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  1. For those of you who had your procedure performed out of state, how did you accomodate that? I would like to consider Dr. Keene since she is in Tuscon which is a short flight away from Southern California. Did you fly out for the consultation, then out again for the procedure? How soon did you fly home after the procedure? Did you have to fly back for the suture removal? Trying to keep an open mind here based upon the information I'm finding on this board. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for the replies thus far. Based upon the information I have found here and that you all have shared I'm definitely going to get some additional opinions from other surgeons. This board is a big help.
  3. Thanks for the response Gorpy. I did a search for Dr. Zeiring on this board and did not come up with any information on anyone who had a bad experience with him. The only thing I found were some comments regarding his past association with MHR. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? He seems to be all over the place in terms of publicity...Extreme Makover, WebMD, White Papers, Boards, etc. So...my concern is...has anyone had a bad experience with him (or a good one) and is he not a good surgeon but instead a master at marketing?
  4. Hello everyone. I've been monitoring this board for a few weeks and wanted to say thanks to you all for your informative posts and pictures. Your comments have helped me feel much more comfortable with considering a hair transplant as a solution to correct some of my hair loss. For the record, it's not that bad yet, but noticeable. I would say I'm currently a type 2 in terms of the pattern of loss and looking to restore my hairline. My current age is 31. I had an initial consultant with Dr. Ziering in Southern California last week. I spent 3 hours at his office. The morjority of my time wa
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