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  1. Hi guys, My journey with hair loss is probably not so different to many of us although I feel I have benefitted from the invaluable information provided on forums to help me make better decisions sooner. I have had two transplants. One with Dr Feller back in 2007 and one very recently with Dr Wong. If memory serves me correctly, the first session was around 3,000 grafts. The latter session in Dec-2014 was 4,650 grafts. I plan to provide an overview of my experience at both below, I noticed my hair loss during my early 20s. Having tried numerous things such as Propecia and Minoxidil (I struggled to be disciplined with these) and including being ripped off by Advanced Hair Studio, I finally opted for a hair transplant with Dr Feller in 2007. To sum up the transplant undertaken with Dr Feller resulted in good hair regrowth, however the overall experience including before, during and after was not to a standard that I expected, nor to one that I consider of a good quality, particularly given the money I was spending. Having no benchmark other than my own expectations, I decided to assume that the experience was typical and let it be. However, after my recent experience at Hasson & Wong, I wish I had chosen H&W from the onset. I have read posts on forums with individuals becoming a little defensive over any negative comments about surgeons, however this is my own personal experience and I stand by it. My reasoning is attached in a comparison table. Overall, both are good in my experience, but Dr Wong is my choice for any future treatments. The service, pre, during and after care, and empathy was way beyond what Dr Feller offered.
  2. Hi ppl im new here. had smilar experience with AHS - have written today to them and will be pursuing legal action. I am thinking of organising a website which is sponsored on google just to let them know what AHS is about....of course my own expeirence and advice. Ah well lets see. Thanks for your comments tho - helped me. Gogi
  3. Hi Grav15 Im new on here and have researched hairloss for the past 5 years. I also agree that Advanced Hair Studio talked nonsense. I was their patient, until I paid up thousands to be advised nothing more than what my doc told me about propecai and minoxidil. Furtherstill, they justified this cost via their laser systems whcih i thought were nonsense, and this was confirmed nby a number of other patients who i would constantly talk to during the sessions. They are con-artists and often gave contradictory information. My hear loss is much worse now and im still pout of pocket. I want some refund - any advice? I am thnking of funding a site dedicated to exposing AHS, my friends too had their treatment there but to no avail. Thanks, Gogi