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  1. Female patient had a STRIP procedure in our office. Please view her results below after only 6 months. Total follicular unit grafts: 948 347 - 1's 387 - 2's 214 - 3's
  2. Thank you for your comment. The design follows the patient's original hairline and has the smooth contour of the female hairline. It is also the design the patient desired. We will certainly try to get the 12 month photos.
  3. Our female patient had a strip procedure and these are the results after just 6 months. Total follicular unit grafts: 1840 365- 1's 851 - 2's 278 - 3's
  4. Patient had a STRIP procedure and these are his before and after photos. These photos are only 6 months after his procedure, which means this is not his final result just yet. Total follicular units: 1401 406 - 1 hair grafts 606 - 2 hair grafts 389 - 3 hair grafts
  5. Thank you for the question. I had suggested about 2000+ grafts for the frontal area This patient had a density of about 65 or so FU per sq cm. The strip was about 26 cm in length and about 1 cm in width. His scalp laxity was such that I felt that that the width allowed me to close with minimal tension on the wound.The combination of limited scalp laxity and low normal density accounted for the 1866 number. His results are 67 month results and he can expect more growth. Thank you Paul Rose
  6. Patient had a Strip procedure done and below you will see photos of before the surgery and just 6 months after the surgery. Total follicular units:1,866 458 - 1's 977 - 2's 431 - 3's
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