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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    Dr. Victor Hasson
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  1. Hey ALL. Hope this message finds you well. This is just a quick photo i took today. Yep, it's a BUZZ. I like it. Mostly...cuz it's fucking SUMMER...duh! Anyway...it's a #2 guard. My brothers (and sisters) of this Hair Transplant Community....i bit you a CARPE DIEM! See on . Peace!
  2. stephcurry30 - Are you kidding me? Just Google "Bobman Hair Transplant" in IMAGES and have at it. Ha!
  3. Feel free to visit my FB page as I take selfies from time to time.
  4. YESPLEASE: Things are Excellent. Wearing it with a #2 for the sides and back and a #3 for the top. (for now)
  5. Hey All...just wanted to share a meme I made for my page "YouStartedforaReason". Hope y'all like it and it shows you the power of what a personal transformation can look like, in ALL aspects of your life including HT's. :cool: CLICK HERE to SEE the MEME.
  6. I always find it fascinating when we allow our male-analytical-brains to get trenched into the manusha of some rather interesting topics. This topic for example is a great......example. If you did your research. Understand the basic differences in what HT techniques you're looking into. AND more importantly that you found the RIGHT F'n Doctor(s)...flip a coin, make a choice...pull the trigger and get 'r done. An "important step" most dance around for years. But, like i say...the Universe works the way it works. Do what feels right. PEACE! PS: :cool: This is just an observation not directed at anyone specific GEORGE....i mean, what? (jk)
  7. In case people like to see UPDATES and haven't seen the Thread on it....here's a LINK to it. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/180030-brother-bobman-hair-transplant-advice-update-video.html
  8. Cant decide:"I especially like your comment about nobody really caring about your hair so just do it. Its true, I have found that people don't pay that much attention for better or for worse." Yep. And the more you let that go...the easier it is to approach ANYTHING in life...let alone a procedure to "enhance" one's self.
  9. KO: Nice Family Guy Thumb! ha. Thank you...most appreciated. All HAIL Staff & Artistic Doctors that know what they're doing.
  10. DAVID: Thanks man. I wanted to make one for a while, but wanted it to be sincere, honest and direct. I guess pain meds took my own edge off and this is what we get. Ha...Peace!
  11. LONDON: Ok...let's leave NUTS outta this. I've had a very VERY enlightening week with both of them. And you HAD to use the word "Firmly" too....ya just HAD to! AH! ;-)
  12. Oh WHERE oh WHERE has "the Futzyhead" gone? Oh WHERE oh WHERE could he be?