surgery in Vancouver 3000 FUE grafts recommended, possibly have 5000-6000 FUE grafts in donor area 3000 FUE done over two days, they limit surgeries to about 2000 FUE per day Recommended Dr. Hasson due to hairline objective (Wong more for crown work) Each doctor has performed 10,000+ surgeries Also uses latest hybrid dull/sharp punch tech, 0.85 punch size Techs do the extraction and implantation, Hasson performs incisions Estimated Norwood 5A future recession Informal growth guarantee and free touch ups Discounted future transplants For out of town patients they offer free lodging (3 days), taxis to and from the airport, and a partial flight credit I have to say, Rahal's team did the best sell job and I'm leaning that way.. but is 2500-3000 FUE too ambitious for one day? Am I risking hairs due to them rushing? I don't want to bias your opinion any more than that, but based on your experience on this forum, knowledge, what was said above and my pictures, what would you do? Any other insight or commentary you could offer before I make the plunge? Are there any other GTA doctors that I must absolutely check out? Hoping to finalize a decision in the next few days. REALLY appreciate all the help and support you guys can give. Thanks.
  6. Concealers didn't really work for me. I tried one - it was Marc Anthony thickening fibers and it made a mess of everything. As you can see my bare patches extend to half the top area of my scalp. I don't feel concealers can make up for that. It's the amount of money I paid out only to have bare areas that's concerning to me. Dr. Rahal (or someone from his clinic) has messaged me. I've been on assignment yesterday and today but should hopefully be able to discuss my concerns with him tomorrow.
  7. Hey guys, I just thought I should report back. I ended up going for a consult in Toronto at the Rahal clinic a couple weeks ago which went pretty well. I got to meet Tara who is a very nice lady (she's actually a pretty attractive woman - I wonder if she's single 😜). I thought Dr Rahal would haven been there but was told me that he wasn't in Toronto this weekend (kind of confused since Dr. Rahal told me he was in Toronto this same weekend - maybe his plans changed or something). Even though Tara was great I was hoping Dr Rahal would have been there since I know the original information given in a consultation can change once the Doctor actually sees your hair in person. Either way I got to learn some new info from my consult... was told I have approximately 6000-7000 usable grafts throughout my lifetime and also learned that Rahal does fue procedures in Toronto (thought they only did them in Ottawa but was told the exact same team from Ottawa flies down to Toronto every once in a while to perform procedures). After Tara examined my hair I was told I need about 2500 grafts to restore frontal hairline (I'm a norwood 3) and apparently they have a tiered pricing policy where your first 3000 grafts cost a certain amount and then any grafts needed after that in any subsequent procedures cost less. All in all it was a good experience and I think if I end up doing a procedure in Canada that Rahal is definitely my top pick. It's still a tough choice for me though as there are some very skilled surgeons abroad that I am still considering.
  8. Hello Everyone, Many of you may know me formerly as 'literalno'. I want to preface by saying that username was made in complete negativity before I knew anything about hair transplants and what they can do for people. I was aimlessly searching for answers to my fears associated with propecia and stumbled across a particularly unsightly before/after ultimately assuaging me from ever becoming one of "those hair transplant guys"; hence literal(ly)no(never). I decided to make this thread around the 6 month mark ( I am now a little closer to 7) to promote good vibes for the second leg of the process since I am quite frankly not at my end goal, but very optimistic for what should be the most productive leg of this often tumultuous journey. Much of my skepticism stems from how my hairloss occurred in the first place, and the measures I have taken thus far to fix it. It started very suddenly a few years ago during a rough time in my life. I was going through a tough period and the stress seemed to spur its onset seemingly overnight. I knew what had happened, but everyone around me obviously assured me "its all in your head" (yeah right). About two years ago I was at my wits end before coming across Dr. Amaya Prasad's "Hair Regeneration" treatment in New York (this guys should honestly be put in jail for making these claims, complete snake oil). This miracle injection featured A Cell AND PRP (WOW) as he claimed it halted and in some cases reversed hairloss all together. I was sold and flew to New York within a month, paid the $15 000 up front, got the injection, and slowly but surely thinned some more only this time more rapidly. By a few months time, I knew it was failure and I needed to try something else. Next thing I know I'm on a plane to Boston getting A Cell + Adipose Derived Stem Cells injected into my scalp (I have the lipo scars to prove it) and finally my hair would be saved. Of course, this was not the case, however the only saving grace was that the Dr. in Boston kept recommending finasteride. It took my a few more months to finally bite the bullet and get on the drug. Been on it for about 2 years, with a brief stint of Dutasteride until my doctor felt uneasy about that one, and I halted everything to a snails pace at long last. Of course after all of these experiences with Dr's who "have my best interest in mind", I remain skeptical of everyone and everything until I am proven otherwise (on my own scalp that is). Finally deciding to get a hair transplant was not a task I took lightly. I got to the same point as everyone on this forum does, an inflection point where you choose to suffer and wear hats 24/7, or take a step towards fixing the situation as scary as it may seem. I researched thoroughly for about a year, combing through result after result, and was conflicted between Hasson and Wong and RAHAL. I was able to meet three Rahal patients before my surgery, and the results spoke for themselves. There was also one bad H and W result floating around that ultimately confirmed my choice, and I chose Rahal and FUT to maximize my yield since I am young and want to conserve as many grafts as possible. I was assured during consultation by Sita, some of you may know here here, that Dr. Rahal has close to 100% yield and I believed (and still believe) her words. I don't want to go into details about the surgery itself as I plan to do a big one year post to look back on the last year, I hope in fondness. There's really no point in delving too deep into the minutia of anything until at least that date. It could have been the best time of life or not but that doesn't change the only thing that matters: the end results. I would like to bring attention to a few concerns I've had along the way in hopes of getting some feedback from members who I'm sure have shared my sentiments at some point. I was grafted at approximately 40 grafts/cm squared (roughly 70+ hairs per cm). In my opinion, this would provide me with the coverage I am after, however after my 10 hour surgery, Dr. Rahal did mention it may look thin in some instances. Though I appreciate the honesty, it did get my mind spinning especially after what I had just endured moments before. I reached out to Dr. Nadimi at around 3 months to get her opinion on what that may look like, and her feelings were quite the contrary as she assured me that in the area I showed her, 3000+ grafts would indeed provide a pretty dense result. This may simply be a difference in opinion between the two doctors, but of course contrary information leads the mind to wander. Does anyone know or have a result similar to 40 grafts/cm and like to comment on how that appears in person? I would like point out that my reaching out to Dr. Nadimi is in no way a slight to my trust in Dr. Rahal. I would not have gone to any clinic if I did not have the utmost conviction in their ability to produce a good result. It is merely me as a patient seeking a second opinion on a matter that concerns me, and that's it. In now way does it reflect any negative connotation towards Dr. Rahal and the credibility of the clinic. Unlike many threads I've looked at, my grafts were very scabbed over within 5-7 days of my surgery. Many of the hairs had definitely released themselves from their respective follicle at that point, so I never really got to see a 'buzzcut' representation of what I should expect before the shedding phase as is common among this forum, particularly with Asmed patients. Having not seen too many similar examples, I questioned whether those grafts has survived or not, but have been assured that there is no real way to know until the final result. I've read from a few different doctors online that the visual presence of grafts in the scalp about a week after surgery is a sign they have survived, so naturally it has been on my mind somewhat. My surgery took just over 10 hours. After the surgery, the clinic's lead technician Mike commented on the procedure was like placing "9000 grafts instead of 3000" because my skin was quite slippery and as a graft was placed, the adjacent grafts would slip out. Dr. Rahal has himself said this may slightly affect yield, but other Dr.s on realself say they have never heard of this phenomenon and attribute that to poor skill of implanters. Of course, I know this is not the case at a clinic with the reputation of RAHAL, but would like to know if other patients have experienced a similar thing and how everything turned out for them? Lastly, at approximately 1month post op, I went into the clinic (I live in Ottawa) to see if Larissa (my patient advisor) could try and apply some topik to the persisting redness of my scalp as I had a few job interviews coming up (for anyone in a similar position, the redness went completely unnoticeable and was not a factorv whatseover). The topik looked absolutely ridiculous and I wanted to rub it off almost right away. She proceeded to use an alcohol wipe to hasten the process, but her rubbing was very hard and did hurt my scalp quite a lot. Obviously after looking after transplanted area with extreme care for the previous month, being SUPER, SUPER gentle the entire time, I was very concerned with whether the pain and tingling I felt would affect the grafts. I've read many times before the clinics such as Asmed and Lorenzo say not to even use clippers for the first 6 months as it could damage the area, but I'm not sure how necessary that really is. Larissa and Dr. Rahal assured me that the grafts were deep within the skin and could not be harmed, but I'm sure you can agree that any painful sensation on a newly grafted area is worrisome at the least. Anyone have any thoughts as to what they have heard from their respective clinics, if anything at all? As for those results, I wanted to hold off on starting a thread until I had something closer to the final thread, but there seems to be a lack of posts by actual Dr. Rahal patients, so I figured this would as good as any for prospective patients looking to track a result as it dues completion. It's tough to comment on my progress in terms of percentage of total grafts sprouted (doesn't appear to be 50% if looking by grafts/cm as most have well below 20 atm), I'll let my pictures show everything and the forum can decide objectively how it's looking. I will say that I appear to be a very slow and gradual grower, so I'm just letting time do its trick for the time being. I have read and seen many results that improve night to day between 6-7 months and a year or later, so I am hoping I am on track for the same. It's easy to get fixated on those that are early growers, so for now I'd prefer to spread positive vibes. This procedure is does not come free of anxiety, we all know that, but I gain solace in knowing that this clinic performs multiple surgeries each and every week and has been for the last 15+ years. They are masters and though the process may be long, they know what they are doing. The following pictures start with my pre-op photos, then post-op, 7-days post op (scabbing), a dr. frietas result at 10 days that shows what I mean about being able to see the majority of individual hairs still attached to their grafts before they shed, and finally photos photos taken by me at 6 months. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on the progress so far.
  9. That's not good to hear. Giving it the full 12 months sounds fair. You should see even more growth by Christmas and after (seeing the new growth come in is so awesome!) and it will take that long before near maximum results but bare patches are a letdown. I know it was nine years ago but I do recall Dr. Rahal doing most of the work on my first procedure but the second one two years later was mainly done by - I believe his name was Mike (younger technician) and the female technicians who were all really very nice. Dr. Rahal was very present though and did the initial important steps. The first procedure went by smooth as caramel but during the second one, there was trouble getting the strip extracted. It took some effort so I'm not keen on another strip procedure at all which I feel could case some permanent major damage. Now that I'm graduated and working in the field of reporting I am more aware of how my bare patches have progressed (I see them on video - ugh). I hated to make a public post but didn't know what else to do.
  10. I have no idea. Seems to have thinned monstrously this year. The top is "good" but not a great result. Not near the caliber of thickness I've been seeing from Rahal since my surgeries which would be fine except for my bare patches - I've been able to work over them but this year they have really gotten more visible. I'm happy I'm not bald which I was very close to being when I first met Dr. Rahal (he told me that himself when I first met him) and I've managed on Fin and thickening products but these bare patches have gotten to be very prominent now. The thought of paying another $7000 to a clinic that should have covered this area the first two times is concerning to me. There are real problems I'm having with my hair that possibly the camera can't pick up. I'm not one to make false claims at all (I showed and discussed my concerns to a Rahal rep this past April as I've said) and I'm a journalist who writes for a Canada-wide read magazine so accuracy in truth-telling is paramount to us.
  11. Two of the best HT doctors on the planet - both clinics offer excellent post-op care. I had 3 FUE procedures with Rahal because that's what my gut told me to go with. I was most comfortable with his conservative plan for my specific situation. I also think his hairlines are superbly natural. I had gotten an online consult with Dr. Wong of H&W at the time. But to be honest, I would not have doubts having gone with either Hasson or Wong - they're a top tier premier clinic. Its all about who you feel most comfortable with. Both Rahal or Hasson will be excellent for traditional strip surgery, I believe its just FUE is just more popular now. I needed a larger strip mega session, however I had minimal time off, needed to get back to work, etc. so I opted for FUE. Best of luck in your journey.
  12. Surgery type: FUE Recipient Area size: 46 cm Zones Treated: 1 to 3 Grafts transplanted: 2006 grafts Recipient Graft Density: 44 grafts/cm Recipient Hair Density: 92 hairs/cm Graft Breakdown: Single Hairs: 422 grafts Two Hairs: 1008 grafts Three Hairs: 510 grafts Four hairs: 66 grafts Total Grafts: 2006 Total Hairs: 4232 Hairs per Graft: 2.11 Rahal FUE NW 3 23 year old patient came in to restore hairline, temple angles and temple points to balance vertical and horizontal proportions. Dr Rahal, designed a hairline to fill in the recession, close off the temple angles and add grafts to temple points. The treatment area was 46m. The transplanted density done at 44 grafts/cm or at 92 hairs/cm. He now has more styling options with the new transplanted hair.
  13. Everything looks great, very clean. I also believe you have chosen an amazing clinic. I had my first Fut with Dr. Rahal and my 2nd will be at Hattingen Hair Clinic (Dr. Sever & Dr. Laura Muresanu) on November 15th, 2019. I would believe we think alike, but what made you decide on Hattingen Hair? Are you from the U.S. as well? Wishing you the best!
  14. Hi, all. I haven’t posted here much since my last procedure in 2015, but happy to share an update with everyone about my latest surgery. As background, I had my first transplant with Dr. Robert Niedbalski in June 2012. I was a NW 2-3, and he transplanted 1,450 grafts via strip to form a lower, but still recessed, hairline. I wanted a flat hairline, so I had a subsequent procedure with Dr. Rahal in October 2015, when he transplanted 2,200 grafts, again via strip. The hairline design was great, but the right side grew in a little sparse. Nothing awful, and I could’ve gone without addressing it, but I wanted to go back to the well for a fuller hairline. I just turned 36, BTW. I've been on Avodart and Propecia for six years and essentially no longer lose hair--my loss is fully halted. I use Rogaine but discontinued before surgery per instructions. Links to thread about my earlier procedures are here: https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/home-page.asp?WebID=2858 So, last week I drove from Seattle down to Portland for a third procedure--this time with Steve Gable. I’ve known Dr. Gabel for about five years and have really looked forward to working with him. He’s a precise, thoughtful guy, and I knew he’d be a great choice to refine my results. I left Seattle at 3am to check in at Dr. G’s clinic at 6:30. His clinic just moved to a brand-new facility, and it’s gorgeous--two ORs, a lovely lobby, and overall just a great, clean, attractive space. We sat down and discussed hairline approach, and agreed that we weren’t going to lower the hairline. I didn’t need it, and lowering it even a few millimeters would mean that I’d need to get in again to spruce up the density, and I wanted to be done. (My hair is still very dense and I want the hairline to match, so I don’t want to get stuck in a loop of chasing density in an ever-lower hairline.) We agreed 1,000 more grafts across the hairline--and concentrated in the right side--would do the trick. The procedure was very smooth. Strip excision took about 30-45 minutes and I didn’t feel any pain. Dr. G excised part of my prior scar, which ran from just inside left ear to above my right ear. He didn’t need to run all the way from end-to-end on the scar. He closed the strip with staples, which I hadn’t had before; he thought they’d do a better job at holding the tension and has had good luck with them recently. Once the wound was closed, he did the incisions--nothing eventful, and nothing painful. I didn’t bother to watch TV, but just spent the time chatting with Dr. G and his techs. If you haven’t met him, he’s a really personable, chatty guy, which was engaging during surgery. I had a Valium before surgery but didn’t feel it much, which was fine; I’m not the anxious type and was perfectly relaxed during surgery. I seemed more comfortable than my previous surgeries, but that’s probably due in part to the fact that it was fewer grafts so the sit was shorter. When we got to placing grafts, I’d estimate that Dr. G placed about 50%. He places grafts in all his procedures, and I was his only patient that day, so there wasn’t any need for him to pop out and attend to someone else. If you haven’t gone through a transplant before, it’s really disconcerting when you feel like a surgeon disengages from the procedure once the incisions are made and just turns everything over to the techs. Dr. G was omnipresent and was in the room for virtually the whole procedure. That’s not the norm. Of my three procedures, this was the smoothest and easiest. That’s no knock on Niedbalski or Rahal, but a huge compliment to Dr. G and his staff. The post-op materials were first-rate and included a calendar specialized for my surgery date so I didn’t have to count post-surgery days. That’s a nice touch that I hadn’t seen before. The recipient area was also very clean--virtually no blood or scabbing. They carefully washed it the next day and showed me how to shampoo. Great post-op hand-holding all the way, and Dr. G responded to an email same-day later in the week. Pictures are below, and obviously there’s not much to report in terms of growth. My scabs are falling off, but the recipient area is hardly noticeable because although it was shaved, I’m combing my hair forward. Hard to cover up the staples, but they’ll be out in another week. I’m definitely experiencing a lot of tightness in my donor area given that it’s been excised three times, so I’m trying especially hard to keep my head tipped back to keep tension off the scar. I’m a little concerned about a widened scar given that it’s my third strip, but I’ll keep everyone posted as that progresses. Please fire away with questions/comments; I’ll be checking in every day. Thanks! When reviewing pics, please keep in mind that the after pictures are both immediately post-op and then the next day; my hair is wet in both. Remember that the transplanted area contained both native hair AND previously transplanted hair, so the density will be much, much higher than the number of grafts you can see.
  15. In 2017, I travelled to Madrid and underwent an FUE hair transplant with Dr Lorenzo. A year has passed and I wanted to document my progress and help guide anyone else considering the Injertocapilar Clinic, or an FUE transplant in general. — I never knew I was losing my hair until it was too late. My rate of hair loss was gradual. There were no hairs on my pillow or in the plughole. Since I had a high hairline, I failed to properly recognize the degree of recession that was occurring. However, by my mid-thirties, my hair loss was becoming noticeable and I was not entirely happy with my appearance. Sometime around 2015, a friend took some photographs of my scalp and I was shocked to find that I was sporting the kind of thinning hair that I imagined I might have as an old man. 

 My hairline was high up on my head and my crown had started to open up. As a spunky guy in my mid-thirties, I was not ready to have an aged man's head on my body. After some months of quiet anguish, I decided to do something radical and shave my head. This was surprisingly liberating. For the first time, I had control over my hair, rather than the other way round. As soon as I let the clippers do their work, I was no longer at the mercy to the whims of my scalp. I wish I had done this sooner. Hence, I’d recommend that anyone considering a hair transplant shaves their head first. Shaving is a big step to take in its own right. However, I immediately discovered that when there’s no hair on your head there’s no problem to deal with! 

A shaved head can also look (very) cool but you won’t know until you do it. Give it a try. I rocked the shaved head-look for over a year. However, I eventually decided to opt for a hair transplant: whilst I was confident with my new appearance, I wanted to recognise my face looking back in the mirror, rather than the physiognomy of a baby-faced Jason Stratham. 
I had my reasons. Several years ago, I had made it a personal mission to restore my youthfulness and vitality. My body was starting to pick up the aches and pains associated with ageing and living a sedentary lifestyle. However, I was able to turn the clock back, with a regime of calisthenics and an improved diet. I figured it would also be fun for my hair to also follow suit. Besides, I reasoned that if the transplant didn’t match my expectations, I could simply revert back to shaving my head and wearing the hell out of a suit. In this way, shaving my head actually helped me take the decision to get a transplant in the most positive of ways. Who knew? I began researching the various online forums (including this one) for suggestions on where to find a great doctor. I kept my time on the forums brief but eventually, I narrowed my search down to what I objectively considered, the top three hair surgeons. They were: 
1. Dr Feriduni (Belgium) 
 2. Dr Rahal (Canada) 3. Dr Lorenzo (Spain) I contacted each of their clinics and made online enquiries. I sent in photos of my hair and corresponded with their respective staff. Spex, who represents Dr Ferudini, was particularly helpful.

 However, Dr Lorenzo contacted me personally (on Christmas Day, no less). I appreciated this personal touch, his frank feedback and the breadth of his portfolio of work. 

 Many before me considered him the greatest hair surgeon on the planet. I figured that if I was going to get this procedure done, I’d opt for the best of the best. With a mixture of gut instinct and mental deduction, I chose Dr Lorenzo. (NB. There was not much difference in quotes given by all three. I paid in several instalments and I believe the total was around 12-13K Euros) It is a big decision to fly to another country and undergo a hair procedure. Personally, numerous objections in my mind came up, such as: ‘You’re already happy, surely this hair procedure only serves your ego?’ ‘The procedure is expensive, wouldn’t you rather spend that on a holiday?’ ‘Do you want to be taking Finasteride for the rest of your life?’ I decided I have a whole lifetime to make more money and that getting a hair procedure was more to do something good and nice for myself. However, the thought of taking meds every day, admittedly, held me back.
 I view my body as my greatest asset in life and I didn’t want to be dependent on ‘popping pills’ for my cosmetic appearance. However, after researching Finasteride, I deduced that any negative side effects were pretty much short-term and fully reversible. (I read the horror stories out there too but I calculated, statistically, the risk-to-reward ratio very favourable toward a positive outcome. I'm geeky like that.) I sourced the Finasteride online (www.hairlossexperiencesshop.co.uk), which came as 5mg tablets that I divided into five smaller bits and took every day. After several months, I had happily encountered no ill effects. At this point, I decided to contact the clinic and book the procedure with Dr Lorenzo. There was a 10-month waiting list, which was frustrating in the face of my impatience but the time quickly flew by. Before I knew it, I was on an economy plane seat to Madrid. I enjoyed the city, which has a great cultural vibe and is easy to explore, via the metro system. I stayed at a nearby hotel arranged by the clinic. I met Dr Lorenzo, who speaks perfect English, for a consultation several days before my procedure.
 We had conversed online and his personal assessment was that my temporal peaks and hair line would need completely rebuilding. I also had a small gap appearing on my crown that could be filled. On close inspection of my scalp, Dr Lorenzo also noted that my donor area was excellent (hair, I think, was 53 microns) and suggested a transplant consisting of 3,500 grafts. (NB. I didn't appreciate at the time that one graft can have several hairs, so the amount of hair that was to be transplanted was much more than 3,500...) During my consultation, I asked lots of questions that I had written down and he candidly answered every one. His focus throughout my consultation was the pinnacle of professionalism and this put me instantly at ease. I left his office feeling that I was in very safe hands.
 On the day of the procedure, I arrived at the clinic very early. 
 I met Grace, a nurse from the UK who now works with Lorenzo. Grace would be on hand over the next two days to talk me through what was happening. I changed into scrubs and was given a valium. My heart rate was also taken. My head was shaved and I was asked where I would like my new hairline to be! I decided to let Dr Lorenzo draw the line on. After all, I figured he’s done this a lot more times with a pen than I have. Just as the valium started kicking in, I was lead to the room where the procedure would take place.

 Let's fast forward. What does having a hair extraction feel like?

 Well, the short answer is that it feels like having your head pricked with a cocktail stick around 1,500 times!
 The procedure began with me laying comfortably on my side whilst I let the anaesthesia take effect. Dr Lorenzo oversaw the extraction team as they began removing my hairs. He performed several extractions himself and guided the team, as required. I listened to music and even fell asleep several times. Occasionally, I’d feel an extraction, which felt like being jabbed with a sharp stick. More pain relief was promptly given. This procedure went on for about four hours. With everything considered, the whole process was actually not too bad: about as uncomfortable as flying on a budget airline plane seat for a long haul. Bearable, not terrible...with much a better lunch. After all the extractions had taken place for the day (1,500 in total) I stretched out and ate some lunch in the kitchen area of the clinic. I chatted with the extraction team and Grace, who was on hand to assist. Everyone at the clinic was very friendly. 

After a short break, it was time for my extracted hair to be implanted. What does having a hair transplant feel like?

 Again, it feels like having your head pricked with a cocktail stick...a further 1,500 times!
 Dr Lorenzo, with a Jedi-like focus, began the procedure of implanting my extracted hairs. I am usually a very chatty guy but, in this case, I had the sense not to interrupt him as he entered a flow state of concentration. It was at this moment I was supremely glad I had chosen a true expert to perform this intimate type of work –and not got it done on the cheap in a less developed country. With hindsight, I would definitely recommend a 'saving n' shaving' approach when selecting a doctor: it is worth it. Dr Lorenzo is clearly an artist as well as a surgeon and I sensed that he really took care to make sure every hair was inserted at just the right angle in just the right place. One by one he added hairs to my scalp. I listened to music and dozed off a few times. After several hours, we were done for the first day. I looked in the mirror and, for the first time in almost two decades, saw that I had hair again! It was an emotional moment to see how my entire image was being transformed. However, at this stage, my image was more akin to a whimsical Harvey Dent than a handsome Bruce Wayne: there were two distinct sides to my face: one side with hair, one without.

 Before departing the clinic for the day, I was given careful, simple instructions on how to look after my freshly transplanted hairs and driven back to my hotel. This mostly involved spraying my head with a saline solution to keep it wet. 

Despite having a head like a hairy Swiss cheese, I had a pleasant night’s sleep. I awoke the next day with light trepidation: the sleepy thought of being pricked another 3,500 times was a little disconcerting. 
Then I remembered how awesome the prospect of having hair was, which dispelled the negative feelings. At that moment, the hotel shuttle whisked me to the clinic. I arrived, met the staff and the work continued. I was prepped in the same way as the previous day, and the procedure was repeated. Poke, poke, poke! The time passed slowly. However, by the end of the day, I had hair. Bruce Wayne achievement: unlocked! My head was a smattering of red dots but the hardest part was done. That night, I slept carefully in my bed, using a pillow provided by the clinic and, again, spraying my head every few hours with the saline solution. I also took some vitamin D3 to help assist in the healing process. Before heading home the next day, I attended the clinic for an assessment and a debrief. For those interested, here are some stats from the surgery: 
Extractable Grafts: 6,924
 Actual Grafts Used: 3,501 Overall Hairs Extracted: 8,477 Total Hairs Used: 42.8% Hair/graft ratio: 2.42 Temporal: 300 grafts (2.25 hair/ graft) Parietal: 1,451 (2.41 hair/ graft) Occipital: 1,750 (2.46 hair/ graft) Single: 353 Double: 1,488 Triple: 1,497
 Quadruple: 159 Quintuple: 4 
Sextuple: 0

 The procedure had been a success and now the task was up to me to keep my head protected to ensure the optimal conditions for all the transplanted hair to grow and the donor site to heal. 
 Apparently, it takes nine days for the transplanted hairs to completely take root in their new locations. Dr Lorenzo suggested this happens even more quickly but I fixed my sights on keeping free of any potential stress for the next nine days. The initial days following the operation were quite challenging in ways I had not anticipated. My head swelled up for a few days due to the lingering aesthetic in my system. I looked like Thanos’ nephew. Happily, the comical swelling subsided and was then replaced with a bigger challenge.

 The donor area was covered in thousands of little scabs that became incredibly itchy. Of course, I was under strict instructions not to scratch. I can imagine the greatest feeling in the world would have been to have scratched those itchy bits…but…I resisted!

 However, the itchiness was so severe it descended into a mixture of pain and mental despair. It kept me awake for several days and was far more challenging than the transplant itself. Eventually, I found relief by applying cold aloe vera gel (kept in the refrigerator) to the affected area of my head, which significantly eased the sensation. After a few days, the itchy condition passed and my sanity returned. After a few weeks, with the redness of scalp starting to fade, I could enjoy my newly transplanted hair. It even started to grow! Although short, it felt great to have my hairline restored to my younger self. 
During this journey, I made a point to tell almost everyone about what I was doing. I decided that trying to hide the obvious is the same thinking that leads to comb-overs. 

 Lots of my friends were really interested in the procedure and everyone was supportive. Curiously, I think the question I got asked the most was “…how much did it cost?” After a few weeks, my transplanted hair began to fall out as I entered the so-called ‘ugly duckling’ phase. I guess no patient likes to see their new hair vanish, even temporarily, so, at this point, I decided to skip the drama and keep my hair super short, returning to my former Jason Stratham look for the next few months. However, this time around, I wasn’t able to use clippers (you have to wait five months) but I got by cutting my hair with scissors. Short hair made the process of dealing with the changes happening on my head much more manageable. However, as soon as I cut my hair short for the first time, post-op, I made a positive discovery. –There was no scarring in my donor area! I had assumed that all the hairs taken from the donor site would leave little-pitted scars. I had seen such pictures, online, of other FUE patients and accepted this as par for the course. However, I had no scarring at all. My skin was smooth. I suspect this is because of the extraction technique used and the skill of the extraction team. I was a very happy client indeed and extremely happy I opted for Dr Lorenzo and Injectocappilar. Life then continued as normal. After five months I returned to the clinic for a checkup with Dr Lorenzo. I must say he really is a perfectionist and took the time to look closely at my hair and its progress. By five months my hair was beginning to thicken. There was some concern about the density around my temporal peaks. The hair in this area was a little thinner. Dr Lorenzo concluded that we must wait another five months to see how the hair will progress. Six months after the procedure I began to let my new hair grow properly. As the hair grew thicker and it was an amazing feeling to look in the mirror and see the same style of hair on my head that I had, fifteen years prior. After ten months, I returned to see Dr Lorenzo for a second, and final, check-up. The hair had thickened considerably during this interlude. He was very happy with the overall outcome. He suggested that we could put in 50-250 more hairs in the peaks down the line to thicken them up a little more. This is something I may consider, but it's not really an issue for me at present. What does transplanted hair look and feel like? 
Well, ten months after the procedure, the hair feels exactly like normal hair. It has all the same sensations when you brush or comb it. Running your fingers through your new hairline feels like it has always been there. The sensitivity of the scalp is identical to before the procedure. My new hair covers my head perfectly. I now have a hairline and temporal peaks that frame my face very nicely. The patch in the crown of my head has been completely filled, too. 
Dr. Lorenzo really stretched those 3,500 grafts well. The density of the transplanted hair at the front is not as thick as my original hair. However, it is pretty thick and from months six to ten (present) the thickness of my hair continues to increase. I’m not sure how it will change looking ahead.
 The transplanted hair is slightly darker than the rest of the hair on my head. It blends in perfectly well but I was curious about it. Dr Lorenzo explained that this is because the hair is strong. 
The transplanted hair has a slight curl to it. I was informed that this is because the hair is new. As it matures it will resemble the hair on the rest of my scalp. Even if the hair remained curly it would not be an issue.

 The donor area appears as thick as before I had the procedure. Upon inspection, it looks as if no hair was actually taken. I wondered if the hair around this area would be thinner but I can’t detect any change. It seems almost like magic. Dr Lorenzo takes the approach of using transplanted hair sparingly. He’s keen to not exhaust the donor area, whilst maximising coverage. I appreciated his approach in this respect. I learned I have about 21,000 hairs (not grafts!) remaining in the donor area for any future work. Although I made an effort to tell as many people about my procedure as possible it has been quite fun to meet old acquaintances who didn’t know that I was getting an FUE procedure. 

In every case they look at me, with slight befuddlement, and say things like: “...you look younger” or “...there’s something different about you!” These comments are always positive and some even have expressed an interested in having a transplant themselves. When I look in the mirror now, I now see myself looking back. It's fantastic not to have to worry about my hair anymore. It’s almost easy to forget I ever had issues with it falling out. The days of hair-woe now seem long ago, and I have no fear of them returning. Do you ever wish you could turn back time knowing what you know now? Well, I feel like I am twenty years old again, with all the smarts of a thirty-five-year-old! It’s a great feeling! This is, by far, the best money I have ever spent. I see it as an investment in myself. Looking forward, I am keen to see how my hair matures. I am delighted that I now have hair that I can style (although I probably won’t be using hair straighteners as much this time!) 

Recently, I even got a bad haircut from a dodgy barber, which I now consider a high-quality problem! Overall, I am a supremely happy client and highly recommend Dr Lorenzo and his team. I have gone from having a receding hairline to having hair. The difference feels like night and day! The level of care and attention he showed throughout my procedure was exemplary. Both He and Grace have been on hand and available to help with questions after the procedure. Like many others, I believe he is the best hair surgeon in the world. I’m writing this review on my own accord and as a sheer expression of my contentedness. I hope this gives you an overview of working with Dr Lorenzo or any other FUE professional. These opinions are all my own, so please do your research! If you have any questions, please ask below! I’ll do my best to answer them. I will check back into this thread every few months over the course of the next year.
  16. I have been doing surgeon research on-off for the past couple of years and have decided now is the time to pull the trigger. After looking through loads of reviews and posts i have narrowed it down to these prospective surgeons: Dr.Bisanga Dr.Feriduni Dr.Keser Dr.Rahal I am now in the process of booking an online consultation with these 4 surgeons, however i am actually unsure of what i should ask them? I feel like I have done so much research that I know for a fact that all these surgeons are the real deal, and consistently produce amazing results, so im not sure what to really ask... Still though, i would like to be as thorough as possible, so what are some of the important questions to ask when choosing a surgeon and what are the "good answers".. For example, i know it is normalt that techs do some parts of the operation, but which part is most important that the surgeon does? And so on, I would be immensely grateful if someone could provide me with a checklist of questions that would be good to ask a surgeon, or link me to another post explaining this. I know if have seen several posts about this but for the love of god i cannot find them again. Also, have anyone recently been in touch with any of these surgeons and know how long the waitlist is? i originally included Dr.Feritas as well but his waitlist was simply too long Kind regards!
  17. I thought Dr. Alan Feller was recommended on here? I don't see him on the list. I've heard great things about him. Is Dr. Rahal the only recommended doctor in Toronto? It's a huge city, so I would have thought there'd be more great options
  18. Hi @bruce90! Thanks for sharing- and I definitely get your frustration. Hopefully I can clear up the consultation process below. Any other questions, or if I missed anything, just let me know. The form you completed is for Dr. Rahal and includes photos, your hair loss history. Dr. Rahal reviews your information and creates your personalized treatment plan, which includes cost, number of graphs, answers your questions, etc. You would then schedule a call with the patient advisor to discuss the treatment plan, your options and answer any additional questions...Sounds like this step was missed. For an in person consultation, you would meet with an advisor. He/she would take photos, answer basic questions about the procedure, discuss your goals, complete the hair loss history form with you, plus you would meet some patients in person. He/she would then send the information to Dr. Rahal for review. He would then create your treatment plan, and the advisor would schedule a call to discuss. p.s. I noticed you said you were available over the weekend in the email. i'm in Toronto this weekend and happy to meet you on Saturday or Sunday, whichever is best for you. Anytime works 🙂 Do you want to schedule something? I'll PM you now.
  19. Dr. Rahal ought to be able to freely discuss lovinit19's treatment since lovinit is ripping on him. .
  20. @bruce90 Sorry to hear about that! There is an online option if you can't make it in. Dr. Rahal will create a personalized treatment plan, includes cost, any discounts, after he reviews your photos, understands your goals, answer questions, etc. Can you email Tara? tara@rahalhairline.com. I'll let he know to expect an email so she can expedite.
  21. Dr. Rahal I'm just wondering why your clinic refuses to give information on pricing for your procedures? I've tried multiple times to get a price per graft estimate from your reps but they insist that I come to the clinic in person which is tough for me since I'm not able to take a lot of time off work. I'd like to consider you for a procedure in the future but it seems overly difficult when they won't give me an estimate which every other clinic I've spoken to has been able to do including Hasson and Wong.
  22. @LonelyGraft No problem! No. Dr. Rahal did not work under Dr. Armani. I'm sure they shared information, learned from each other, shared tips, etc. For example, Dr. Ron Shapiro visited Dr. Rahal not too long ago. He shared some tips and vice versa. Combined both have 60+ years experience... so there is a lot to share and learn from each other. It was cool to see both talking "hairlines." For a hair geek like me anyway. lol BTW, Dr. Ron Shapiro designs some awesome hairlines. He's Not talked about much. But does amazing work. Dr. Rahal's also in contact with Dr. José Lorenzo and others all the time, sharing tips, trade secrets, etc. Hope this helps
  23. Thanks for the detailed breakdown. can you please confirm if dr. Rahal recieved his training and/or worked under Dr. Antonio Armani or Alvi Armani clinic?
  24. @Aftermath I hesitate to say it's a smear campaign, though there is a lot of misinformation. Let's call it mistaken Dr. Rahal is highly involved in every case. A typical day starts at 5am. Dr. Rahal discusses your goals/expectations, designs your hairline, maps your donor region. This takes about an hour. Then it's off to the OR where Dr. Rahal calculates your donor region, what he can and can't safely harvest (it's called donor management). He then has a huddle with the team to discuss the game plan. We offer every type of FUE... before each case, Dr. Rahal harvests a small number of grafts via manual, motorized FUE, including dull/sharp and different punch sizes. Each graft is then inspected under magnification for quality. The technique/punch with the lowest transaction, best quality is used. It depends on hair characteristics, skin thickness, etc. Dr. Rahal then does some final calculations, notes the depth and angle of grafts and plots the donor area on a whiteboard and donor. Throughout the day it's a combination of Dr. Rahal/team harvesting graphs, with Dr. Rahal in and out of the room throughout the day. If you are familiar with donor management, it's an ongoing process of calculations, partial transaction (deliberate in some cases), all with the goal of preserving your donor area, avoiding overharvesting and allowing for maximum number of graphs in the future. Each graft is inspected (every single one of them) under magnification for quality. Dr. Rahal reviews the graph count sheet and numbers ongoing You take a break, enjoy some lunch. Most patients have an appetite since they've been sleeping/had a good nap up until this point Dr. Rahal prepares and injects PRP into the scalp Dr. Rahal then goes over the hairline again, maps the scalp, prepares custom blades, and makes all the incisions. This can take one or two hours. We have an entire team dedicated to implanting, and we use specialized planters, which preserves graft quality. Dr. Rahal is again in an out of the room, inspecting the recipient site for quality, etc. He may also provide additional freezing if needed. Dr. Rahal meets with the patient with a patient care manager, goes over post-op, etc. Dr. Rahal again meets with the patient the next day - and for each follow-up. Keep in mind above is a general breakdown. I'm thinking of doing a video of each step. Might be helpful and help with a lot of the miss information. Hope this helps.
  25. Hey everyone. New to this site and looking for support/input. I finally got the courage to go through with surgical restoration and my procedure is next Tuesday for 2500 grafts with Dr. RAHAL. I'm calling it FUEsday:D. I will admit I am pretty nervous and is surreal to me that I am actually doing this. I think I did enough research and feel like I picked a top surgeon. Has anyone gotten FUE with him on here? If so can you share your experience and results? How soon will I look normal enough to go back into the public eye? Thanks in advance.