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  1. This is a main question for me too. I visited Dr. Tim Carman in San Diego and was surprised that he had no financing options as even a random dentist office does. So really, the main options are what Bill posted above. And of course...simply saving up money. Or, maybe even doing a combination of the two which is what I would eventually like to try.
  2. hi all, i just wanted to say that i just went to dr. carman's office today for a consultation. i went after reading a lot of what this forum wrote about dr. carman and dr. reed. i e-mailed both doctors and dr. carman sent quite a few detailed responses to my questions so i booked the appointment with him. like bill says, he was very passionate about his work and wanted to be very thorough in his explainations about how he did the procedure and showed me photographic examples. he took a lot of time with me and didn't rush me and allowed me to ask as many questions as i wanted. he gave me a prescription for proscar (finasteride) and i hope that can buy me some time until a hair transplant. and when that time comes, i would feel very comfortable going back to dr. carman after all that i read here, and saw of his work, and after meeting with him.
  3. Martin, thanks for the response, and I'm sorry I'm late in responding. I am starting to find I use quite a bit of Nanogen. However, I'm skeptical about the locking mist and that it won't come off just as easily. I think for now I may go with just the Nanogen, but I'm open minded about the mist; I will probably end up buying the mist, since it isn't that much more. I hope to be pleasantly surprised with it, but I'm still skeptical. I'll be sure to report back with what I've found with the mist, as I have been pretty impressed with Nanogen, but it is a real drawback that I would not think about using Nanogen on a date, for example. Though, I guess for other social situations, it can come in handy.
  4. actually, i was thinking this same thing after looking at a few other final costs from other people.
  5. the hairline is interesting looking. it almost seems like plugs? but maybe after just 7 days, it is unfair to make that judgment. i'm wondering if anyone else has any comments/thoughts on this procedure.
  6. thanks a lot for the posts guys. as i travel along the journey of learning more, these are two things i'll have to read up on extensively; the aspect of travel but also local doctors and what people have to say on this site and their work. you guys touched on two vital things, for sure, and that's mainly why i posted this thread. just to get an idea of the thought process and progression of ultimately getting the HT.
  7. looks amazing for just one visit. i agree, i'm not even sure a 2nd visit is even necessary. but the back photo looks a bit odd to me? below the crown?
  8. Nanogen seems pretty popular on this board, so let me take it a step further - does anyone use the locking mist in addition to the Nanogen? I was thinking about reordering some Nanogen, but was intrigued about the locking mist because while the Nanogen static hairs do a really good job when used liberally, frankly, I just don't trust it. It comes off VERY easily when I touch my hair. And I'm wondering if, with the locking mist, maybe this wouldn't happen? If anyone has any experience with the locking mist, I would be grateful for any feedback.
  9. hi bill, i'm actually really happy that you responded to this thread, because you were the guy i was looking at when i thought of the question of traveling a ways to see a doctor. i've read your terrific (and encouraging) story and saw that you traveled from new york to vancouver. i suppose what is the price of an airline ticket really when you are making quite a large investment already. i admit, i'd be much more interested in staying local with a doctor, but after reading your story, i have to admit, i'd also be willing to travel a ways too. i guess circumstances play a part with a job and things like that. i'm still about a year away i think in definitely having an HT done. so maybe after reading this board more and learning a lot more, in several months, i could start meeting with locally approved doctors on this site and then move on if necessary to other options, like traveling further. again, i want to thank you for responding here. your posts are a very valuable resource and educational tool.
  10. that has been my fear. i will say that i came to this forum tonight specifically to sing nanogen's praises though. previously, i've tried sprinkling nanogen on sparsely and i haven't been sold on nanogen. i think it works best with shorter hair styles rather than longer, at least it seems as it has with me. i also found that being sparse with it just doesn't work. you have to be pretty liberal with it. i did that tonight and man...i was really amazed. it was by far the best my hair has ever looked with nanogen, and again, it was simply because this time i didn't try to cut corners with the amount i was using. however, "imissme", that is the problem with nanogen. i simply can't trust it. it comes off VERY easily when you scratch your head. sweat not so much, at least for me, but it comes off very easily even when you are scratching your head really lightly. for that reason, dermmatch might be another option for me. it seems like a pain to put on though, and even with this, i'm assuming, if you scratch your head, it would come off on your fingers? but, for an interview or in any setting where someone wouldn't be touching your hair, nanogen works really, really well.
  11. This section of the forum is very interesting to me, and you could say that I am in the true beginning of taking seriously the very real prospect that I will need a HT soon. I went to a Bosley type place in San Diego, CA where I live one year ago, and while it was only a feeling out process and I wasn't yet ready to take this seriously, it was educational. Now I feel that in the next year, I will probably have to have a HT. Sorry for rambling on, but I guess my question is to people: how do you research what doctor you eventually go to? Do you actually go to their office and get their estimate? I see some people on this board have traveled quite a ways to see a doctor, and I'm wondering - to those people: did you mostly weight what you read on this forum? I'm sure I have many other questions about the long process, but I suppose this is a start.